27 Amazing Custom Wine Glasses – Love Your Wine

Drinking wine is an experience. You have to have the right wine, the right glass, and the right environment. The best way to start having better wine time is with custom wine glasses! Having your own one-of-a-kind glasses makes the experience all about you, and it’s also pretty cool in general to use a glass that’s engraved with your name or hand-crafted just for you. Knowing that no one else in the world is having the same experience makes it unique, and certainly more enjoyable. You probably have some questions. What kind of custom wine glasses are there? Should you get white and red glasses? What kind of unusual and unique wine glasses are there that will impress my guests? Relax, pour a glass, and enjoy the best personalized wine glasses we found just for you.

Custom Set of Red Wine Glasses

Set of Four Custom Wine Glasses

Let’s start with the basics: red wine. Everyone knows that red wine is a fancy, sophisticated beverage and has been around for hundreds of years. Typically seen in history as a beverage solely for the upper class, it remains a sought-after alcoholic drink for special occasions and formal gatherings. You’ve probably heard that wine is best consumed in a stemless glass, which is correct! The warmth of your hand around the bulb helps reveal the exotic notes of flavor within as you gently swirl your glass. These custom wine glasses are perfect for red wines, with the elongated bulb shape designed to push the aroma upward so that you can taste and smell all of the ingredients with each sip. When aerated properly, the tannins in your wine will be less noticeable, making your wine sweeter and less dry.

Stainless Steel Tumblers

Engraved Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers are increasingly popular today for their durability and insulation, and you’ll be surprised at how awesome these stainless steel tumblers are! They’re double walled, coated with a handsome matte black finish, and even personalized just for you. You can use these versatile glasses outdoors, on the go, or just for when you know you’re going to get tipsy and don’t want to break any of your glasses.

Your New Go-To Wedding Gift for Wine Drinkers

Complete Personalized Wine Gift Set

Finding a great wedding gift for someone is never an easy task, especially when the registry has all been bought up. As long as you know the couple enjoys wine, you’ll be set with these gorgeous custom wine glasses and accessories! This set has everything they need to enjoy their first bottle of wine as a married couple. They will especially love that the wine glasses, gift box, and stopper are all engraved with a beautiful design that features their new last name and the day of their wedding.

Custom Eiffel Tower Wine Glass

White Wine Glass with Eiffel Tower Stem

Are you a France fan? You love wine, of course you would love the motherland! This fun white wine Eiffel Tower glass is a cute novelty piece, and it is actually great for drinking from! The glass atop the familiar landmark is just the right size and shape for a refreshing Riesling or a French blush. You won’t want to keep these glasses hidden away in a cabinet, they belong on display!

Essential Wine Decanter Set

Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses

Red wine drinkers know that besides the proper glasses, an aerator or decanter is a must-have. Luckily for you, these personalized wine glasses come with a matching decanter! Through its two-step aeration process, you’ll be able to taste the hint of berries in your burgundy even more than before. Your date will be thoroughly impressed at how smooth and sweet your wine is after decanting your wine and enjoying it from these custom wine glasses!


Handcrafted Stained Glass

Cornet Barcelona Stained Wine Glass

Two words come to mind when you see these glasses: simply gorgeous. The lovely stained glass reflecting your red wine makes your drinking experience beautiful and entertaining at the same time. Each delicate wine glass is hand-crafted, which means that each one is custom made and unlike any other.

Gigantic Wine Glass That Holds an Entire Bottle

Extra Large Stemmed Wine Glass

Sometimes you just need a bottle of wine after a particularly long week of work or an especially distressing finale of your favorite TV show. However, refilling your glass can be a hassle as your glass just doesn’t hold enough wine. Treat yourself to the biggest wine glass you’ve ever seen! This baby can hold your entire 750 mL bottle of rosé or cabernet so that you can sit back, relax, and not have to leave the couch for a few hours. This amusingly large custom wine glass can be engraved with up to three lines of text to make it truly unique for you or a great gift for someone else who loves wine.

Self-Aerating Glasses

Rolling Wine Glasses

No need for a wine decanter or an aerator, these unique red wine glasses will aerate your wine for you in the most entertaining way! They’re designed with a rounded base and the perfect angle so that you can roll them around on the table to your heart’s content without ever spilling a drop. The rolling motion of these unique wine glasses will help release the subtle flavors and smooth the bite of your favorite pinot. Have a friend or a loved one join you for your fun wine time with these unique glasses!

Copper Tumblers

Set of Four Copper Wine Glasses

Copper had a recent comeback and everyone was wanting copper mugs, pots, pans, cups, and tumblers like these. The best part about these personalized wine glasses is that they are actually made of double walled stainless steel rather than pure copper. This both insulates your wine and guarantees that they won’t tarnish or rust over time as other copper drinkware tend to do. Each tumbler is engraved with a single initial, which adds a nice personal touch to these modern glasses. You and a couple of friends can enjoy perfectly chilled wine for up to four hours with these awesome tumblers, making them perfect for movie marathons and dinners with multiple courses.

Classic Stemmed White Wine Glass

Monogrammed Stemmed White Wine Glass

Looking for classic white wine glasses? You’ve found them. All of your friends have some just like this, but yours will be even better with the engraved monogram. Smaller in stature than typical red glasses, these lovely custom wine glasses boast a 19 ounce capacity so that you still get plenty of wine to enjoy. A set of these would make a nice housewarming or wedding gift as well!

Waterford Crystal Glasses

Set of Four Waterford Crystal Wine Glasses

Most households have at least one set of crystal glasses whether they’re for cocktails or wine, and Waterford certainly makes some of the most unique ones. These beautiful stemmed crystal glasses are perfect for serving your finest red wine to friends or family at a formal dinner or holiday such as Christmas. The intricate basket weave design of the crystal will make your zinfandel extra appealing and open the bouquet like no other red wine glasses you have.

Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses

Gold Rimmed Stemless Wine Glass

Looking for personalized wine glasses that a little more luxurious than the ones in your cabinet? These lovely gold-rimmed stemless wine glasses are perfect for using for special occasions. The genuine 22k gold rim and custom engraving are as attractive as they are classy. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed that you have such fancy glasses to serve them with.

Aerating Wine Glasses

Set of Four Aerating Wine Glasses

White wine doesn’t technically need to be aerated like red does, but you can definitely use these unique glasses for either one to improve the taste. Each carefully sculpted glass is both more comfortable to hold and actually aerates your wine even more efficiently than a regular round glass through its swirled shape. When not being used, these glasses are beautiful enough on their own to be displayed in your kitchen or home bar.

Unique Wine Gift Set

Engraved Stainless Steel Tumbler Gift Set

Wine tumblers are on the rise, and it’s no wonder why! They’re practically indestructible, insulate your drink, and are so much easier to drink from than a fragile stemmed glass. This wine tumbler gift set comes with two engraved stainless steel tumblers, a nifty corkscrew multi tool, and a matching personalized wooden gift box. You and the special person in your life will enjoy using this nifty set for a nice bottle of moscato to share on the patio on a hot summer day. You can even reuse the gift box to start a wine cork collection, store your bar tools with the new corkscrew multi tool, or your wine coolers!

Custom Wine Lover Gift Set

Custom Wine Glasses Gift Set

Looking for a nice gift set for your wine-loving sweetheart? This set is all about date nights! The two of you can use the handy new corkscrew multi tool to open your bottle, pour it into the two matching engraved glasses, and then drop the cork into the shadow box. Over time, your collection of wine corks will get bigger and slowly fill up the shadow box. Each cork represents a bottle of wine that you shared with the love of your life and turns the collection into a special keepsake full of memories unlike any other. How cute is that?


Silver and Gold Glasses

Gold and Silver Stemmed Wine Glasses

Looking for unusual glasses? You’ve found them! These incredibly unique silver and gold wine glasses are quite unlike any others in this article. Regal enough for a king, these beautiful stemmed glasses are ideal for drinking a full-bodied, classic cabernet sauvignon as these metal glasses will expertly open the bouquet and tone down the tannic structure. The natural coolness of the steel and insulation will even help keep your wine cold!

Set of White Wine Glasses

Set of Four Custom White Wine Glasses

White wines are notably sweeter and easier to drink for those just getting into drinking wine. Reds can be bitter, after all, due to the tannins. The most important thing to remember about white wine glasses is that they should be narrower, and are often smaller. Compare these beautiful custom wine glasses with the previous ones and notice how, though similar, these are slightly thinner and a bit taller. Red wines need a larger and more open bowl than whites due to their robust flavors that need to be opened up. You’ll feel like an Olympian drinking from these Greek-inspired glasses!

Deceivingly Large Stemless Wine Glass

Giant Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glass

Clearly you really love wine, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Don’t worry, this giant personalized wine glass is the perfect glass for you. It may not look like it, but this baby holds an entire bottle of wine! Yup, all 750 mL. You certainly won’t need a refill for the rest of the evening! This glass is perfect for using after those long days where all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies or TV series for hours. Plus, you can truthfully say that you only had one glass when someone asks you how much wine you’ve had.

Unique Wine Goblets

Personalized Red Wine Goblets

Speaking of red wine needing wider glasses, these goblets are absolutely perfect for your cabernet sauvignon! Wines like cabernet and merlot are complex and full-bodied, which means they need to be aerated and then enjoyed from a wider glass. These lovely personalized wine glasses are ideal for Bordeaux wines and will impress your guests with their ability to transform the flavors.

The Most Unique Wine Glasses You’ve Ever Seen

Unique Wine Glasses with Built In Straws

Have you ever seen wine glasses like these? These funny looking glasses are actually really great for sipping red wine! The adorable little feet and tail-like straw perfectly balance the glasses and make them easier to drink from. No more spilt red wine all over your new white blouse! They’re easy to hold, too, and the warmth of your hand will help speed up the aeration process. Your friends will love using these fun little glasses at your next get together.

Colorful Wine Goblets

Medieval Colorful Wine Goblets

Sometimes, clear wine glasses just don’t cut it and you need a little color in your drinkware. These gorgeous colorful wine goblets are great, especially if you’re a fan of antiques. Each goblet has a lovely decorated gold rim and a delicate leaf design surrounding each glass. Perfect for a Game of Thrones watch party with friends, these custom wine glasses are sure to become your new favorite drinkware.

Stemmed Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Monogrammed Steel Stemmed Wine Glasses

Why have fragile glass when you could have unbreakable stainless steel? These unusual stemmed wine glasses are super durable and attractive. Both engraved with your initials, the set of two is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You can even bring them traveling with you! Bonus: you can put these glasses in the refrigerator for an hour or two before wine time to make your Moscato extra chilly for dinner.  

Sparkling Wine Glasses

Personalized Pair of Stemmed Sparkling Wine Glasses

Sparkling wine is always a must-have for celebratory occasions. While it’s not champagne, it’s just as delicious and bubbly! You typically see sparkling wine served in tall, skinny wine glasses called flutes. This design, perfected in the 20th century, is meant to reduce the surface area of the glass so that the carbonation will last longer. The appearance of bubbles floating toward the top of the tall, slender glass is also quite pleasing to the eye. These lovely personalized wine glasses are perfect for your champagne or sparkling wine to celebrate all of life’s happiest occasions with a loved one.

Blue Wine Glasses

Set of Blue Stemless Custom Wine Glasses

Your red wine will look purple in these beautiful blue personalized wine glasses! The deep cobalt blue of these rounded stemless glasses will add a pop of color to your kitchen or home bar for sure. The vintage-inspired engraving on each glass is customizable with a name, initials, year, and phrase.

Wide Red Wine Glasses

Engraved Stemless Red Wine Glasses

Unlike the previous goblets, these custom wine glasses have a wide base and narrow mouth. This unique tapered shape makes it ideal for medium to light-bodied wines, such as Zinfandel and Malbec. The shape of these glasses helps aerate your wine and makes it smoother, richer, and more flavorful with each sip. The engraving of the Old English initial makes these classic glasses even more appealing for medieval fans.

Floral White Wine Glasses

Set of Unique Floral Wine Glasses

Ladies, floral is back in style and it doesn’t stop at wine glasses! These absolutely stunning stemmed glasses are each hand-painted with different flowers and their scientific names. This lovely set is perfect for serving a floral wine at your book club meeting, such as the Galerie Naissance Sauvignon Blanc or even the Bruno Giacosa Nebbiolo D’alba. Your fellow bookworms will be quite impressed with your hosting skills and excellent taste in wine for sure!

Tall White Wine Glass

Custom Tall Classic White Wine Glass

You’ve probably seen white wine glasses like this one before. Thinner and more precise in shape, this lovely glass is a tad bit smaller than the previous classic wine glass as it only holds 14 ounces. They’re the perfect size for serving to friends or family members who drop by for a quick visit or even for after-brunch drinks. You could also serve sparkling wine in these glasses if you wanted to.