21 Must-Have 25th Anniversary Gift

Check Out These Must-Have 25th Anniversary Gifts for Your Silver Anniversary:

25 years—that is quite a long time to spend with one person. To be together for so long, the two of you must have a special bond. Show them how lucky you feel being with the one you love with a must-have 25th anniversary gift! These are modern gifts that will make both halves of the couple feel special, loved, and may even enhance their lives a little bit. From classy gifts to ones more about relaxing, we have you covered with unique 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas! While traditional and classic gifts for this anniversary are silver, we’ve provided you with some alternatives. This way, you’re able to get them a gift you know for a 100% they will love! So, whether you’re shopping for your spouse or a couple you know intimately, get them these amazing 25th anniversary gifts for couples so both halves will love their anniversary gift!

Presenting the Classiest 25th Anniversary Gift

25th Anniversary Gift is a Presentation Set

Start your 25th wedding anniversary off right by celebrating with a toast! However, not just any toast will do, this is your anniversary here that you are talking about. Instead, make sure that it comes from this engraved presentation set! You and your partner will never have had such an amazing way to enjoy a bourbon or whiskey together than when you’ve come back from your date night and get to enjoy a nightcap from this set with your names and wedding anniversary personalized on each of the six pieces.

Keep Cooking Together

Custom Cutting Board for Couples

After a quarter of a century together, they likely know exactly what to make in the kitchen to make each other excited for a meal. However, this 25th anniversary gift is the perfect way to keep the excitement in the kitchen since it is a brand new personalized cutting board! With their name, initial, and anniversary date, you can be sure the next time they’re prepping veggies or a steak, they’ll be using this custom 25th anniversary gift!

A Box Full of Celebration Supplies

25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples Rocks Glass Box Set

Getting a gift for a couple who are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary? Make sure that you get something that is as memorable as all the years they’ve spent together. This personalized rocks glass box set makes a great gift, for any couple. Not only does it ensure they can have a toast on their big night, but it also is fittingly super-classy for their anniversary! From the engraving to the gorgeous black and gold box, this box set is simply perfect!

Matching Silver Bracelet 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Silver Anniversary Bracelet

Follow the traditional theme of the 25th anniversary with a gift that has silver on it. This small but sentimental silver bracelet is a great gift for both halves of the couple. Simple, engraved, and silver, it covers everything any couple could want. They can even wear them to the restaurant they decide to go to dinner at while celebrating their big day.

After 25 Years, it is Definitely Wine Time.

Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

25th anniversary gifts for couples need to be something special. They need to step outside the norm. A gift like this custom wine cellar sign, for example, is truly something they’ll love having in their home. Now, when they go to have a sip of their favorite drink, even if they don’t have a dugout wine cellar, this sign will make them feel like they’re enjoying wine at their favorite vineyards. Better still, unlink flowers or another gift, this sign will last for years!


A Creative Decanter Set for a 25th Anniversary Gift

Twist Decanter 25th Anniversary Gift

Get things classy on your quarter-century date night with a gift that will have your partner’s jaw on the ground as soon as they open it, this personalized twist decanter gift set! Fill it up ahead of time with their go-to year of Lagavulin whiskey to really get extra-points. This way, when the two of you are still dressed to the nines but have decided to stay in for the rest of the night, you can kick off your dancing shoes and instead clink glasses the rest of your anniversary out of this amazing gift set!

A Sophisticated Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter

Don’t just get them a good gift that helps them on their anniversary night. Get them one that lasts forever. This classy wine decanter is the most fantastic gift for a couple’s 25th anniversary. While it is great for the night of, it is also timeless which ensures that every couple can use it for countless occasions after. From events with family and friends to a stay-at-home date night, they’ll always be reaching for this classy French-style decanter.

Toast to 25 Years of Marriage

Personalized Champagne Set of 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Celebrating 25 years of marriage should be much easier than opening a bottle of champagne. In fact, it should be as easy as simply drinking it! Gift the couple you know who are celebrating 25 years together this personalized champagne gift box set to ensure that this quarter-century celebration feels as classy as their wedding two and a half decades ago!

Make Their Bed as Comfy as Possible with Luxury Sheets

Luxury Bed Sheet Set

Everyone loves getting new sheets, it’s almost like getting an entirely new bed and pillow set! Make their year by making their bed as comfy as possible. So go all out by getting them a luxury sheet set for their anniversary. After all, you sleep ⅓ of your life, so they may use this anniversary gift more than any other!

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Whether they’ve been wanting a home bar for years and don’t have the room or simply want to extend the availability of the bar they’ve made, this classy globe bar cart is a great gift! Now, they can take their drinks and mixes to whatever room the party is going on in. Plus, it looks fantastic when it isn’t in use thanks to the gorgeous vintage-style globe!

25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples – Modern Wine Tumblers

Initialed Copper Wine Tumbler Set of Anniversary Gifts

Update the glassware they got all those years ago at their wedding reception with this awesome initialed stemless wine tumbler set. Now, when they need a drink, they’ll always be reaching for this set. They won’t just like them because they look cool either. This set makes sure that their drinks stay ice-cold for hours! How cool is that (pun, totally intended)?

Celebrate the Memories

Shadow Box Set of 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

They’ve surely made thousands of memories over the years, but there will always be a few that standout more than others. To help make their new memories just as strong as the ones in the first 25 years of their memory, few gifts could be as fitting as this customized shadow box gift set! This is the ideal set of 25th anniversary gifts for couples because not only can they show and display their memories inside the box, but it also comes with champagne glasses. Perfect for congratulating each other for a great 25 years and to another happy 25 more!

Keep Them Fit

Fitbit Anniversary Gift for Couples

Keeping fit is almost everyone’s goal. Whether it is something they maintain daily or strive to get under control. Everyone wants to look and feel good. This is why a Fitbit for both halves of the couple are always safe 25th anniversary gifts for couples. This way, no matter how much of a fitness addict they are or if they’re just getting started, they can easily track all of their progress!

The Gift of an Organized Life

Watch Case Gift for Couples

The ultimate 25th anniversary gift for a couple has got to be one that makes their lives easier than the past two and a half decades. Instead of chocolates and flowers, help them get organized once and for all with a custom watch case and valet tray gift set. Now, when they get ready in the morning they can find their favorite watch or the set of earrings they planned on wearing since all of their accessories will be kept in the same spot!

Personalized Decanter Set of 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Glencairn Decanter 25th Anniversary Gift Set

Know a couple who are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary? Do they also have good taste? If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “Yes!” Then you must get them this classy, crystal Glencairn whiskey decanter set! This is the perfect way for them to celebrate their special night together. Instead of another simple toast, they can finally taste all the flavors from their go-to drink thanks to the shape of the glasses and decanter!


Classy, Custom Coasters

Custom Marble and Wood Coasters

You already gave them a ring 25 years ago, you don’t need to give them anymore on their furniture. So, this year, as you are searching for your anniversary gift, consider getting them these super classy engraved coasters! Made of marble and wood, these are not your run-of-the-mill coasters. You can be sure your spouse will use them for everything from their Sprite to their nightly glass of wine. These can even be paired with one of the wine or decanter sets above to create an ultimate anniversary gift!

Serve Them the Best 25th Anniversary Gift

Unique Breakfast Serving Tray

One gift that is always appreciated is breakfast in bed. It is a way to always surprise your spouse with a simple but incredibly meaningful gesture. However, when you serve them pancakes and OJ on this personalized serving tray, breakfast in bed will be so much more sentimental! Blow them away this year with this unique anniversary gift!

Unique Wine Glasses for Their Anniversary

Aerating Wine Glass Set of 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Is there a more traditional thing to do than enjoy a nice glass of wine together on your anniversary? Make sure that when you and your spouse clink glasses in celebration of 25 years that your drink is worthy for such an occasion! Thanks to these aerating glasses, every wine will most definitely taste up to snuff thanks to the glasses’ unique shape. The cool design not only makes the glasses unique but also aerates the wine by adding oxygen, which makes every sip so much tastier. How much cooler of an anniversary could you get?

Keep Them Peppy in the Morning with a Custom Coffee Sign

Custom Coffee Bar Sign

If there is one thing both of you enjoy together it is that first cup of coffee in the morning. While mugs may seem like great 25th anniversary gifts for couples, a custom sign is even better! Mugs may change, but this sign with your names and anniversary date is a great gift that the two of you can enjoy for thousands of cups of Joe together!

A New Set of Bags for Their Travels

Travel Luggage Silver Anniversary Gift

If it is their 25th anniversary and they have a history of taking trips, you simply can’t go wrong with a great-looking matched luggage gift set! Whether they’re traveling just a few hundred miles across the country or boarding a plane to cross the globe, they’ll love all the storage they have with this new luggage gift set.

Serving Up Sophisticated Gifts

Charcuterie Board Anniversary Gift

This far into their relationship, gifts should make them feel incredibly sophisticated. However, that isn’t to say they shouldn’t be useful too. Now, whenever they want to feel fancy, they can serve hors d’oeuvres on this personalized cheese board. Better still, if they have fancy cheeses or meats, they can write what they are on chalk since the board is slate, how cool is that?