9 Classy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Ever wanted to drink with Mom? Who doesn’t, right? And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better way to say “I love you” than a tall glass of something delicious. But what to get? After all, she may have put up with you all those years, but that doesn’t mean she needs a handle of Jack Daniel’s (and if she does, we should hang out). Fortunately, no matter your mom’s preferred beverage, there is a gift for her. Read on…

#1. Mojito Glass Sets

Let’s face it: Moms love glassware – especially when it’s sleek, sophisticated and (best of all) skinny. A mojito glass set scores major points on all three accounts. Plus, with summer just around the corner, fresh mint is available everywhere. What better way to put it to use than mojitos?

#2. Wine Bottle Opener (The Good Kind)

I don’t know about you, but watching my mom trying to open a wine bottle with a “waiter style” wine key feels like being born again. There’s a lot of sweating, pushing and finally POP! Sure, you could open the wine – but what if you’re not around? Make it easy on Mom with a wine opener with stand; it makes opening bottles a breeze.

#3. Wine Charms

“That’s my drink!” “No, that’s my drink!” If you had siblings growing up, your mom probably heard a variation of this argument for years. And while her guests may be a tad more respectful, there’s no need for confusing one’s wine glass for another’s. Not only is it cause for confusion, it can lead to (gasp!) a waste of wine. Fortunately, wine charms solve this problem once and for all. These stylish charms wrap around the base of a wine glass, which identifies its owner at a glance.

#4. Leopard Skin Hip Flask

Don’t worry – no leopards were harmed in the making of this flask. Moms need to have some fun, too. And what better way to add a little “spirit” into her girl’s night out than a concealable hip flask? Indeed, what’s better than that? From art galleries to zoos, your mom can pack a party along with her (OK, maybe the zoo is a bit much – the leopard skin may turn some people off). This “So Happy It’s Happy Hour” hip flask works well for the less animalistic.

#5. Mason Jar Margarita Glasses

My mother used to make jam in Mason jars. Believe me, this is a much better use for them… after all, what mom doesn’t like margaritas on a hot summer day? These comfortable glasses (i.e. “not snooty”) are ideal for outdoor parties and BBQs – while you work the grill, let your mom kick back and enjoy a cold one.

#6. Personalized Wine Stopper

While most men consider it sacrilege to leave a bottle unfinished, it’s perfectly understandable if your mom doesn’t want to slam that whole bottle of Chardonnay right now. So instead of jamming an old cork back in the bottle – which lets air pass through, anyways – give her a wine stopper. This way, she can enjoy that Chardonnay tomorrow (or the day after) if she pleases. Better still, this monogrammed wine stopper lets you put her initials on it, which adds a classy touch.

#7. The Big Book of Cocktails

We all need a little variety in life. And with the Big Book of Cocktails, your mom and her friends will spend entire afternoons trying new drinks. What better way to spend a day with friends? And who knows? They may find a new lifelong favorite. Of course, Mom may also need a…

#8.  Cocktail Shaker

Getting your mom a classic cocktail shaker opens up her world in new and exciting ways. Seriously. She can now make dozens of different drinks (or hundreds with the Big Book of Cocktails) with ease, and will make her the hit of any party. And nothing goes better with a cocktail shaker than…

#9. High Quality Martini Glasses

Martini glasses – while not the most functional – are one of the most iconic cocktail glasses in the world. Seriously, have you tried drinking a martini out of a regular glass? It’s terrible. This Mother’s Day, get your mom a set of quality martini glasses. Not only will she use them for years, they’ll help take the edge off your next family reunion. No matter what your mom’s preferred beverage, if it makes it easier/prettier to drink it, you’re well on your way towards a great Mother’s Day gift!