30 Awesome 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

These 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him are Sure to Be the Best Birthday Gifts He Has Ever Gotten!

A 30th birthday is a major milestone in any guy’s life. That’s why you’re determined to find the perfect gift. Naturally, you probably have a few questions on your mind. What kind of gift is right for this birthday? What are the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him are out there? How much should you spend on his 30th birthday gift ideas? Fortunately, we’ve put together a list that answers all those questions and will ensure that you find the best possible 30th birthday for your guy.

1. Etched Globe Rocks Glasses & Decanter

Globe Decanter Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

These globe rocks glasses are one of those awesome 30th birthday gift ideas for him that have some flair. These are great if your guy would like to sample his whiskey of choice with some style and still get its full flavor. Designed to rotate, so you get the full globe effect, your guy will love putting these in his office, man cave, or on a prime spot on the bar cart. Pair it with some whiskey stones so it loosely resembles the Earth’s core.

2. Mythical Ammo Can Set

Ammo Can Set of Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

Why settle for average 30th birthday gift ideas for him when you can impress him with legendary ones? This ammo can gift set is absolutely phenomenal because not only is the rugged ammo can super cool, but the whiskey glasses and stones will make celebrating his birthday totally awesome. He’ll feel so manly and awesome enjoying a glass of chilled whiskey using this specially customized set, and he’ll really like owning such an incredible ammo can to store small tools, fishing tackle, or anything else inside.

3. For His Own Tavern

Tavern Sign Birthday Gift for 30 Year Old Man

Make his 30th birthday party and every other special occasion he hosts the main party spot to be with this personalized tavern sign! This unique sign is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him because it’ll make him feel like he’s the proud owner of the best bar in town. He’ll feel beyond cool with his name on this sign as it hangs in his home bar or in the bar area of his home. He’ll dream of opening up his very own bar someday!

4. Take Shots at Giving Great 30th Birthday Gifts

Gun Decanter Set of Unique 30th Birthday Gifts for Him

Whether he is big into action movies or can’t get enough of his favorite FPS game, he’ll love taking shots from the coolest and most unique decanter any 30 year old could ever want! This gun decanter set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him even has bullets wedged into the glasses themselves, taking shots of whiskey or bourbon will never have felt so fitting!

5. Custom NFL History Book

Custom NFL History Book Gift for 30th Birthday

Some 30th birthday gift ideas for your husband stand out amongst the rest. The New York Times has curated books for every NFL team detailing their glory days. If your husband is an NFL junkie then he will love unwrapping this gift and going over every page detailing the best moments in his team’s life. During the offseason, this will help tide him over until next year. If the season is underway it will fill him with optimism about his team’s current season.

6. Ultimate Beer Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

30th Birthday Gift are Custom Beer Mugs

Clink glasses and make him the happiest man on earth on his 30th birthday with this personalized beer mug box set. Nothing ever tastes quite as good as a birthday beer, but this beer mug box set will make that frothy pint taste all the better! It’s the perfect gift for any beer lover’s birthday, but it will especially make his 30th birthday one to remember!


7. Cool Custom Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Stone and Rocks Glass Set of Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

If your guy loves whiskey and you’re looking for one of the very best birthday gifts for 30 year old man that will get a ton of use, then this custom whiskey gift set is a phenomenal gift. He’ll love the handsome, custom engraving, but even more than that he will love no longer drinking watered-down whiskey from a plastic cup. This is a set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him he’ll love to show off.

8. Surprise 30th Birthday Ideas for Him

Personalized Ammo Can Set of 30th Birthday Gifts

Do you want your gift to help surprise him with something fun to do on his birthday? For the guy who’s into guns or the outdoors, this ammo can gift set is one of the most unique birthday gifts for a 30 year old man. You can give him the ammo can with everything inside along with tickets to a gun show, passes for the shooting range, a reservation at a camping site to somewhere he’s been wanting to go to, or even a day pass to his favorite national park! He will be so excited to take the entire ammo can set along with him on his birthday adventure so that he can treat himself to a celebratory stogie and try out all of his new tools when he gets there. Even if these don’t work for this year, you can keep this set in mind for a few years down the road as the ultimate 40th birthday gift ideas for him!

9. His Own Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Whiskey is far too attractive to stay hidden away in a cabinet in its original bottle. Your man’s friends all have decanters and home bars, and it’s about time he had one too. His 30th birthday is the perfect time to surprise him with a decanter set that will outshine all of his friends’ liquor containers. Made of the finest crystal, this gorgeous decanter will make even the cheapest scotch look like it’s from the top shelf. His friends will marvel at the engraving of his name on the equally handsome rocks glasses. Thanks to you, he’ll be getting one of the best birthday gifts for 30 year old man on the market, that he gets to enjoy for years to come!

10. Personalized Pub Sign

Personalized Pub Sign

Around 30 years old is the perfect time for him to be crafting the ultimate man cave. Start his decoration off on the right foot for his birthday with this custom pub sign. Having this regal sign tell all who enter his domain that he has a finally established home bar or man cave to enjoy a few brewksis is just what he needs! Make his 30th birthday the perfect time to start that man cave/home bar he has always dreamed of!

11. Custom Cocktail Smoker Set

Cocktail Smoker Set of Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

30 is a big deal, for many, it is one of the most monumental mile markers of a birthday there is. When looking for that perfect set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him, including his engraved cocktail smoker set on your list. Got a guy who loves his liquor? This is a great way to make a cocktail fun and interesting again. Infuse each drink with smoke, and he now has new flavor combinations to try for both straight-up drinks as well as the most complex cocktails.

12. Beer Cap State Maps

Beer Cap State Maps are Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

Unique birthday gifts for a 30-year-old man can be tricky. Sometimes you need to pick something they didn’t even know they wanted. These beer cap state maps are birthday gifts for a 30 year old man that he will have a lot of fun with. He can fill it with his favorite craft beers, breweries from that state, or create a cool pattern out of specific caps. It’s a great gift showing his love of beer and pride for his state.

13. A Big Mug for a Big Birthday

Engraved Giant Beer Mug 30th Birthday Gift for Him

Make sure he’s got the right tools to celebrate his big 3-oh with a mug large enough to satisfy his thirst! By far one of the most impressive birthday gifts for a 30 year old man, he will never want to drink beer any other way from now on once he sees just how much beer it holds. This giant mug holds a whole liter of beer so that he can sit back, relax, and enjoy his favorite brew throughout an entire movie (we’re talking an extended edition of Lord of the Rings here, not a Disney movie) or at least through halftime of the football game on TV.

14. Must-Have Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Stones

Are you totally stumped on finding good 30th birthday gift ideas for him? Any man turning 30 needs a nice quality set of whiskey glasses and stones so that he can finally enjoy his scotch on the rocks properly. With this personalized whiskey gift set, he’s got everything he needs! He will love that the glasses are just the right size for his usual double bourbon or the occasional Whiskey Sour when he’s in the mood. His favorite part, however, will be the whiskey stones once he tries them out and realizes that they keep his drink perfectly chilled and don’t water it down! Thanks to your thoughtful gift, he’ll never have to deal with ice in his drinks ever again.


15. Creative Beer Gift Basket

Creative Beer Gift Basket

If you’re looking for birthday gifts for a 30-year-old man that he hasn’t gotten before then this beer gift basket is right up your alley. It comes with 6 beers from microbrews, the perfect set of snacks to go with them, and a bucket your man can fill up with ice to keep his new beers ice cold.

16. Ale Horn Set of Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

Ale Horn Mug Box Set is a Birthday Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

This custom ale horn set of birthday gifts for 30 year old man are the easiest way to have him feeling the manliest he’s ever felt. After all, what could be more primal than drinking his go-to beer from an antler made into a mug? This gift gets better too, you don’t even have to wrap it. The personalized box is the ideal gift box that he’ll want to keep forever, unlike those cheaper cardboard boxes. Talk about a great 30th birthday gift.

17. Outdoor Pizza Over – A 30th Birthday Gift Idea for Pizza Lovers

Outdoor Pizza Over – A 30th Birthday Gift Idea for Pizza Lovers

Every guy has dreamed of making their dream pizza. So, as far as birthday gifts for a 30-year-old man go, this is one that can actually fulfill a lifelong dream. Whether your man thinks he knows the secret to making the ultimate pepperoni pizza or believes that every pizza needs slices of gyro meat, he will love showing off his pizza making abilities to any friend or family. Plus, he’ll never have to wait for delivery ever again. Talk about one of the most perfect birthday gifts for a 30 year old man!

18. An Awesome Vice Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Personalized Luxury Cigar and Whiskey Gift Box for His 30th Birthday

It is his 30th birthday, this is a milestone occasion and he needs this custom cigar and whiskey gift set to commemorate it. After all, he only gets to turn this age once so help him celebrate with an epic set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him! There is no better way to embrace this new decade of life than with a drink in one hand, and a stogie in the other while being surrounded by family and friends. With a gift set like this, you can be sure this will be the best birthday of his life!

19. Liquor Box Birthday Gift for 30 Year Old Man

Custom Liquor Gift Box

While a bottle of his favorite whiskey or bourbon makes for a fantastic gift, it doesn’t have the same high-quality gift feeling that a personalized gift set does. So instead of wrapping a bow on the bottle and calling it a day, get with this custom liquor gift box! This birthday gift for 30 year old man is the coolest way to present him his favorite drink, it even has his name on it! You can even add in a few cards, notes, or shot glasses next to the bottle to make the most well-rounded gift that he can drink!

20. Personalized Sign for His Birthday

Rustic Wooden Man Cave Sign

Part of searching for gifts for guys in their 30s is that they want more specific gifts. They know what they’re missing in life at this point or know what they want. When searching for 30th birthday gift ideas for him that will truly pop, this custom man cave sign is a must! He’ll be thrilled he can use it to make his garage or man cave his official hang-out spot!

21. Perfect Gift for His 30th Birthday

Whiskey and Cigar Glass Box Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Make sure that when he is turning 30 he has everything he could possibly need to celebrate with a single gift! Add in a few stogies and a bottle of his favorite booze so when he opens his custom keepsake, he’ll see all the thought you put into his milestone birthday! This custom cigar whiskey glass will be the unique gift that reminds him of his excellent 30th birthday bash each time he wants to cap off the week with a fine scotch and stogie!

22. Most Useful Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Engraved Bamboo Grill Tools for His 30th Birthday

After so many years of grilling, you’ve noticed that his grilling tools could use an upgrade. You don’t want to get him regular old grilling tools, though, you should get him a special set like this! The three-piece set is made of polished wood and stainless steel, so you know they’ll last for many years to come. The best part, however, is the handsome bamboo case! You can customize the design with a sweet sentiment or something funny along with his name and birthday, like “Happy 30th Birthday” or “Grill Master.” The case makes the set easily portable so that he can bring his new favorite tools along when you go to the park for a cookout or even when you go camping. As soon as he opens this amazing he’ll want to try them out and cook up a round of steaks and burgers for everyone.

23. Unique Engraved Decanter Set

Custom Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Get the perfect birthday gifts for a 30 year old man with this engraved whiskey decanter set! 30 is a birthday that he will want to have impressive gifts, after all, it is a milestone he only gets to experience once. So give him a decanter set that is just as memorable as his birthday with these amazing, heft glasses that come with an equally as impressive decanter. Thrown in his favorite bottle of booze and you’ve got the perfect 30th birthday present for him.

24. A Classy Beer Gift for His 30th Birthday

Custom Craft Beer Glass Box Set

Celebrating turning 30 doesn’t need to be a somber experience. While some people think it is the true mark of becoming old, it is more like reliving your 20s, but this time with money and good taste! Help him start the best decade of his life off right with this custom beer snifter glass set that will make the most of every beer this hops-lover has from here on out! Plus, it already comes inside a gorgeous black gift box, making your job as the person giving him a gift even easier!

25. The Beer Lover Box Set

Ultimate Beer Tasting Set for His 30th Birthday

Now that he has been drinking for a few years, it is time to truly embellish his love for craft beers. This ultimate tasting set is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him you could possibly give. Ideal for having an at-home tasting night or for enjoying a few brewskis on his birthday, he’ll be sure to keep these glasses topped off as often as possible!

26. Custom Tasting Experience

Glencairn Set of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

After nine years of enjoying quality drinks, he thinks he has finally developed a palate for his go-to liquors. No matter how good he is at picking up nuanced flavors right now, he’ll become an expert taster once he starts using this custom Glencairn whiskey gift box set. Thanks to the unique shape, he’ll find flavors even his astute palate didn’t know existed. Better still, since this birthday gift for him comes with four glasses, he can share this amazing tasting experience with friends or family.

27. Manly Beer Gift Set He’ll Love

Custom 30th Birthday Beer Gift Set for Him

The future 30-year-old in your life is a manly guy who enjoys spending his free time outdoors. He loves hunting, fishing, camping, tailgating, and everything in between. Once he’s inside, he likes to cool off with an ice cold beer. This awesome beer gift set is one of the best 30th birthday gifts for him as it comes with all of his favorite things: two custom pint glasses to share with you after spending the day doing yard work, a cool bottle opener made from a real bullet, a new pocket knife, and even a matching personalized ammunition can to store all kinds of tools and gear in. The best part? You can customize the engraving to be anything you like from “Happy 30th Birthday, World’s Best Husband, July 28, 2019” to “Sergeant Jack Thomas, 34th Infantry, 10.13.19.”

28. Beer Soap Sampler

Beer Soap Sampler

Has your guy ever joked that he loves beer so much that he wishes he could bathe in it? Well, now he has the chance with this curated soap collection made from a variety of beers. Does he have an important meeting? He should probably pair that with the brown ale soap. Is he hanging out with the boys? The hefeweizen soap should do the trick. Your guy will love sampling each of the beer soaps so much he may never leave the shower.

29. Engraved Bean Bag Toss Game

Engraved Bean Bag Toss Game

If you man is the kind that loves fun and games then you might consider this engraved bean bag toss game. Even though it’s a birthday gift for a 30 year old man he’ll love the chance to use this at tailgates or in the backyard with friends. The custom engraving makes this gift the kind that will impress anyone who sees it.

30. A Bodacious Billiard Sign

Creative 30th Birthday Gift is a Billiard Sign

A perfect creative 30th birthday gift for him has got to be a piece of decor for his home. After all, guys are not always known for their decorative nature. Help him add some ownership and personality to his home with a personalized billiard sign. Great for the guy who has a game room where he hangs with his family or best buds, you can bet he’ll look up in approval at his sign after each hand of poker or shot on the pool table.


What do you give a man for his 30th birthday?

Birthday gifts for a 30 year old guy can be so much fun to get. After all, a man’s 30s are basically just his 20s again, but this time with money! So let him have a blast this time around by getting him something that is over-the-top, fun, memorable, or custom. But, if you want to be a badass when you’re trying to figure out what can I buy a 30 year old man, then you may want to combine some of those ideas. A personalized whiskey decanter set, an NFL book, an engraved poker set, any of these gift ideas will be a blast, are unique, and are sure to be a gift he will remember for years to come.

What can I get my husband for his 30th birthday?

Shopping for birthday gifts for 30 year old man when he is your husband can feel like a daunting task. But don’t let it get you down. In fact, you probably know him better than he knows himself, which gives you a unique advantage to give him something he needs without him knowing that he needs it! Whether it is a beer gift basket to use to celebrate his birthday, a custom cutting board for his meal prep, or a pizza oven to refine his pizza pie skills, you know just what he needs to be an even better version of himself.

What is a good gift for a 30 year old man?

Finding where to start when shopping for birthday gifts for 30 year old guy can feel like there are just too many choices. While your choices are wide open, we are confident you can find the right item for your guy. 30 year olds are in a unique position where they can definitely use something practical but an awesome gift for the sake of being an epic item is just as valid. So, if you have any doubts about your gift, make sure it is custom, personalized, or engraved, this way your unique gift will always be a standout item that he can take pride in.

What should I do for my 30th birthday man?

Well, considering you are currently looking at 30th birthday gift ideas for him, you are already taking a step in the right direction for creating an awesome 30th birthday experience. However, on top of the gifts, you can always consider things like having friends surprise him, having a nice dinner, and of course, cake! But he may also like having a few beers and watching the game the night of his birthday or maybe you could have his favorite movie and snacks ready to go for him as soon as he gets off of work. To make a 30th birthday memorable for him, make this an experience he won’t soon forget.