23 Phenomenal First Father's Day Gifts

23 Phenomenal First Father’s Day Gift

UPDATED: Apr 6, 2021

He’s done it. This new dad has survived fatherhood long enough to make it his first Father’s Day. Even if he won’t admit it, there’s a part of him that’s incredibly excited. You want to make the first ever gift he gifts for Father’s Day be memorable and impactful. We have scoured the ends of the earth to find gifts that will let him relax, learn, or even stay in shape. After this Father’s Day, he’ll be looking forward to many more.

Savor this First Father’s Day

Whiskey Glass Box Set

New dad’s don’t get a lot of time to themselves. For their first Father’s Day gifts give them a chance to sit back and relax and savor a bit of the finer things with this personalized whiskey set. He’ll finally be able to revisit the liquor cabinet as he pours into his new liquor glasses. This set was designed to savor each sip. He’ll finally get a chance to have a moment to himself and reflect on his newfound fatherhood all while enjoying a sip of his liquor of choice.

Every New Dad Needs Coffee

Engraved Coffee Tumbler

Ever since the kid arrived, your guy has been in a constant state of motion. He’ll still be a human whirlwind even after he celebrates with his first Fathers Day gifts. Give him the fuel he needs to keep up with his son or daughter with an insulated tumbler engraved with a heartfelt message just for him. He can keep his favorite hot drink nice and warm and keep that caffeine flowing through his veins as he’s juggling work life and fatherhood.

Celebrate Fatherhood with Cigars

Cigar Gift Box to Cheer on a First Time Father's Day

He has to be more careful about where he smokes, but your new dad knows there’s no better way to celebrate fatherhood than with a cigar. Now with an expertly crafted cigar box, he can always have one in reach when he gets the chance to enjoy a cigar under the stars. It’s a nice break from having to change a diaper. He’ll even keep it fully stocked as his friends will come to him for fatherly advice now that he’s run the gauntlet.

Only Need One Free Hand to Open a Beer

Wall Bottle Opener Dad's Love

After he’s had a kid, your new dad’s hands are always full. He’s juggling a baby, a diaper bag, a clean pair of clothes. It just doesn’t end. That’s why he needs a customized wall mounted bottle opener for this Father’s Day. He just needs one free hand to pop up a cold one and still not shirk his parenting responsibilities. One of the tricks of new fatherhood is adapting to new challenges and with this gift, he’s found a solution for at least one of them.

Legendary Gift for A Legendary New Dad

Ammo Can with Whiskey Glasses

He can change a diaper with one hand. He always has a burp cloth at the ready. He has a bottle prepared before the baby even needs it. Your man is a legendary father and it hasn’t even been a full year. Reward his legendary performance with a first Father’s Day gift to remember. This legendary ammo can has everything he’ll need to enjoy a quiet night once he gets a chance to sneak away. He’ll even still be using it when he takes his son or daughter on their first camping trip.




First Father’s Day, Same Old Grillmaster

Personalized Cutting Board Makes Great First Time Father's Day Gifts

Having a nice meal at a five-star restaurant is put on hold for a minute when you’ve got a newborn in your life. That’s why he’ll be sure to return to the grill so he doesn’t miss out on any of his favorite foods. This cutting board is the perfect tool to prep everything he needs to before he cooks them over a searing flame. Plus, people are always wanting to meet the newest member of the family and this will give the perfect excuse to step out back and be the grillmaster.

Make Sure He’s Always Freshly Shaved

Harry's Shave Subscription Service

It’s easy enough to let small things slide, but your husband is starting to look like Grizzly Adams. He needs to get that beard under control but keeps forgetting to pick up shaving supplies. Thankfully, Harry’s can send everything he needs right to his front door every single month. He’ll get some high-end shave products to keep his beard in line so he can be sure to look sharp for all the family photos on his first Father’s Day. He won’t even want to go back to traditional methods once he gets addicted to what Harry’s has to offer.

Custom Stainless Steel Cocktail Glass

Stainless Steel Cocktail Glass New Dad's Love

Your guy is the king of mojitos in the summer. He has hot toddies flowing in the winter. And now that he’s celebrating Father’s Day for the very first time he’s mastered the functions of the bottle warmer. That doesn’t mean he’s stopped hearing the siren song of a great cocktail. Now you can give him that push to fulfill his mixologist dreams with this awesome stainless-steel cocktail glass. Not only does it look manly but it keeps drinks at the ideal temperature for hours on end.

Take His Beer Wherever It’s Needed

Insulated Growler for Dad's Craft Beer

Life as a new dad means he won’t be able to spend as much time sitting on his favorite bar stool at his local brewery, but that doesn’t mean he’s got to abandon his favorite brew completely. Get him a personalized double walled growler for his first Fathers Day gift ever. He’ll love being able to pop into the brewery on the way home from work and have his beer just as fresh and cold all weekend as it would be if he drank it from the bar stool.




Get Whiskey Chilled Faster

Whiskey Stones Perfect for a First Grandfather's Day

Want a gift for your dad that’s celebrating his first Grandfather’s day? Since he finally gets to double-down on this holiday, he deserves something as special and unique as him. These black onyx stones will elevate is whiskey in a way he’s never experienced. They’ll cool his drink much quicker than he even anticipated without diluting the flavor. With 8 onyx whiskey stones, both father and grandfather can toast to a job well done.

Bedside Caddy so Dad Can Be at the Ready

Bedside Caddy for Dad Supplies

He didn’t realize how much he had to keep track of when it came to fatherhood. It took him a while to realize he always needed to keep a fresh diaper handy no matter how shortly the kid had just been changed. Kikkerland’s bedside caddy is a great tool to add to his arsenal. Just because he’s in bed doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be at the ready. Not only can he make sure he has a new set of wipes handy, but he can store his remote or his phone in there whenever his brain’s running a little slow due to being a new parent. It’s practical and handy, basically everything a guy could want.

Let Dad’s Collection Warm His Heart

World's Best Dad Beercap Map

He’s spent a lot of time making sure his man cave is in immaculate shape over the years. He won’t get to spend as much down there as he used to being a new father, but when he gets a moment to spend in his old stomping grounds having a pleasant reminder of just how great how father he really has been is a fun tribute. He’ll love taking a beer cap from his favorite breweries and adding to his collection on this really cool beer cap map.

Block Monogram Classic Decanter Set

Memorable Decanter for a Memorable First Father's Day Gift

Now that he’s a father he’ll be sprint headfirst into adulthood. He still uses cups from college bars to drink his whiskey. You can put a stop to that with this cool first Father’s Day gift. He will love having a stylish decanter to store and display his liquor of choice. He’ll put it prominently in his home or office, carefully displaying each of the 4 rocks glasses around it. It doesn’t matter what kind of liquor he likes, this will make him even more excited that this is one of the many perks of fatherhood.

Make Fatherhood Relatable

Michael Lewis Fatherhood Book

Your guy’s not the best at communicating. He can’t help it. It’s just something that’s been ingrained him. But that is exactly why he will love the book Home Game by Michael Lewis. It’s a hilarious and relatable look inside fatherhood that will let him know he’s not alone. It will give him a preview of all the great things to come and show him the levity of any the most stressful moments when raising a kid. Pretty soon he’ll be recommending this book to every dad he knows.

Golfer’s Grill Set

Club Grill Set Golfing Father's Love

Okay, it’s a sunny day but the heats not beating down on him. It would be a perfect day to hit the links. But your guy is going to be a responsible dad. He’s got a cool new kid to hang out with. It doesn’t mean he can’t cook a great meal on the grill with a set of golf grilling tools this Father’s Day. He may not be able to play the back nine, but he’ll love making a mean porterhouse using his driver and a five iron.

New Fathers Need a Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein

He’s a dad now. He needs to start practicing giving toasts. He’s got a long road ahead of equally corny and heartwarming speeches. Give him a head start with the tool every guy needs for a great speech: a classic German beer stein. He will have so much drinking from something that’s never experienced. It’s the best way to drink a beer no matter what kind he prefers. He might even start practicing toasts for all the little things in life like when he successfully finds the remote control in between the couch cushions.

A Heart Warming Decoration for his Father’s Day

Leather Wrapped Canvas for Dads

Your man has always needed a little push when it comes to updating his décor. He still won’t let go of his framed Michael Jordan poster from his childhood bedroom. His first Father’s Day gift is an excellent reason to get him something that’s both sweet and stylish. This personalized gray canvas will look great anywhere in the home or office. He’ll always smile when he sees the pleasant reminder of what he has in his life now. This is even a great choice for grandfathers too.

Spend Time with the Kid & Get Healthy

Jogging Stroller

Even with a new kid, your guy values staying in shape. He wakes up every day to the theme song from Rocky. He treats his gym back like it’s a go bag. But it’s been harder to get to the gym with someone so small and demanding at home. Now you can remedy that with this jogging stroller from Thule. It’s a fantastic first Father’s Day gift that will let him spend time with his kid and also allow him to stay in shape. Your child will love to spend time outside being carted around and he’ll love getting a work out in without having to sacrifice anytime with the family.

Give Wine Time To Breathe While Performing Dad Duties

Monogrammed Wine Decanter & Glasses

He’s a dad now. It’s time for him to at least give the illusion that he knows what he’s doing. And he’ll be more than happy to expand his knowledge with wine. He can pour his favorite wine into his decanter and then get his son or daughter ready for bed with their return. By the time he’s done, he’ll have a perfectly decanted wine ready for him with two matching glasses that help aerate the delicate notes with each sip. What more could a new father want?

Play Games for His First Father’s Day

Personalized Cornhole Set with Bean Bags

Every guy loves to play games. Your man still claims he’s never lost a single game of Connect 4. Now he can take that competitive streak and bond with friends and family with this fun first Father’s Day gift idea. Personalized just for him, he’ll organize games of cornhole in the backyard and divide up the teams, take this tailgating when football season starts, and he’ll cheer on his kid when he shows them how to make their first successful toss. It’s as fun as fatherhood itself.

World’s Biggest Beer Mug for the World’s Best Dad

Colossal Beer Mug

It hasn’t even been a full year and you already know he’s the world’s best dad. Heck, he even makes sure to pack you suitable snacks when he’s getting food ready for the baby. He has this fatherhood thing down. That’s why getting him a beer mug that says just that is an awesome day. It’s made even better when he realizes the beer mug can hold an entire liter. He’ll empty beer bottle after bottle trying to fill the thing to the brim.

Comfy and Stylish Sweats for Father’s Day

Sweatpants Every Dad Needs for Father's Day

Your man’s sweatpants are still the same ones he had in college. It still has a massive stain from the infamous nacho spill on homecoming weekend. But he can’t be seen out of the house with those sweats. Get him a pair of sweatpants that’s comfy enough to lounge around the house in but also stylish enough to get anything done around town. This material is also resilient enough to where he can easily get rid of any of the stains that come along with being a new parent. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Personalized Poker Set

Poker Set with Cards, Dice, and Poker Chips

Fatherhood hasn’t caused him to lose any of his edge. It’s only made him sharper. He can solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the first letter is even turned over. He wants to get back into his poker game with his buddies and he wants to make a splash. That’s why he needs his own personalized poker set. He’ll love breaking this out at card games and coming home with a nice dinner for everyone and a shiny new pacifier for the baby.




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