23 Must-See Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

23 Must-See Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

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Your groomsmen are some of the closest people to you, and you’re honored to have them stand beside you on one of the most important days of your life. You want to thank them for doing so with a gift that’s personalized so they’ll really feel special. You might have questions, though, such as what kind of personalized present will they actually use and enjoy? What’s a gift that’ll help them remember being your groomsmen? What’ll make the bachelor party totally awesome? Personalized groomsmen gifts should be unique, engraved gifts that’ll help them celebrate you at the bachelor party or wedding! We tracked down the coolest custom groomsmen gifts that your guys will love.

No More Watered Down Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Stone and Glasses Set

Help your groomsmen kiss goodbye to watered-down whiskey with this whiskey stones box set! The engraved boxes can be tailored to each member of your wedding party, and your groomsmen will certainly appreciate having whiskey that stays chilled until the last drop without being diluted! They’ll savor the whiskey they enjoy at your bachelor party and then again at your wedding using these brilliant twisted glasses and stones.

Ammo Can Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Ammo Can Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

An awesome gift set that comes in a genuine U.S. military ammo can is certainly an incredible groomsmen gift idea. What takes this gift to the next level is that you can customize all three lines of text so each member of your wedding party gets something perfect just for them. You can put their name, inside jokes, or whatever you’d like across the three lines. Your groomsmen will use these to store tools, their favorite beer accessories, or anything else they want inside this handsome can.

You Get a Flask! And You Get a Flask!

Set of Five Custom Flasks for Groomsmen

Take care of your entire wedding party in one fell swoop with this set of custom groomsmen gifts. Coming as a set of 5, each of these aesthetically pleasing blackout flasks is customized just for your groomsmen. These flasks easily fit in their pockets, so your groomsmen can take it with them when they’re fishing, camping, or whenever it’s needed. They’ll also fit nicely inside the jacket pockets of the suits you make them wear at the wedding when they want to have a shot with you before the ceremony and do a toast to you at the reception.

Custom Cigar Crate Set

Cigar Crate of Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized groomsmen gifts that you use to ask them to be your groomsmen should knock their socks off! There’s no way they’ll be able to say no to this cigar crate gift box! They can use the crate to store cigars and even the awesome cigar accessories that make enjoying a stogie with you at your bachelor party easier than ever. Include a bottle of liquor so you can all take a shot before you head out for an epic evening at your bachelor party, too!

Cool Cigar Lovers Gift Set

Cigar Accessories Gift Set

An absolutely must-see groomsmen gift has something your groomsmen didn’t even know existed but would kill to own. This cigar gift set is one of the best personalized groomsmen gifts that they’ll love. When they need to put their cigar down somewhere, this handsome marble ashtray is the perfect place to put it. Being able to hold a cigar in the same glass they enjoy their whiskey in will let your groomsmen always be ready for high-fives or to throw an arm around you while you pose for photos. Talk about a set of badass cigar groomsmen gifts.


Most Convenient Luggage

Black Carry On Spinner

Whether it’s the bachelor party or the wedding, chances are, your groomsmen will have to do a least a little bit of traveling for your big day. Help them out with that by getting them a carry-on spinning suitcase! This will make traveling so much easier not having to lug around a heavy duffel bag. They’ll really appreciate you helping them out with such a useful groomsmen gift!

Watch Case Set of Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Watch Case Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Make your groomsmen feel like the classiest guys ever when you give them this custom watch case gift set! They’ll really appreciate having the watch case so they can keep their tie clip, cufflinks, and any other wedding accessories all in one place. Both the engraved glass and flask are perfect for when they’re chilling by the pool with their glass at your bachelor party or taking the flask out of their jacket pocket at the wedding, and they’ll appreciate being equipped to enjoy a sip of their favorite spirit.

Beer Mug and Bowtie Gift for Groomsmen

Beer Mug and Bowtie Set

The best custom groomsmen gifts are fun, will be used for years, and give them something needed for the wedding. This engraved beer mug set hits all the marks! Your groomsmen will love filling their mugs to the brim and doing a toast to you at your bachelor party or wedding. The bowties will ensure that your groomsmen look snazzy at your wedding even after indulging themselves with all the cool stuff you got them.

Fun, Competitive Gift They’ll Love

Poker Game Set

Give your friends the most fun groomsmen gift they’ve ever gotten! Your groomsmen will be thrilled to use their custom poker sets at your bachelor party to play round after round of poker and other card games like Rummy or Crazy Eights. They’ll also look forward to hosting game nights at their home with friends or family using this set to have the best time ever!

Quality Shave Kit So Your Groomsmen Look Sharp

Mister Shave Shaving Kit

Ursa has put the groom in groomsmen with their Mister Shave set. Your best friends will love having a luxury shave set. Lathering their face with a bar of soap and some water is something no man should have to experience this day in age. With this kit, your groomsmen will look dashing for your wedding, before any dates, job interviews, or whenever they need to look their best. It even includes a face balm so your guys face will feel smooth and stay hydrated long after shaving.

Keep ‘Em Caffeinated

Coffee Tumblers are Great Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Chances are, between the bachelor party, wedding showers, rehearsal dinner, and wedding, your groomsmen are bound to lose out on some sleep and be tired. That’s where these custom coffee tumblers come in! These are some of the best personalized groomsmen gifts because they can keep them pumped full of precious caffeine to ensure they’re always alert and ready to help you with whatever you need. They’ll think it’s awesome seeing the personalization on these tumblers and will really enjoy using them for years to come.


Personalized Groomsmen Gifts for a Nice Cold Drink

Whiskey Stones and Glasses Set

The best groomsmen gifts don’t have to be super complicated. In fact, you know your groomsmen well enough to know that a nice cold glass of their favorite drink more than satisfies them on any occasion! This whiskey stones and glass set is the perfect present to give your closest friends because not only will it let them fully enjoy a beverage or two at your bachelor party or wedding, but it acts as a terrific keepsake that they’ll use time and time again.

World’s Biggest Mug (Probably)

Huge Etched Beer Mug

There’s no doubt your groomsmen won’t be obsessed with this colossal beer mug! It’s one of the best custom groomsmen gifts because it’ll hold tons of their favorite beer so they don’t have to constantly be getting up to get refills! They’re perfect for enjoying some brews at your bachelor party, and they’ll make doing a toast to you the most awesome toast of all time!

Secret Storage Book for Groomsmen

Secret Compartment Book

Secret Storage Books are something that has long appeared in movies and television, and now they can appear in your groomsmen hands when you give them this original gift idea. Your groomsmen will love the idea of hiding a flask, money, or even some rare mementos inside this book. Secret Storage has everything available from Tom Wolfe, to Shakespeare, to textbooks. So, whatever you think your groomsmen will like the best you can customize them for each one. Of course, you want to blow their cover when you notice this book on their bookshelf.

Ammo Can Tool Set of Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Custom Ammo Can Set

If you’re really stumped and simply can’t think of a groomsmen gift idea, simply consider something you would love to receive. This ammo can tool set is at the top of your list, so consider getting it for your groomsmen! Any man will appreciate the manliness of the ammo can that can store fishing tackle, live rounds, or anything else they want to keep inside it. You can even go ahead and get one for yourself so all of you can have matching hatchets in your homes and cigar flasks to use for drinking and smoking at the bachelor party!

For the Classiest Groomsmen

Cigar Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Custom groomsmen gifts that make them feel classy just owning them? Yeah, those are awesome ideas! This etched cigar gift set is a phenomenal groomsmen present that they’ll be obsessed with using not only at the bachelor party or wedding but during any other celebration! Transporting cigars to the bachelor party will be so easy with the cigar case, which they’ll definitely appreciate. They’ll feel so sophisticated taking a cigar from the case and putting it in these cigar glasses, smoking a stogie and sipping on whiskey using just one hand.

For the Legendary Men

Whiskey and Hatchet Box Set

Show your groomsmen they’re the most legendary men you know with this manly whiskey gift set! It’s one of the best custom groomsmen gifts that they’ll cherish forever because of the special personalization makes them feel so confident with their name alongside qualities they aspire to! The glasses and stones are necessities at your bachelor party for chilled, ice-free drinks as everyone parties. They’ll even want to bring them to your wedding to use to celebrate during the reception! These glasses along with the manly hatchet will be incredible keepsakes that’ll always remind them of your special day.

Race a Lamborghini

Race a Lamborghini

When it comes to must-see groomsmen gifts, it’s hard to beat racing a Lamborghini around a racetrack. This gift works best if you gather all your groomsmen and don’t tell them where you’re headed. They’ll be confused pulling up to the racetrack, but they’ll be overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of this gift when they learn they get to do laps in a Lamborghini. You can even pick how many laps you want to really customize this gift for your wedding party. Be sure to have cameras at the ready, your groomsmen will want to post pictures of this gift to social media the first chance they get.

A BBQ Gift for Grilling

Engraved BBQ Tool Set

Give them the coolest set of tools they’ve ever gotten! This engraved set of bamboo bbq tools is one of the most fantastic personalized groomsmen gifts they will be obsessed with. They’ll love using them to grill some brats and burgers at your bachelor party, and they’ll also look forward to hosting a barbecue of their own sometime and using these awesome grilling tools. They’ll feel like masters of the grill with their very own, personalized tools!

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Beer Box Set of Custom Groomsmen Gifts

Custom groomsmen gifts that give them the perfect way to enjoy beer? Incredible! Each and every one of your groomsmen will be obsessed with this beer mug box set and feel so cool with their name and title being engraved onto the mug and the box. The handsome, hefty mugs are perfect for doing a toast to you at the wedding or bachelor party, and they’ll definitely remain their go-to mugs for enjoying beer for years to come.

Gift a Bottle in a Box

Liquor Bottle Box

You have no doubt that your groomsmen will love a bottle of their favorite liquor as a gift, but that’s not nearly personal enough for you. That’s why an engraved wooden liquor bottle box is one of the best custom groomsmen gifts! Presenting them a bottle of Jose Cuervo or Crown Royal inside their own personalized box will make their entire year. Plus, this gift can easily become a special keepsake to store mementos from your wedding inside the box long after the bottle is gone.

The Man Can Groom Kit

The Man Can

Your groomsmen might get a little nervous that you’re asking them to paint when you hand them this paint can. But the Man Can is one of the best personalized groomsmen gifts that shows much you know them. Inside they’ll find manly scented soap, Bay Rum beard oil, Spicy shave gel, hand butter, and even a scratching tool for those hard to reach places. The manliest scents have the manliest presentations. Even after everything has long been used, your groomsmen will use the paint care to store various knick-knacks. They could even use it as an ice bucket in a pinch. This is a versatile gift that will have your groomsmen smiling from ear to ear.

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts for Requesting Their Service

Glass and Flask Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Requesting their service as a groomsmen will be incredibly easy with this flask and glass gift box! They’ll be so excited to use both the glass and flask at your bachelor party and wedding to have a drink with you to celebrate this momentous occasion in your life. You can even include a small bottle of their favorite liquor to really get the bachelor party going! Every part of this set will be a wonderful memento from your wedding that they’ll use to look back on it.


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