23 Superb 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

23 Superb 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

UPDATED: Nov 9, 2022

Our 70th Birthday Gifts Ideas are Guaranteed To Make His Big Day

Once a man has reached his 70th birthday, he doesn’t desire much because he has already received or bought himself everything he could ask for. That makes finding the perfect gift all the more difficult. In order to find the best 70th birthday gift ideas, it needs to fit in with his classic style but still have a personal touch, so he knows it came from the heart. Whether he is a whiskey and cigar kind of man or he prefers a beautiful day out on the golf course, these meaningful gifts have you covered. There is no better time for him to enjoy something luxurious and unique than at the peak of his golden years. Are you looking for a great birthday gift for your father or husband? Do you need a great gift that any man would love for his birthday? Are you wondering “What can I buy a man in his 70’s?” Then you have come to the right place for all of the greatest 70th birthday gifts for men.

A Super Classy Gift Set of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalized Decanter Set as a 70th Birthday Gift for Him

This presentation set is absolutely stunning, complete with a personalized decanter and four matching glasses, making this the ideal birthday gift for a classy man turning 70 so he can toast to many more years of health and happiness. There is simply no better way to display his favorite bourbon or scotch than with this fine piece. A finely crafted set such as this will fit in perfectly with his study, office, or home bar. Not only is this stylish to its core, but this set has that personal touch that you are looking for. On his 70th birthday, he will be touched by a gift that is so meaningfully personalized.

Something That Brings His Home Bar Together

Customized Billiard Room Sign

The great game of pool takes dexterity, strategy, and striking execution. Whether he is a beginner or, more likely, he’s been around the table a few times, a custom billiard room sign makes a gorgeous addition to a home bar, game room, or study. This sign really brings the atmosphere of an authentic pool hall to his own home, and it fits in beautifully with just about any classy style. For his 70th, get him a gift to display one of his greatest loves of all? It will give him the confidence he needs to run the table on his next game.

The Best Gift to Make His Beer Even Better

Two Mug Personalized Beer Set of 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

Cheers to turning 70! There is nothing better for a man to celebrate his 70th birthday than with a beer in one hand and fresh snack in the other, making this personalized beer gift set one of the most wonderful 70th birthday gift ideas. Leave his mugs in the freezer for just a few hours and these mugs make any beer frosty and delicious. What ties this whole gift together is the bullet bottle opener and savory beer nuts to pair perfectly with his beer of choice so he will have everything he needs to sit back and thoroughly enjoy salty snacks with a cold, crisp brewski. With this gift set, he’ll want to skip the cake and get right to toasting at his celebration!

The Perfect Gift for His Morning Routine

Leather Watch Display Case is a 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Save him a little time every morning by keeping him organized with a gorgeous watch display case. Instead of rummaging through some drawer for his favorite accessory, he will have them all laid out in front of him thanks to this outstanding gift. This is an awesome 70th birthday gift for men because he will be perfectly organized to dress in style at a moment’s notice, and he will feel like a king when he decides it’s time to put on the ritz. Whether he is gearing up for a classy dinner or dressing for his 70th birthday party, he will love the added luxury in his routine.

70th Birthday Gifts for Men Who Want to Drink Around the World

Globe Decanter and Glasses is a 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Is he a traveler or a homebody? Either way, now you can say that you have searched the globe and found him the very best decanter with this awesome gift. The gorgeous whiskey decanter globe and glassware set makes the perfect centerpiece for any room in his house, but it is an especially wonderful addition to a study or home bar. Not only is this a quality decanter, but the craftsmanship goes even further with a brilliant antique ship replica inside. The whiskey decanter globe’s unique ingenuity is truly a work of art, and he is guaranteed to fall in love with it when he opens it this birthday.


A Gift for His Next Adventure

Travel Journal Gift Set

The ideal 70th birthday gift for men is one that provides him a grand experience. After a lifetime of enduring the grind, now he needs to enjoy his time and do the things he’s never done and see the things he’s always wanted to see. This new world traveler gift set is the push he needs to go on that vacation he dreams about, or maybe it will be a great addition to the one he is already planning. For his 70th birthday, don’t just give him a gift, give him an adventure.

So He Can Drink Like a Viking

Ox Horn Beer Mug Gift Set of 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

This gift is not about giving him another beer mug, this is about giving him the manliest possible beer drinking experience. This personalized horn mug set is absolutely genuine and carved from ox horn. So, not only is it a killer accessory for any movie marathon or night with the guys, but it doubles as the perfect prop for medieval reenactments that require authenticity. The horn mug gift set is wonderful for the man who is truly a Viking at heart.

The Perfect Poker Present

Cigar Glass and Leather Poker Set of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

At the age of 70, all he wants is to enjoy his time playing his favorite game with some good friends and family, this personalized poker gift set provides him that perfect opportunity. Not only is this gift specified to his interest, the great game of poker, but it is a stylized gift for even the classiest of card sharks. For your favorite high-roller or the man who loves a fun game night with the guys, this personalized poker case has everything that he will ever need to have a thrilling game night. Complete with a custom cigar glass, he can skillfully scan over his cards in one hand while sipping a dignified whiskey in the other.

For a Brilliant Brandy Experience

Cognac Brandy Glasses Gift Set

This particular box set is one of the best 70th birthday gift ideas for a man with a taste for the finest of brandys, Cognac. These gorgeous glasses, personalized with his name and initial, are crafted for the ideal Cognac drinking experience. With all of the awesome accessories in the Cognac glass gift set, he can lounge peacefully on his birthday with his glass of Cognac and his favorite cigar in style. Now, he has everything he needs for a sensational evening. What a way to celebrate!

One for the Wino

Aerating Wine Decanter

Some men love beer, others enjoy their liquor, but sometimes there is a special, high class fellow who loves nothing more than a great glass of wine. With this fine aerating wine decanter, his birthday will be all the more exciting when his favorite bottle of fine becomes even better and brighter. Whether he only has a glass on occasion or even if he is a certified sommelier, this aerating wine decanter is the 70th birthday for him because you are taking his distinguished palate into consideration.

A Classy Accessory

A Grey 70th Birthday Blazer

This snazzy blazer is one of the most amazing 70th birthday gift ideas for the birthday man who dresses to impress. Even at the age of 70, he still knows how to look good. Not only will he be dressed to the nines in this new blazer, but he will feel as good as he looks when he slips this elegant piece on. What better gift is there than one that adds to his style and gives him something new to wear to his milestone birthday party or anytime he is out on the town.

Beautiful New Centerpiece

Personalized Marble Ashtray and Cigar Glass

There is nothing more elegant than the engraved cigar lovers gift set to smoke a premium cigar and sip a fine whiskey on his birthday. This gift set will make a beautiful addition to his home, especially to his favorite lounging room for a smooth whiskey and full-bodied cigar. He may have a hard time choosing where to rest his stogie between the customized cigar glass and a gorgeous engraved marvel ashtray. This gift set radiates class, and it is the perfect 70th birthday gift idea for a man who has impeccable taste.

Golf Gifts Galore

Golf Gift Set of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Many amazing men spend their years after retirement in the sun, out on a beautiful stretch of the golf course, and many others are just wanting to get into the hobby for that sunshine and good health. No matter what level their golfing game is at, these are fantastic 70th birthday gifts for men. Out on the course, he will have everything he needs perfectly organized, from remembering which beer is his to a great storage space for all of his golf balls. He will have everything he needs to be a rockstar on the course with the 30 cal gunmetal cooler golf gift.

Something for a Craft Beer Lover

Two Beer Glasses and Growler Gift Set of 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

By the time he reaches his 70th birthday, he has probably found that one beer that is head and shoulders above the rest. The tricky thing about great craft beer is that you cannot always take it with you so easily. Now, with the engraved growler and pint glass beer gift set, his dilemma is solved. On his birthday, he can enjoy that beer he so desperately craves in the comfort of his own home, or even take it with him on his next trip for craft beer on the go. Add a personal message that says something completely unique, and then the growler and pint glass beer set is sure to make his special day amazing.

For the Drinker, the Thinker, and the Tinkerer

Multi Tool Flask Gift Set

He may be 70, but he is still tinkering away at one project or the next. This nifty multi use tool gift set is fantastic because he will have a great time sipping on his drink of choice while putting this new engraved wrench to good use. Whenever he needs this multitool at the spur of the moment, he will remember his outstanding 70th birthday present.


A New Thrown

Brown Leather Recliner

Every king needs a throne. This year for his birthday, update the space he relaxes in most to one fitting of his needs. Not only is this brown leather chair a fashionable addition to his living or sitting room, but the level of comfort and back support it provides is out of this world. A birthday gift like this not only says that you care, but it says that you are considering what he really needs the most (a super comfy place to sit).

For a Good Laugh

Middle Finger Whiskey Gift Set of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Yes, you have seen some sleek whiskey sets, but were any of them this funny? Every man needs a good laugh on his birthday and an amazing gift. The personalized black onyx whiskey gift set does both which makes it an outstanding 70th birthday gift for him. This set highlights how he laughs as he stares father time in the face and says “To hell with you.” With this hilarious set, this definitely will be a birthday that he won’t soon forget.

A 70th Birthday Gift Idea a Man of Many Interests

Matching Tumble Flask Knife Gift Set

The flask and tumbler personalized gift set is the perfect 70th birthday gift idea for the man who needs to recharge his batteries or have all of his favorite beverages on the go. The two most important drinks to a man are coffee and liquor, and this set takes care of both. Not only this, but it includes a customized knife for his daily needs, along with a small compass and matches holder. Armed with these awesome gifts, he can travel in style and is fully prepared for the morning, evening, and all times in between.

Preserve His Favorite Memories

Personalized Tap House Shadow Box

At his birthday party, there should be plenty of beers going around to toast that memorable day. This year, to make his gift extra special by adding the first bottle caps into his new shadow box. He will love to display a work of art, personalized with a unique message. The tap house shadow box is designed to exhibit his favorite memories–drinking beer with loved ones, which makes this a tremendous 70th birthday gift idea.

Something for a Cigar-Smoking Craftsman

Cigar and Tools Ammo Box Gift Set

What better present to unwrap than his own customized ammo can? Almost any man will love celebrating his birthday while smoking a cigar, fresh from his new leather case. Then, when the party’s over, he has some awesome new tools for his collection and a place to store them. This personalized .50 cal gift set is one of the most ideal 70th birthday gifts for men because he will feel like a young rascal at heart again with all of these fun accessories. Not only are all of these great gifts to make up a complete set, but by adding a personalized touch you make it into something extra special.

A Beautiful Battle of Wits

Chess Set as a 70th Birthday Gift for Him

Any man who loves to play the age-old game of chess wants a high quality, tournament size chess board. This is one of those 70th birthday gift ideas that doubles as a beautiful addition to any home or office and makes for an awesome game he can play to celebrate this important milestone. The ornate storage case will protect those beautiful little sculptures when they are not in use. If you know this is one of his passions, there is simply no better gift than that of a battle of wits. For his 70th birthday, get him something that keeps his mind sharp and provides endless entertainment.

To Relive an Old Classic

Moscow Mule Mug Set of Four

This is one of those gifts that will certainly make him feel nostalgic for his younger days and warm his heart with fond memories. These Moscow mule mugs are made from solid copper, adding an elegant touch to this awesome throwback This is the 70th birthday gift idea that keeps on giving with every drink, bettering the taste with every use. This unique design will keep his favorite drink colder for longer than any typical stainless steel mug, and over time will gain a more vintage appearance. This gorgeous Moscow mug gift set will make a gorgeous and tasty addition to his home bar.

So He Can Enhance All of His Favorite Things

Glass Top Smoker Gift Set

If nothing yet meets the standard of his impeccable taste, then the cloche cocktail smoker set certainly will. This amazing gift is both extremely fun to use and a beautiful addition to any home. While, yes, it is designed to enhance liquor, he can actually infuse his favorite smokey flavor with anything he puts in there. So he is not limited to the tastiest stiff drink he’s ever had, he can infuse that savory flavor with his favorite cheese, fruit, or even a juicy steak! This final 70th birthday gift for men is sure to impress and guaranteed to be a hit at the party.


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