Just an Average Golfer? Don’t be a Crybaby, and Think Before You Play

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

If you’re like me, you’re a decent golfer but it’s more about the golf, not the score. Sure I love it when I have a good round, but I ALWAYS have fun, good round or bad. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years that helped me not only with my game, but to get the most out of my trips to the course.

#1 If you throw your clubs, I won’t golf with you.

No body likes a crying baby, and no golfer likes a childish partner. If you hit one into the water or shank a ball and then lose it, guess what? All that bad mojo you’re spewing around spreads to everyone else you’re playing with. Yes, the game is difficult, but it’s SO difficult, that sucking at it is OK. Most golfers are out there to enjoy the company and the weather, and try to play as good as they can. Keep acting childish at the course, and people will avoid playing with you.

#2 Home Course Advantage

I recommend having a favorite course that you not only play a lot, but you get to know the staff as well. There are a couple key advantages to getting to know the staff of your favorite course. As for myself, I have a very small group of friends that actually play golf. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even get one of them to go play on any given weekend. For this reason, I golf alone quite a bit. You probably know that you can’t get a tee time for a single golfer, so when you “walk-on” you usually join another small group of golfers. When you get to know your staff, I’ve noticed that they will avoid pairing me with people they don’t like, assuming I won’t like them either! That’s awesome, because since my friends my be busy and I still want to golf, I don’t want to get paired with someone like in tip #1, so my staff gives me the hookup on avoiding those people.

 #3 Bring your own booze

hidden golf club drink dispenser

Golf Club Kooler Caddie

You can’t count on the drink cart to be there, and beer at the course is about as expensive as concerts or sporting events. For example at my home course, it’s $2 for a 12 oz can of beer, but if you buy a 12 pack, it’s $26. So what’t the extra $2 for, the cardboard? The same 12 pack will cost you about $15 if you buy it before you get there. Some courses won’t let you bring your own? Not a problem, get on of our hidden golf club drink dispensers and no one will ever know. It’s one of our many awesome golf gifts and a must have golf accessory for incognito boozin’ at the clubs that are sticklers about people bringing their own alcohol.

#4 Save money by golfing smart

If you golf often and you not only want to shave a few strokes off of your game, but a few dollars as well, there are lots of ways to do just that by shopping around. Before you start googling golf discount sites, check the actual golf course website for specials. Here in Oklahoma City we have some really nice city golf courses that are around $40 per round of golf. However, if you know you’re going to be golfing all season, you can buy 10 rounds for the price of 8. Now I’m sure specials like this will vary greatly depending on where you play, but my point is to check places other than the big name golf discount sites. And don’t be afraid to ask the staff at the course. There very well could be a special running and they just haven’t updated their website.

#5 When you’re having a bad round, put the pencil down

It’s inevitable. You’re gonna have a bad round every once in a while. When I have a bad round, I try two things. First, I keep telling myself  “Ok I had a bad start. There’s always the back nine.” I’m not the best golfer in the world, so I like to think of a round as I played good on the front or back instead of I just played ok overall. If I continue to have a bad round, I stop keeping score and enjoy the weather and good friends. If I keep looking down at a terrible scorecard, it just makes it worse. So I put the pencil down and remind myself that I’m not a good enough golfer to be mad about a bad shot or a bad score.


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