27 Awesome Boyfriend Christmas Gifts for 2018

27 Awesome Boyfriend Christmas Gifts for 2018

Whether you’ve spent years together or you’re celebrating your first Christmas with your boyfriend you still want to get him something special. If you’re wanting an awesome Christmas gift for your boyfriend you need to find something he loves and make it even better by adding a touch of personalization. It shows you really know him and that you really care. But what kind of Christmas gifts are awesome for boyfriends? Is there anything new in 2018 he will love for Christmas? Are there gifts for all budgets this holiday season? Thankfully, we’ve gathered a massive amount of items to answer all of these questions and to make sure you have no trouble finding the coolest gift out there for your boyfriend.

Boxed Decanter Set Your Boyfriend Will Love

Boxed Decanter Set

This holiday season let your boyfriend revel in the spirit of the season with the best way to enjoy his spirits. This decanter boxed set has everything he needs to keep his spirits high all year long. The personalized decanter is the best way to store any liquor because it adds a touch of class to a home. The matching rocks glasses are ideal for enjoying spirits neat or on the rocks. And the best part is he can easily share the experience with anyone he chooses. He can even use the box to store Christmas cards or whatever other mementos he might like. This is one of those boyfriend Christmas gifts that will serve him well past this holiday season.

Stylish Flask Set Perfect for Christmas

Flask Gift Set for Your Brother

Flasks aren’t what they used to be. Sure, they’re still the best way to enjoy liquor on the go. But now when your boyfriend pulls this gift from under the Christmas tree and unwraps it he will be delighted to see a sleek, vegan leather box monogrammed with his initials looking back at him. He’ll open it to see a matching flask, funnel, and two stainless-steel pint glasses. Have a bottle ready so he can fill the flask when he gets this boyfriend Christmas gift in 2018. You two can toast to the wonderful year you had together and the wonderful year that’s about to begin. This gift could even become a Christmas tradition.

Double-Wall Insulated Gunmetal Growler

Double-Wall Insulated Beer Growler

Growlers have come a long way. No longer crafted from just glass. This is one of those boyfriend Christmas gifts in 2018 that saw the introduction of the double-wall insulated gunmetal beer growler. More than ever people are wanting to travel with their drinks on the go. Now your boyfriend can take 64 ounces of his favorite beer anywhere. The double-walled insulation ensures his beer will stay cold for as long as he needs it. You can even get a pump attachment to turn it into his own portable keg. With this Christmas gift, he’ll have plenty of trips planned for the both of you throughout the year as long as he can bring his brand new growler.

Personalized Moscow Mules for Boyfriends

Hammered Moscow Mule Set

Copper mugs already remind people of winter with their classic hammer-finished design. Of course, with the rise in popularity of Moscow Mules these mugs are great year round. That just means your boyfriend will be extra stoked when he unwraps his gift this Christmas and sees a box personalized just for him holding 4 copper mugs. He’ll want to instantly whip up some cocktails for the both of you. He’ll even be scrolling through his phone, trying to find someone to visit on Christmas so all 4 can be in use. You’ll just have to remind him that he can use them year round.




Unmatched Whiskey Stones for an Unmatched Christmas Gift

Diamond Whiskey Stones for Boyfriends

Whiskey stones have evolved over the years. That’s why this is one of the best boyfriend gifts in 2018 if your guy loves his whiskey. In 2018 people are finding more sophisticated ways to enjoy their drinks and whiskey stones add an amazing chill to your holiday drinks, making them the perfect gift for your whiskey loving boyfriend. Their unique diamond shape covers more surface area than standard whiskey stones, allowing your guys whiskey to be chilled quicker and for longer periods of time. He won’t ever have to suffer from warm or watered-down whiskey ever again. The handsome wood box they come in can be personalized so you can add that little extra touch that shows how much you care this Christmas.

Playstation 4 Pro so you can Wow Him This Christmas

Playstation 4 Christmas Gift

This holiday season is the perfect time to get your guy a Playstation 4. With 4k capabilities, the ability to stream from the most popular streaming services, and an unmatched selection of original games, this Christmas gift for your boyfriend will give your guy the same feeling he got as a little kid when he unwrapped his first gaming system under the Christmas tree. Throw in a game or two like God of War, Spider-Man, or Horizon: Zero Dawn to get him on his way. He’ll be using this gift to finish out 2018 and to bring in the new year. You could even grab a couple multiplayer games so you can both play and enjoy the gift together.

Engraved Monogram Serving Set

Monogrammed Decanter Serving Set for Him

If your man loves to play host then this is one of those awesome boyfriend Christmas gifts. There is no better way to entertain your guests then by presenting them with a nice liquor in a decanter held in a serving tray, surrounded by rocks glasses. The expertly engraved monogram on each piece makes this an even sweeter Christmas gift. Your boyfriend will want to break this out for dinner parties, gameday watch parties, backyard BBQs. He’ll like it so much he’ll be sure to have it prominently displayed in the home.

Legendary Cigar Box for Cigar Loving Boyfriends

Vintage Cigar Box

Don’t let your cigar loving boyfriend be left in the cold this holiday season. A cigar box that details how legendary you think he is in your eyes is exactly the kind of cool Christmas gifts for boyfriends they’re looking for. Not only will he finally not have to store cigars in random spots like his sock drawer, but they’ll be placed in a stylish container that’s almost as enticing as the cigars inside. Pack it to the brim with some of his favorite cigars so he can already have a collection to enjoy until next Christmas rolls around.

Custom Beer Tap Handles

Custom Tap Handles for Your Brother

There are few better boyfriend Christmas gifts out there then a custom tap handle. This tap handle is perfect if your man has a man cave, home bar, kegerator, or is a DIY brewer. It’s a major upgrade from the temporary pump handles you get at liquor stores or with home brewing kits. Not only can you customize it with his name and initial, but your boyfriend can also write what kind of beer is being served with the chalkboard below his engraved name.

Stylish Decanter & Rocks Glasses for Boyfriends

Decanter & Rocks Glasses Set

You shouldn’t neglect your boyfriend’s study or office this holiday season. 2018 has been all about updating any workspace to be stylish and comfortable. A Carson-style liquor decanter has that sophisticated look that elevates the space where he does his most critical thinking. The old-fashioned glasses are reminiscent of the Mad Men era of office work, when drinking on the job was practically a requirement to gain that creative edge. This Christmas gift is sure to be a hit with your boyfriend. The first critical decision he’ll have to make is what liquor needs to be filled in the decanter first.

Luxury Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Beardcare Kit for Boyfriends

Your man takes pride in his beard. Show him how much you admire it this Christmas with a Zeus deluxe beard care kit. He’ll thank his lucky stars that you’re in his life when he unwraps this kit to find shampoo and conditioner designed just for beards. The accompanying beard oil and beard brush will ensure that his facial hair game is always up to snuff. Whether he lets it grow out in the winter or keeps it tightly trimmed during the summer, this kit will always be in use.

Ceramic Beer Stein Customized Just for Him

Ceramic Beer Stein

Christmas is an uproarious occasion with plenty of holiday cheer to go around. Ceramic beer tankards are the best choice to mimic that same joy long after the holidays have ended.  Your boyfriend will love taking this out of the box and filling it with his first beer. The way the head rests on top is like no other beer glass out there. Beer drinking is meant to be fun and this ceramic tankard can make sure that happens every month. You can even personalize it just for him to make it the standout item in his home.

Modern Wine Decanter

Modern Wine Decanter

Just like you after a marathon Black Friday shopping session, wine needs to come up for air so it can breathe. This is one of those boyfriend Christmas gifts in 2018 that gives him a chance to finally improve his wine drinking and is great to round out the year. Its stylish modern look is ideal for the wine enthusiast boyfriend.  It doesn’t matter if he just picked up the hobby this year or has dedicated countless hours over the years to wine, he will love how wine decanters are now designed. He’ll be even more thrilled that all of his wines taste even better. Now your boyfriend will want to plan out every occasion so he can make sure he lets a bottle of wine properly breathe before anyone arrives.

Personalized Bar Sign for a Man Cave or Home Bar

Custom Home Bar Sign for Brothers

Something to hang in the home is always a fantastic gift idea for the holidays. Your boyfriend probably still has posters from his high school and college days proudly and prominently displayed in his home. Now you can give a personalized brewery sign that’s not only a touch classier, but also looks awesome as well. When your guy unwraps this Christmas gift for boyfriend he’ll finally realize that maybe it is time to take down that Scarface poster at least put in a nice, wood frame.

Glencairn Scotch Glasses for the Whisky Connoisseur

Glencairn Whisky Glasses

Scotch aficionados are a detailed bunch. If your boy friend fits that mold then this set of Glencairn whisky glasses are a perfect gift for Christmas. Your boyfriend will be in awe at being able to gather even the slightest notes from any scotch blend. With a set of 4, he will revel in educating friends and family members to the art of scotch drinking. He’ll always be willing to hold impromptu education sessions with this gift, even after the Christmas season has been a distant memory.




Automatic Guitar Tuner Musicians Can’t Live Without

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner for Christmas

If your boyfriend is an avid guitar player then a Roadie tuner is a gadget that will make his life so much easier. This amazing Christmas gift will automatically tune his guitar for him. All he has to do is place it on each string to get the perfect tune on each string. He can even tune it in Drop D or whatever key your boyfriend prefers to play in. This incredible device works on electric, acoustic, steel, and even 12-string guitars. This is one of those boyfriend Christmas gifts in 2018 that completely changes how he plays guitar this year and into the next.

Striking Cobalt Cocktail Glasses

Cobalt Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail glasses are fantastic boyfriend Christmas gifts because they’re versatile, great for entertaining, and can be used to craft the perfect cocktail all year long. Once he unwraps these stunning cobalt cocktail glasses, he’ll want to make eggnog for everyone before it’s too late. Come fall he’ll be sure everyone has a Hot Toddy in these glasses, when spring rolls around it’s Mojito-season, and for summer he’ll branch out by crafting the perfect daiquiri. Your boyfriend will love imagining the endless possibilities with this monogrammed gift for the holidays.

One-of-A-Kind Christmas Gift Box

Flask & Knife Gift Box

Imagine the look on your boyfriend’s face when he unwraps this handsome, wood box and sees an incomparable design, personalized just for him, engraved on the top. He will love it. He’ll immediately start daydreaming about where to put it and what he can store inside. You’ll have to give him a little nudge to send him back to Earth so he can all the surprises that are inside. With a razor-sharp knife and brown leather flask inside it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Awesome Portable Phone Charger

Portable Device Charger

Some guys are always on the move. They don’t get time to stop and smell the roses… or charge their devices. A GoPuck is a simple portable battery that can charge any portable device your guy has wherever he may be located. It can even give most phones 3 full charges before needing to be plugged in. With this Christmas gift, your boyfriend won’t have any excuses to not let you know when he’s running late for the next holiday dinner. And he’ll be able to play all the mobile games, keep up with sports scores, or check his e-mail without worrying about killing his battery. This is a simple, but thoughtful Christmas gift.

Secret Agent Style Beercase

Secret Agent Briefcase for Boyfriends

This secret agent briefcase is an awesome gift for boyfriends during Christmas. Your boyfriends will be very confused why you gave them a regular, old briefcase, but they will put on air of gratitude. The real surprise comes when they finally open the briefcase to reveal the compartments to clever conceal and transport beer. You should go ahead and pack it with beers before he opens it so he gets the full experience. Your local liquor store will sell individual bottles so you can give him an exciting variety he’ll love to try during the holidays.

Personalized Grilling Set

Personalized Grilling Set

No matter what the weather dictates, a personalized BBQ set is definitely one of those awesome boyfriend Christmas gifts. Finally having the tools to take his grilling game to the next level will encourage your boyfriend to battle all the elements to make the perfect burger, hot dogs, rack of ribs, or whatever he likes to tackle on his grill. With all the tools packed in a custom boxed set, he can safely tuck this away whenever it’s not in use and break it out whenever it’s time to get the grill going during blizzards or heat waves. Have your freezer full of meat so your boyfriend can cook you up an impromptu Christmas dinner.

Perfectly Designed Whiskey Glass for Boyfriends

Benson Rocks Glass

Whiskey always strives to be better. Its glassware does the exact same. That’s why this Christmas you can surprise your boyfriend with the whiskey glass that’s ideal for all occasions. The Benson-style glass has a slender lip that leads to a wide base. It not only captures the distinct aroma of your whiskey, but its unique shape makes it awesome for the whiskey drinker that likes his whiskey neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer.  Your boyfriend will always remember when he got the Christmas gift that put all other whiskey glasses to shame.

Craft IPA Shampoo & Conditioner

Craft IPA Shampoo & Conditioner

The hair care industry has been branching out from floral scents and they’ve looked to the craft beer industry for inspiration. Duffy’s created a shampoo and conditioner made from an IPA that will make your boyfriend’s hair looking its best. This is one of those boyfriend Christmas gifts that makes a great stocking stuffer. With this manly scent, he’ll swear off all other shampoos. Plus, he’ll love that this will give him another excuse to have a showerbeer while listening to the song “Showerbeers” and it pairs well with his new IPA haircare products.

Custom Tomahawk Gift Set

Personalized Tomahawk Gift Set

If you really want to surprise your boyfriend with an awesome Christmas gift he won’t see coming then look no further than a tomahawk ammo can gift set. The tomahawk, by itself, is an incredible gift that will only remind him of how special you are to him. But when he gets his hands on a genuine, U.S. military ammo can, personalized just for him, his jaw will drop. He’ll throw all of his favorite things inside, but he’ll be equally excited to fill up the flask and take it with him whenever he needs a pull. The matching pint glass will become the only thing he drinks beer out of from here on out. This is an incredible boyfriend Christmas gift because it impacts so many things he already loves.

Pewter Beer Stein as a Christmas Gift for Military Boyfriends

Military Pewter Beer Stein

If your boyfriend serves in the military or is an officer of the law then this engraved beer stein was meant for them this holiday season. The pewter crest features a majestic eagle with its wings spread resting atop a shield. That shield comes personalized with two lines of your choice so your boyfriend will unwrap the perfect gift on Christmas. He’ll love finally having a traditional stein to enjoy his beer from, especially one with a pewter lid to keep his beer fresh. It’s the crest you customize that makes this a gift to remember for years.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Some guys love to tinker and create. If your boyfriend wants to expand his kitchen repertoire beyond microwaving hot pockets or boiling water then you should consider this molecular gastronomy kit. He’ll be able to turn simple dishes into visual masterpieces that are a treat for the eyes and the palate. Your boyfriend will spend hours in the kitchen turning a simple pasta dish into something that looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. With this Christmas gift, he will amaze friends and family alike with awesome, delicious creations.

Stainless-Steel Wine Glasses

Stainless-Steel Wine Glasses for Brothers

Innovations in wine are springing up all over the place. Perhaps the most impactful innovation are these stainless-steel wine glasses. That’s what makes these one of the best boyfriend Christmas gifts in 2018 if your guy loves his wine. These glasses will keep his white wine chilled for much longer than average. His reds will stay at room temperature and not be impacted by his hand warming the glass. The fact that they’re personalized just for him make them even better. He’ll never want to drink wine from a regular glass ever again.





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