33 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

33 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love with the special person in your life, but finding a gift that is romantic and thoughtful that a guy will actually like can be tough. What makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men? Whether he’s your boyfriend or your husband, getting him a gift that he’s always wanted, something you both can use together, or a practical thing he can use year-round are the best gifts you can give. To make your gift a little more thoughtful, get him something personalized! This year, you’re going give your man an incredible Valentine’s Day gift that he’ll treasure forever.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set for Valentine's Day

Does your Valentine enjoy whiskey? This awesome whiskey gift set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Both of you will love this beautiful set to use for a drink after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner and to serve your friends and family when they visit. Your boyfriend or husband can show off his finest scotch in the decanter, which he can display in his home bar or dining room. The set is just beautiful enough to be perfect for everyday use or just for special occasions.

Cool Manly Gift Set

Personalized Beer Set with Survival Knife

Now this is a cool Valentine’s Day gift for men! Complete with an awesome personalized beer mug, tactical knife with a hidden survival kit, and the essential cigar accessories, your Valentine will be over the moon for this manly gift set. He’ll love the beer mug both for the incredible personalized phrase and its large size, but the survival knife will be his favorite part of this set. The large knife has two serrated edges and has a super cool survival kit hidden inside the hilt. He’ll want to take the knife with him anytime he goes hiking, fishing, or camping all year long. To make this gift set even better, toss in a few of his favorite beers and a couple of cigars so that he can enjoy all of the items right away.

Cutting Board for the Man Who Cooks

Custom Hardwood Cutting Board

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal made with love by your man on Valentine’s Day. Give him this gorgeous cutting board early in the day so that he can use it right away! Made of Sheesham hardwood, he can use this cutting board to season, chop, shred, anything! For amateurs and professional cooks, this cutting board will last for years and look fantastic in your kitchen. Pair this lovely gift with a new set of spices or a hot sauce kit and you’ve got a really great Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Whiskey Shot Set for Two

Engraved Shot Glass Set

This whiskey gift set is for the guys and couples who prefer a small glass or shot of straight whiskey rather than an Old Fashioned. With this set, you two can enjoy a chilled glass of bourbon to sip slowly through your favorite romantic comedy after a nice Valentine’s Day meal. He’ll love that the whiskey stones won’t water down his drinks so that he can truly enjoy the full flavors.

Growler and Pint Glass Set

Personalized Beer Growler and Pint Glass Set for Valentine's Day

If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t have a beer growler, this gift set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him! The growler is ideal for him to bring 64 ounces of his favorite home brew, craft beer, or imported when he’s traveling or to a BYOB party. Also included are two matching pint glasses, which you both can enjoy together.




Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch for Your Valentine


Watches are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for men and have proven successful time and time again. Citizen makes incredibly durable, long-lasting, high-quality watches and are often a preferred brand. This handsome and simple Eco-Drive watch is ideal for any guy on Valentine’s Day whether he’s your husband or boyfriend. The classic stainless steel band and black face goes with any outfit, casual or dressy. Featuring glow-in-the-dark hands, date, and solar powered battery, this watch is guaranteed to last your Valentine for years to come.

Tap Handle Set

Beer Tap Handle and Pint Glasses Gift Set

Has your husband or boyfriend always wanted to brew his own beer and/or have his own home bar? With this gift set, you can help him get started. He will love having a cool tap handle to serve his latest home brew to all of his friends and family. He can even write the name of the beer on the tap handle as it has a chalkboard surface! The two personalized pint glasses will be a great starting set of glassware, which you can use to throw back a couple of cold ones at your anniversary dinner. This sweet Valentine’s Day gift will help him achieve his dream of becoming a professional brewer and having his own bar, and what’s more romantic than that?

Gorgeous Whiskey Decanter Set for Husband

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Your husband will be so excited to get this gorgeous whiskey decanter set for Valentine’s Day! He’ll love having a handsome decanter to display in his home bar as the new centerpiece to show off his favorite scotch. You both will love the beautiful twisted rocks glasses too, which are elegant enough to use for your fancy Valentine’s Day dinner. With this set, you two can toast to another great year together and your love for one another.

Manly Travel Gift Set

Travel Gift Set for Men

Ideal for boyfriends or husbands, this set is one of the coolest Valentine’s Day gifts for him. He’ll love having a nice new drink tumbler to keep his coffee hot or water cold all day long at work. After 5, he can enjoy a shot or two of his favorite liquor with his trusty flask. He’ll especially love the beautiful pocket knife, which is ideal for everyday use or to add to his collection.

Fun Wine Glass for the Boyfriend Who Loves Wine

Funny Personalized Wine Glass for Valentine's Day

Game of Thrones fan or not, this wine glass is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men who love wine. Engraved with the famous quote “I Drink and I Know Things,” your boyfriend or husband will chuckle every time he uses it. He’ll love having his own special wine glass for date nights, dinner, and Game of Thrones watch parties. You could get one too and have a cute matching set!

Tandem Hang Gliding Adventure

Hang Gliding Together

Is your Valentine a thrill seeker and loves heights? This year, give him an adventure for the two of you to experience together: tandem hang gliding! Cloud9Living is a one-of-a-kind adventure gift featured in cities all over the country, and what could be more romantic than flying together on a hang glider over the most scenic area near you? This will be a Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget!

Ammo Can Gift Set

Custom Ammo Box Set

Another manly gift set, your boyfriend or husband will love everything in it from the ammo can to the pint glass. The new axe will come in handy when he needs to get more firewood for the romantic nights by the fire through the rest of winter and for yard work in the summer. The flask is perfect for spiking his evening coffee or enjoying a shot while he’s at a party with friends. He’ll love having a cool pint glass with his name on it so that he knows which glass is his when he hosts the Super Bowl party or for enjoying a cold one with you at Valentine’s Day dinner.

Classy Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Twisted Whiskey Glasses Box Set

Valentine’s Day date night just got a lot classier. This beautiful whiskey set comes with two finely sculpted glasses, a set of whiskey stones to chill your drinks, and a personalized wooden gift box. Your valentine will love this sophisticated set for romantic drinks with you and for sharing a drink in style with a friend. The unique twisted design of the glasses is both attractive and comfortable to hold, which will make him feel like a refined whiskey connoisseur. You can make this gift even more romantic if you personalize the box’s engraving with the year of your anniversary and a sweet phrase like “Best Husband Ever” or “To My Forever Valentine.”




Flask Gift Set for Him

Personalized Flask and Shot Glass Set

Does your boyfriend or husband like to take shots with you and his friends? This awesome flask set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. He’ll love that he can bring the entire stainless steel set with him when he goes fishing or camping with the guys, or even the flask by itself to parties. If you’re into doing shots, you can line up a few shots of Fireball or play a fun drinking game while watching a romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day.

Presentation Set

Glass Presentation Set with Serving Tray

Has your boyfriend or husband always wanted a nice set to display his whiskey on his home bar or in his home office? This Valentine’s Day, give him this gorgeous presentation set. It comes with a handsome decanter, four rocks glasses, and an elegant serving tray that displays it all. He’ll love being able to show off his favorite whiskey in the decanter and use the whole set to serve you and his guests with a sophisticated drink. This exquisite set will add a touch of class to any room in his home and he’ll want to use it all the time!

2-in-1 Leather Wallet and Phone Charger

Phone Charger Wallet for Men

Wallets are very common Valentine’s Day gifts for men, but this wallet is far from average. Made from the finest quality leather, this wallet has a built-in iPhone charger! How cool is that? Now your husband or boyfriend will always be prepared when he accidentally forgets to charge his phone before he leaves the house or plays a little too much Candy Crush on his lunch break. The wallet itself is a classic bifold design and has 6 card slots.

His and Hers Bottle Cap and Cork Sign

Unique Collection Sign for Couples on Valentine's Day

This awesome sign is the ideal gift for a couple where the guy drinks beer and the girl drinks wine. If you’re that couple, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him! He’ll love filling up his side of the sign with bottle caps and try to get all of his before you fill your side up with wine corks. You can get started right away if you gift him a couple of beers and have a bottle of wine for you! This sign is a cute, fun gift that you both will enjoy.

Beer Gift Set for Couples

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set with Bottle Opener

This beer gift set is perfect for you two to share a couple of cold ones over Valentine’s Day dinner or while watching a romantic movie afterward. He’ll love the hefty mugs that are as attractive as they are functional. Your beers will stay colder and the delicious foam will last longer in these awesome mugs. Plus, you’ve got a new bottle opener and a nice wooden gift box to store your cards and special mementos in! This set really has it all.

Unique Gift Set for Men

Custom Liquor Box Set for Men

Is your boyfriend or husband a man of many tastes? This gift set is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him! It comes with a whiskey glass, bottle opener, lighter, and a liquor flask. Whether he wants a beer or a Whiskey sour, he’s got two new things to use for either. Or if he likes to smoke cigars and take shots, the lighter and flask are perfect for traveling! There’s even room in the gift box to put a sample bottle of his favorite liquor or a couple of cigars. Whichever one you choose, this a unique Valentine’s Day gift for men who enjoy all kinds of alcohol.

Wine Gift Set for Two

Personalized Wine Gift Set for Couples

Before Valentine’s Day dinner, make sure you give your boyfriend or husband this lovely wine gift set! You can open a bottle of merlot or Moscato with the cool new multi-tool and pour a couple of glasses to sip on during and after a romantic meal together. He’ll love that the multi-tool is perfect for wine or beer, and that the glasses hold a larger serving of wine than a typical glass.\




Star Map of a Special Occasion

The Night Sky on Your Special Occasion with Him

Whether your valentine is into astronomy or not, he will be touched at this incredible gift. This is a custom picture of what the night sky looked like where and when you first met, your first date, your first kiss, your wedding date, any special moment in your relationship. This amazing gift comes with the coordinates, date, time, and a special message. This is a unique way to preserve a memory and treasure it forever.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter with Matching Glasses

For whiskey fans, a quality decanter and a nice set of glassware are a must. Whether your husband is new or a longtime whiskey drinker, he’ll love getting this beautiful whiskey decanter set for Valentine’s Day. Now you’ll have a nice set of glasses to serve guests, and he’ll have a handsome decanter to show off his finest whiskey. Make sure to include a bottle of scotch with this lovely gift so that he can fill up the decanter and pour the two of you a drink!

Beer Tasting Flight Set

Personalized Beer Flight Set

Is your boyfriend or husband getting into home brewing? Then he needs a beer tasting set! With this beer flight, the two of you can make a fun evening out of trying his latest batches of beer together. He’ll love having this set for beer tasting parties for his friends and family, too. Talk about a great Valentine’s Day gift for men who brew their own beer!

Mr. and Mrs. Personalized Shadow Box for Collecting Memories

Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box

With this shadow box, you and your husband can start a new collection together on Valentine’s Day. You can collect anything from wine corks, bottle caps, ticket stubs, or love notes. He’ll love watching his collection grow from this Valentine’s Day to the next, filling up with fun memories the two of you have shared. The shadow box is even personalized with “Mr & Mrs. [Your Last Name]” along with the year you were married for a personal touch. This is by far one of the most romantic and fun Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

His and Hers Rocks Glasses

Set of Two Mr. and Mrs. Personalized Whiskey Glasses - Valentine's Day Gifts

Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for many years, your husband will love this set of his-and-hers whiskey glasses. You two can enjoy a nice glass of bourbon or scotch by the fire after a delicious dinner and toast to a romantic Valentine’s Day. Make sure to give him a bottle of aged whiskey and a set of whiskey stones to make this a complete gift!

3 Year Journal

3 Year Journal for Couple to Fill In Each Day

This unique journal is one of the hottest Valentine’s Day gifts for him (and you!) in 2019. It’s a simple question and answer journal for you and your partner to fill out each day for three years. This could become a unique and fun daily ritual every morning before work or nightly routine before bed. He’ll love comparing your answers to his, which will strengthen your relationship and create new conversations for you two. This is one of the most romantic and practical Valentine’s Day gifts for him ever!

Spiegelau IPA Glasses for Two

Personalized Spiegelau IPA Glasses Set of 2

These matching personalized Spiegelau IPA glasses are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for men whose favorite kind of beer is India Pale Ale. The glasses are designed to improve both the aroma and the flavors of his favorite brews so that every sip gets better than the last. The two of you can crack open a couple of cold ones and try them out in the two glasses at Valentine’s Day dinner and see for yourself how much better they taste!

Unique Coffee Gift Set for Him

Personalized Coffee Gift Set for Him

Does your Valentine love coffee almost as much as he loves you? This Valentine’s Day, get him an awesome coffee gift set that is just as cool as he is. This two piece set comes with a large mug and a giant travel carafe so that he can have his morning cup of coffee in style and then take the rest of the day’s supply along with him to work or for traveling. The carafe is made of stainless steel and holds 64 ounces and it will keep it piping hot for hours on end. If he prefers iced coffee, it’ll keep it cold all day long! Now he’ll have plenty of his favorite brew wherever he goes.

Custom Bar Sign for the Boyfriend

Custom Bar Sign for Men

Has your boyfriend always dreamed of having his own home bar or owning a bar someday? This Valentine’s Day, you can help make his dreams come true with this cool custom bar sign. He can hang it in his soon-to-be home bar, lounge area, or dining room. He’ll love that you got him such a cool Valentine’s Day gift for him that makes his dream one step closer. You could theme all of your presents for the rest of the year around making it a reality by getting him a kegerator, beer tap handles, home brewing supplies, and even a set of really cool blueprints to help him get started!

Watch Case for the Watch Collector

Large Watch Organizer

Does your boyfriend or husband have a sizable collection of watches? With this watch display case, he’ll finally have the perfect place to keep them organized. He’ll love having such a great place to show off his collection rather than trying to keep them all on his dresser or nightstand where they can get lost or damaged. The case holds up to 10 watches and has extra compartments for links, batteries, and repair tools. If he doesn’t have 10 watches yet, get him a new one to fill up the case! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men who have a collection of watches for every day of the week and special occasions.

Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

You and your SO probably grew up playing on the first Nintendo systems, and the re-released classic edition of the first NES would make an incredible Valentine’s Day gift! He’ll love reliving his old favorite games like Super Mario Brothers, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, and more. Don’t worry, you can play together! Throw in a couple of beers, your favorite snacks, and this will be the most fun Valentine’s Day yet!

Fancy Beer Mug for Him

Large Personalized Gold Rimmed Beer Mug for Him on Valentine's Day

With this handsome mug, your Valentine can enjoy a cold beer with sophistication and class. This gorgeous mug is made of extra thick glass that insulates his beer so that he can enjoy it throughout an entire football game, even with commercials. The starburst base is as beautiful as it is functional, as its unique design prevents condensation rings. No more water stains on your furniture! The genuine 22k gold rim makes it just fancy enough for him to use it along with your fine china for special occasions. He’ll love every bit of this incredible beer mug and want to use it for every beer so that he can feel like a king even when drinking Bud Light.

His and Hers Flask and Rocks Glass Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass and Flask

This set of two his-and-hers flask and whiskey glass are perfect for the couples who enjoy different kind of liquor. If you’re a scotch gal and he’s a tequila guy, now you both have the perfect drinkware to enjoy them! Conversely, you could give both pieces to him so that he has a cool new whiskey glass and a flask to bring his favorite liquor along when traveling. Either way, this set is one of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts for men.




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