31 Super Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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No one knows you quite as well as the guys you asked to be your groomsmen. Whether it’s an old college buddy, a childhood friend, or your brother, you want to make sure that you find a gift for them that they will cherish long after the ceremony. We’ve found countless unique groomsmen gifts that they will return to again and again. With our list of unique, engraved, custom, and personalized groomsmen gifts, it’s easy to show them how important it is that they’re by your side on the biggest day of your life.

Complete Whiskey Lovers Set Groomsmen Will Love

Custom Whiskey Box Set

It’s time to take your friends drinking to a completely new level. This personalized decanter set is one of those unique groomsmen gifts that has everything they need to elevate how they enjoy their liquor. They can take the glasses and toast to your pending nuptials, they can enjoy a nightcap after a long day of work, or they can celebrate with friends whenever they’d like. They can even display the box anywhere in their home or office. This is a gift they’ll remember better than they remember your ceremony.

Authentic German Beer Stein

Classic Beer Steins are Unique Groomsmen Gifts

You and your friends have traditions. You’ve watched every Super Bowl together. You all wear the same clothes before your alma mater plays. That’s why this German beer stein is the perfect addition to your traditions. Your wedding party will have so much drinking their beers from these unique groomsmens gifts. Every time they open the pewter top they can’t help but smile. They won’t want to drink their beer from anything else ever again.

Elevated Flask Set

Flask with 2 Shot Glasses & Box

Every guy needs a flask. Your groomsmen are no exception. Get them a flask they’ll be proud to unveil each time they need a sip. This stainless-steel flask is wrapped in sleek black leather, housed in a matching case, and even comes with two shot glasses so they can share the wealth. Now nothing will slow them down anytime an occasion calls for a toast or celebration.

Celebrate Your Groomsmen’s Vices

Unique Ammo Can Gift for Groomsmen

Looking for a truly unique groomsmen gift? Look no further than this customized ammo can. Your groomsmen won’t know what to expect when they unwrap a genuine U.S. military ammo can be personalized just for them packed with two rocks glasses, a flip-top lighter, and a cigar cutter. They’ll admire your skill in gifting them something that celebrates all their vices. Have cigars on hand and they’ll be so thankful they agreed to be a part of your wedding party. This list even has a bunch of great options for groomsmen just like this one.

A Decanter Set Every Guy Needs

Classic Groomsman Decanter Set with Whiskey Stones

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really win your groomsmen over. They’ll already appreciate having a personalized wood box where they can store whatever they’d like, but when they open it and see a decanter and whiskey stones inside, they’ll be singing your praises. Finally, they won’t have to store their premier liquor inside some cabinet or have their drinks watered down before they even realize it. The real kicker is that this gift comes engraved with the date of your ceremony so they’ll have no excuse not to be there.

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Personalized NFL Jersey

What better gift is there for a groomsman than an authentic NFL jersey of their favorite team personalized just for them? Go out in style for your bachelor party as everyone dons a jersey with their name on the back. Sure, people might get confused why Giants and Cowboys fans are getting along, but it will be an unforgettable experience. This will easily become their lucky item every NFL Sunday.

Insulated Travel Growler

Stainless Steel Growler Gift for Groomsmen

A modern-day, insulated beer growler certainly tops the charts when it comes to unique groomsmen gift ideas. They can now take 64 ounces of ice cold beer from home wherever they go. They can even get their growlers filled at local breweries so everyone can experience their favorite craft beer. You could even pair this gift with a brewery tour for you and all your groomsmen for another experience you’ll remember before your wedding.

Genuine U.S. Military Ammo Can

Custom Ammo Can Gift for Best Man

Being one of your groomsmen is going to require a blend of style and traditions. That’s why this Maverick ammo box is a welcome twist on the standard groomsmen gift. Capable of holding tools in their garage, fishing supplies, or holding a healthy amount of booze, your best friends will love any chance they get to show off these cool gifts. Just make sure they don’t hold onto them during the ceremony.

Wine Glasses for the Entire Wedding Party

Five Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Do your groomsmen prefer a nice glass of wine? If that’s the case one of those most unique groomsmens gifts is a set of engraved stemless wine glasses. You can tailor each glass to every member of your wedding party. They will love finally not having to drink their wine from whatever cups they can find around the house. With these glasses, they’ll finally get to experience their wine as it was meant to be.

One-of-a-Kind Bullet Bottle Openers

.50 Caliber Bottle Openers are Unique Groomsmen Gifts

You’ve experienced the pain of having a cold one in hand and no way to open the bottle. Spare your groomsmen that tragic feeling when you hand them each a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener engraved with their name on it. It’s slender enough to fit in almost any pocket, reliable enough to open countless beers, and cool enough that they’ll never leave home without it. Talk about a set of badass groomsmen gifts!

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Homping Portable Charcoal Grill

Nothing beats the smell of fresh cut meat over a grill. Get a unique groomsmen gift that’s as versatile as it is fun. These Homping grills can be used at home, while camping, or even tailgating. If your groomsmen lover a steak then they’re set. If they prefer pork belly it won’t be a problem because this grill was designed to make even the oiliest meats taste perfect. Don’t be surprised if next time you see one of your groomsman they’ve added ever accessory to this clever gift.

Coffee Essentials for Groomsmen

Custom Coffee Gift Groomsmen Will Love

No one in your wedding party is going to get through your wedding without an ample supply of coffee, your best man included. A stainless steel coffee carafe and matching black ceramic coffee mug will make sure everyone has the energy they need to be at their best every step of the way for your wedding. Plus, your groomsmen will love having the ability to keep their coffee piping hot and ready for them on their normal work days. It’s a gift they won’t stop using.


Engraved Cigar Box

Unique Groomsmen Gift for Cigar Lovers Box

Few things are better in life than enjoying a fine cigar. Imagine the look on your groomsmen’s faces when they open a cigar box personalized with them. Stuff each one full of cigars and give them a gift they’ll return to throughout the year. Also, this gift gives you guys an excuse to enjoy a cigar right then and there. They’ll always think of you when they pull a cigar from their own cigar box. And you’ll know they’ll always have some on hand when you go visit. If you’re wanting more cigar gift ideas you can find them right here.

Unique Sculpted Rocks Glasses

Two Sculpted Whiskey Glasses

With sculpted glasses unique is in the name making them the perfect unique groomsmen gift. Well, if your groomsmen are prone to enjoying a nice glass of whiskey or two. If that sounds like the guys that will be by your side when you say, “I do”, then get them something exciting like this gift. They’re surprisingly comfortable to hold and the contorted design ensures their palms won’t overheat their beverage of choice.

Personalized Beer Lovers Gift Set

Glass Pitcher with 2 Pint Glasses

You still remember the glorious feeling of pouring your first beer into a pint glass from a pitcher. Now you can grab one of those absolutely unique groomsmen gifts when hand your friends a glass pitcher and pint glass set made just for them. They’ll want to host watch parties, have guys nights, or get together for a game of cards whenever they can just so they have an excuse to use this awesome gift again and again.

Stellar Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Harman Kardon Speaker

A wireless speaker is practically an essential tool in any man’s home. Get your groomsmen a sleek speaker that looks awesome anywhere. It’s amazing for movies, tv shows, video games, and, of course, music. What makes this an even cooler gift for your wedding party is the fact that this speaker is wireless. Oh, and Harman Kardon makes some of the best audio equipment in the business. There’s no way your groomsmen won’t be floored with this gift.

Custom Poker Set

Poker Gift Set for Groomsmen that Love Cards

Every single one of your groomsmen loves to play poker whenever they get the chance. That’s what makes this personalized poker set such an awesome gift. Sure, they’ve probably lost more than they’ve won, but they’ll feel like a winner each time they stroll into a game with their own personalized set. It will make the losses forgettable and the winnings feel all that much sweeter.

Awesome Pub Tap Handle

Beer Tap Handle Gift Groomsmen with a Man Cave Need

Do your groomsmen have a man cave or are avid homebrewers? They will appreciate the time and thought you put behind getting them a personalized tap handle. With a design that pays homage to the classic English pub, this is easily one of the most unique groomsmens gifts available. Next time they have a special batch, they’ll be sure to invite you over to try out this cool gift in action.

Upgrade Your Groomsmen Beer Drinking

Beer Boxed Set

Don’t let your groomsmen drink their beer straight from the can. They’re better than that. Introduce them to the finer things in life with this awesome groomsmen gift. Popping your bottles open with a sturdy bottle opener and pouring into a customized beer mug is really the only way to enjoy a beer. This will be their go-to glass. They can even use the box to store mementos like your wedding invitation.

Hot Tub on the Lake

Hot Tub Boat

Okay, you’ve seen a ton of unique groomsmen gift ideas, but nothing like this. Yes, this is a hot tub boat. Re-read those words again if you need to. It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds. Literally no other gift for groomsmen compares to a hot tub boat. Inevitably one of the guys in your wedding party will contemplate leaving land life behind to become a full-time hot tub boat sailor. If that’s the case, make sure he still promises to attend your wedding before devoting his life to this one-of-a-kind gift.

Personalized Brewery Sign

Classic Man Cave Sign

Want to add a cool sense of style to your friends’ homes? This brewery sign will give them the feeling of being at their favorite bar or brewery in their own home. It’s an ideal gift for any of your groomsmen that have a man cave or a home bar. At the very least, it will give them a reason to take down that faded neon bar sign that they insist on hanging too. They’ll love the way this looks in their home.

Groomsmen Necessities Gift Set

Bowtie Gift Set So Groomsmen Are Sharp at your Wedding

Your groomsmen are going to need a bowtie. So why not get them one of those unique groomsmen gifts that has a bowtie and a bunch of stuff they’ll actually love to use? A stainless steel pint glass will revolutionize the way they drink their beer. No matter where they are it will keep their beer cold for much longer than your average glass pint glass. With the cool cigar accessories, they’ll have no excuse not to enjoy a cigar anytime they’d like. This sleek black gift set is something they’ll wish they got from every wedding they were a part of.

Manly Advice Book

Stuff Every Man Should Know Book

After you tie the knot you won’t have as much time to depart your treasured wisdom to your loyal groomsmen. Get them a gift that they can always turn to whenever they need some sage wisdom with the awesome “Stuff Every Man Should Know” book. It will even teach them how to tie a tie in case they need to get the perfect Windsor knot for your ceremony.

A Gift for the Manliest of Groomsmen

An Axe Set is a Gift Every Groomsmen Needs

Whether they know it or not, your groomsmen need their own axe. It’s an essential tool for achieving peak manliness, which is exactly what you need out of your groomsmen. Of course, they’ll love being able to down a glass of whiskey with the pair of glasses and keep them chilled with the included whiskey stones. Pretty soon the guys will want to gather around and have an axe-throwing contest. Just make sure you’ve got a safe target whenever everyone else readily agrees.

Combination Cigar Flask

Stainless Steel Cigar Flask

Your groomsmen just sank a hole one. They just got a big promotion at work. They found out they’re about to have a kid. Whatever the reason to celebrate they’ll want to do it right. This slim cigar flask is the perfect gift choice. It easily fits wherever they might need it, holds just the right amount of liquor, and keeps a cigar fresh and at the ready at all times. Next time one of your friends gets engaged your groomsmen will break out this flask to celebrate. You can find more groomsmen gift ideas that won’t break the bank from this list.

Savor the Whiskey Set

Double Shot Glasses Boxed Set

Some liquors are meant to be savored. Teach your groomsmen about how to enjoy a refined liquor with this engraved wooden box set. They can pour their liquor of choice over the chilled whiskey stones and truly experience each note and aroma. The best part about this set is the wood box. It’s sharp enough to fit in anywhere a home. Actually, the best part is probably the second shot glass so you can always join in whenever he gets a new bottle.

Versatile Driving Range Net

Portable Driving Range Net

Can you count a bunch of avid golfers amongst your groomsmen? If so, get them a portable driving range net. What makes this Rukket net really cool is they can practice on a putting green, rough turf, tee turf, or natural rubber. They’ll be lowering their handicap before they know it and you’ll always have an eager party to take with you next time you want to hit eighteen holes.

Beer Mugs for All Your Groomsmen

Custom Beer Mugs Make Great Groomsmen Gifts

Take care of your entire wedding party with one simple purchase. These beer mugs are a unique groomsmen gift that ensures the ushers, best man, and even the father-of-the-bride won’t be going home empty-handed. Show your appreciation for everyone with a mug they will love. After all, it’s the least you could do for your soon-to-be father-in-law. He may even raise a toast in your honor.

Take Your Beer Anywhere

Custom Beer Caddy Gift for Groomsmen On the Go

Do your groomsmen want a beer wherever they’re going? A custom wood beer caddy is one of those unique groomsmen gifts that will make sure they’ve always got a cold one nearby. Going to a lake, cookout, or a day in the park? They’ll be well prepared. They’ll even appreciate not having to lug around a bottle opener as one is already attached to this awesome gift.

Stylish & Modern Tie Roll

Monogrammed Leather Tie Roll

Trying to keep your tie crisp and clean while traveling is a struggle every guy is all too familiar with. Thankfully Mark & Graham have developed a clever tie roll that your groomsmen will love to have. If they’re going on a work trip or traveling for your wedding, they can make sure they always look their best. This unique groomsmen gift even comes monogrammed for that extra special touch that shows how much your friends have meant to you over the years.

Amazing Snifter Glasses for Groomsmen

Set of 4 Beer Snifter Glasses

Whiskey drinkers don’t deserve all the fun. Beer snifter glasses have become a huge hit with the craft beer explosion. These glasses are designed to get the perfect head on your beer, allow you to nose the drink before you take a sip, and enjoy the complex flavor concentrations the brewers had in mind when the beer was just an idea in their head. Your groomsmen will enjoy these glasses so much they’ll act personally offended whenever a bar doesn’t carry them.