23 Must See Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

23 Must-See Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Some groomsmen gifts are as forgettable as the holiday cards you receive in the mail from distant cousins. You want to make your groomsmen gifts must-see just like your wedding. In order for your groomsmen gifts to be must-see they should be personalized, memorable, and want to be used constantly. They should stand out just like a couple at their wedding. It’s normal to have some questions. Are there groomsmen gifts that are also great for my best man? Are there gifts we can use at the bachelor party? What will make my gift for groomsmen memorable? We’ve found 23 groomsmen gift ideas that will remind your groomsmen why you’ve been such good friends through the years.

Custom Whiskey Stones Set

Whiskey Stones Set for Groomsmen

If you’re wanting personalized groomsmen gifts that show them you’re true bros then this whiskey stones set is a great choice. The box can be tailored for each member of your wedding party. Your groomsmen will celebrate the fact that they no longer have to have watered down whiskey when they see the stones. The engraved double shot glasses are ideal for savoring each drop of whiskey. Your groomsmen will welcome a gift that makes their whiskey even better and swear you’re a genius for getting them this gift.

Five Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

Take care of your entire wedding party with these custom groomsmen gifts. Coming as a set of 5, each of these Blackout style flasks can be engraved with their name, date, and the role they play in the wedding. These flasks easily fit in most pockets, so your groomsmen can take it with them when they’re fishing, camping, or whenever it’s needed. They’ll also fit nicely inside the jacket pockets of the suits you make them wear at the wedding in case they need to sneak away for a minute.

Quality-Made Glass Beer Pitcher

Classic Groomsman Beer Pitcher

Your and your friend have sat around countless bar tables with a handful of pitchers between you. Now your groomsmen can experience this in the comfort of their own home with a custom beer pitcher. Your groomsmen will love how enticing their favorite beer looks in their own pitcher. They’ll use it on game days, when they BBQ, or whenever a full-sized pitcher of beer is needed. With the Classic Groomsman design you can even have them made for your ushers so no one is left out.

Engraved Bullet Bottle Openers for Groomsmen

50-Caliber Bullet Bottle Openers

Must-see personalized groomsmen gifts should be as must-see as your wedding itself. You’ve planned your wedding to be a unique experience and for your close friends to share the moment with you. What you get your groomsmen shouldn’t be any different. Engraved 50-caliber bullet bottle openers are stunning gifts. Not only will your groomsmen never struggle to open a bottle again, they will actively seek out other bottles to open just so they can use this gift. With their name engraved on one side, they’ll be showing this off to anyone that even has a mild interest. You can even find more unique groomsmen gift ideas with this list.

Decanter Sets Are Awesome Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Boxed Decanter Set

There a few groomsmen gifts that equal a complete decanter set. You’re stepping the next step in life by saying, “I do.” Let your groomsmen take the next step in alcohol with this set. The guys of your wedding party, especially your best man, will appreciate no longer having to store their premium liquor in the bottle. With an etched box, matching decanter, and rocks glasses all eyes are drawn to this gift. They can even use the box to store ties, watches, or mementos they want to hold on like the invitation to your wedding. Upgrade their lives while you’re upgrading your own.




Curated Whiskey Subscription

Flaviar Whiskey Subscription Service

A must-see groomsmen gift is one that will arrive on their doorstep every month. Flaviar scours the world for distinct, exclusive liquor. Each month your groomsmen will get samples personalized just for them with a theme. This is more than a subscription box for your groomsmen. They’ll also get access to special taste events around the country. Hopefully, they get a plus one so they can invite you to go with them. Each month they’ll be thrilled to sample these spirits straight or experiment with a cocktail designed just for them. This is a groomsmen gift that just keeps on giving.

Personalized Ammo Can for Groomsman

50 Caliber Ammo Can

A genuine U.S. military ammo can is certainly one of those incredible custom groomsmen gifts. What takes this gift to the next level is that you can customize all three lines so each member of your wedding party gets something perfect just for them. You can put their name, inside jokes, or whatever you’d like across the three lines. Your groomsmen will use these to store liquor bottles, tools, they could even forego their messenger bag and try and start a cool new trend with this gift.

Creative Pint Glass Gift

Pint Glass & Cigar Set

Consider one of those personalized groomsmen gifts that are practical and celebrate their love of beer and cigars. Each of your groomsmen will love they finally have a real pint glass to drink out of. The days of fishing out a plastic cup from the dishwasher will be gone. This set even includes a sleek cigar cutter so your best friends have the tools needed to enjoy a cigar when the occasion arises. They’ll no longer have to consider if a pair of scissors is a good substitute for a cigar cutter. Throw in a couple cigars to really take this gift to the next level.

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Stones

Monogrammed Diamond Whiskey Stones

A must-see groomsmen gift is something that takes a conventional idea and improves upon it in ways your friends never would have expected. These diamond whiskey stones are the ideal example of that. Not only do they chill your groomsman’s drink of choice and leave the original taste intact, but they also cover more surface area allowing for a more rapid distribution and quicker cooling of the whiskey stones. Engraved with the initials of your choice, your groomsmen will always remember the day they received this gift.

Quality Shave Kit So Your Groomsmen Look Sharp

Mister Shave Shaving Kit

Ursa has put the groom in groomsmen with their Mister Shave set. Your groomsmen will love having a luxury shave set. Lathering your face with a bar of soap and some water is something no man should have to experience this day in age. With this kit, your groomsmen will look dashing for your wedding, before any dates, job interviews, or whenever they need to look their best. It even includes a face balm so your guys face will feel smooth and stay hydrated long after shaving.

Personalized Home Bar Sign

Custom Man Cave Sign

A fantastic idea for personalized groomsmen gifts is a sign that you design with them in mind. This signature series sign is perfect for your groomsmen that have a man cave, home bar, or one day aspire to have such a sanctuary in their home. The guys in your wedding party will dig this classic design. It will make their room seem complete, fun, and memorable. The only downside is the trouble they’ll have trying to find the perfect spot for it in their home.




Clever Personalized Groomsmen Boxed Set

Double Shot Glass Personalized Gift Box

The finest custom groomsmen gifts available are the ones that will make your groomsmen take a step back when they open it. Your wedding party will already love that they have a handsome wood box personalized just for them to store whatever they want, but the real treat comes when they open the box and see a razor-sharp lockback knife and double-shot glass waiting for them. This gift is great if you’re about to head on your camping trip bachelor party. Have a bottle of liquor so you can all take a shot before you head out for an epic evening.

Secret Storage Book for Groomsmen

Hollowed Out Book

Secret Storage Books are something that has long appeared in movies and television, and now they can appear in your groomsmen hands when you give them this original gift idea. Your groomsmen will love the idea of hiding a flask, money, or even some rare mementos inside this book. Secret Storage has everything available from Tom Wolfe, to Shakespeare, to textbooks. So, whatever you think your groomsmen will like the best you can customize them for each one. Of course, you want to blow their cover when you notice this book on their bookshelf.

Custom Groomsmen Glass Growlers

Amber Growlers, Set of 5

Growlers were popular during prohibition and they’ve made a resurgence during the craft beer boom. Each of your groomsmen swears by a certain craft beer. Now you can get them a custom groomsmen gift that will serve them well long after the wedding is over. Having a growler engraved with your name is already a cool gift, but when your groomsmen realize they can take it to their local brewery and get it refilled to their heart’s content, they’ll want to give you a massive bear hug for thinking outside the box when it comes to this gift. Now they’ll be able to go anywhere they want with their favorite beer in tow.

Monogrammed Decanter Set

Decanter and Rocks Glasses

When shopping for personalized groomsmen gifts think of something special that you’d love to have on your wedding registry. A monogrammed decanter set with matching rocks glasses certainly belongs on there. You can get your groomsmen something you know any man would appreciate. Your groomsmen will never even know liquor could look so good when poured from a stylish decanter. Enjoying it from a custom rocks glass only accentuates the flavor and is ideal if your groomsmen like their drinks neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. Don’t be surprised when you visit each of their homes and see this gift as a centerpiece.

Cigar Lovers Gift Set

Cigar Accessories Gift Set

An absolutely must-see groomsmen gift has something your groomsmen didn’t even know existed but would kill to own. A whiskey cigar glass is amazing to hand to your groomsmen. Being able to hold a cigar in the same glass they enjoy their whiskey in will let your groomsmen always be ready for high-fives or to throw an arm around you while you pose for photos. It will become your groomsman go-to glass for poker nights, game days, or whenever he wants a cigar. What makes this gift even cooler is the Zippo-style lighter and matching monogrammed marble ashtray. With the ashtray, your groomsmen can enjoy their gift inside or outside the home.

Race a Lamborghini

Test Drive A Lambo

When it comes to must-see groomsmen gifts it’s hard to beat racing a Lamborghini around a racetrack. This gift works best if you gather all your groomsmen and don’t tell them where you’re headed. They’ll be confused pulling up to the racetrack, but they’ll be overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of this gift when they learn they get to do laps in a Lamborghini. You can even pick how many laps you want to really customize this gift for your wedding party. Be sure to have cameras at the ready, your groomsmen will want to post pictures of this gift to social media the first chance they get.

Giant Engraved Flask Groomsmen Will Love

Sasquatch Flask

Sometimes 6 ounces isn’t going to do the trick. Your groomsmen are no stranger to that feeling. That’s why this Sasquatch flask is one of those ridiculously fun custom groomsmen gifts. This flask can hold 128 ounces of liquor once. You can even personalize multiple lines to show your groomsmen men how much you care. This flask guarantees your groomsmen will be a hit if they’re tailgating, going to music festivals, or just want to have memorable nights with friends. Of course, they’ll need 4 liters to feel this thing up, but that’s something they’ll actually look forward to doing each time.

Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set

Shot Glass Set for Groomsmen

There are few better things on this planet than sharing a shot with close friends. Okay, you’re getting married. That’s definitely one. Putting that aside, you can still share a shot for the big occasion with this gift for groomsmen. This gift has a cool, black flask and 4 stainless-steel shot glasses inside a wood box to hold them whenever they’re not in use. Your wedding party will love having the excuse to toast in your honor again and again with this flask set. Thankfully you can engrave the date of the ceremony on the flask so no one forgets where they need to be. If you’re looking for even more groomsmen box sets this list has what you need.

Classic Groomsman Beer Mugs & Bowties Gift

Beer Mugs Gift Set

The best groomsmen gifts are fun, personalized, will be used for years, and give them something needed for the wedding. This engraved beer mug set hits all the marks. This set of 5 can be personalized individually for each member of your wedding party. Your groomsmen will love they can bring the joy of a full mug of beer into their own home. The lockback knife can fit in almost any pocket and is great to have in a pinch. The 50-caliber bullet bottle opener is a showstopper by itself, ensuring their beer mugs are never empty. This gift even includes 5 bowties so you can make sure your groomsmen look snazzy on your wedding and for any black-tie event even after indulging themselves with all the cool stuff you got them.

Unique Wine Glasses

Stainless Steel Groomsmen Wine Glasses

Some of your groomsmen definitely have an appreciation for wine. Now you can show your appreciation for them with these personalized groomsmen gifts: stainless steel wine glasses. Not only do they look manlier than a traditional wine glass, but they’re much better at keeping a wine at its desired temperature than a standard glass. Your groomsmen have never experienced a wine glass like these before and they’ll never want to go back to a traditional wine glass. Besides, what’s a wedding toast without wine? You can give them another excuse to honor your pending nuptials and upgrade their glassware.

The Man Can Groom Kit

Man Can

Your groomsmen might get a little nervous that you’re asking them to paint when you hand them this paint can. But the Man Can is a personalized groomsmen gift that shows much you know them. Inside they’ll find manly scented soap, Bay Rum beard oil, Spicy shave gel, hand butter, and even a scratching tool for those hard to reach places. The manliest scents have the manliest presentations. Even after everything has long been used, your groomsmen will use the paint care to store various knick-knacks. They could even use it as an ice bucket in a pinch. This is a versatile gift that will have your groomsmen smiling from ear to ear.

Personalized Beer Tap Handles

Keg Tap Handles for Groomsmen

Every guy wants to pull their own customized beer tap handle. Your groomsmen are no exception. Our stamp tap handles are the perfect personalized groomsmen gifts for any groomsmen that have a home bar, man cave, kegerator, or loves DIY brewing. Opening a tap handle made just for you will make your groomsmen feel like an expert brewer or bar owner. This gift is clever enough that they’ll never expect, but still be impressed with how well you know them after all these years.




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