19 Incredible Gifts for Firefighters

Gifts for Firefighters Are the Best Way to Show Your Appreciation to These Heroes!

Whether it’s rescuing a scared cat from a tree or carrying a baby out of a burning house, firefighters are incredibly brave people. How do you find the right gift for someone who runs into dangerous situations every day to save someone without a second thought? You need a gift that will not only show your appreciation for his/her job but also how much you care. Firefighter gifts should be items that aid relaxation after a long day, something they can utilize at work, personalized gifts, and themed memorabilia that have the Fire & Rescue emblem or the Maltese Cross. You might be wondering: What kind of gifts do firefighters really want? Are there tools that will be useful in their dangerous job? How can I show my appreciation for a firefighter with a gift? Don’t worry, these incredible gifts for firefighters have everything you need and more to find you the perfect firefighter gift for any occasion.

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Gifts for Firefighters – Promotion Gift

Custom Decanter Set of Firefighter Gifts

Does the firefighter in your life enjoy a glass of bourbon after work? Then he’ll love this beautifully personalized whiskey decanter set. Encased in a handsome wooden box are a decanter and 4 whiskey glasses, all engraved with the Maltese Cross along with the name and precinct number of your choosing. This set is a gorgeous gift for newly promoted firemen, recently retired firemen, or as a thoughtful appreciation gift set. He’ll love having this beautiful new addition to his bar and sharing a glass of scotch with his friends after a long day at the station.

Elegant Piece of Decor for the Home

Firefighter Axe Sign

One of the best gifts for firefighters is something you wouldn’t expect: a piece of decor! The fireman or firewoman you’re giving this incredible personalized sign to will be in awe of how cool it is. This sign adds a nice pop of color to any room in the home, but it would also look great at the fire station. You can customize the two lines of text in the center with just about anything to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art that no one else will have. The cool axes on the sign immediately draw the eye, and your firefighter will love the “First in, Last out” part. Everything about this awesome custom wooden sign makes it a great gift idea to celebrate any occasion whether it’s a promotion or a firefighter getting special recognition for saving someone.

Custom Coffee Tumbler

Custom Coffee Tumbler is a Personalized Firefighter Gift

Whether it is 12am or 10am, the firefighters you know are going to need a cup of Joe. They’re always ready to be on the go but sometimes, a little extra kick of caffeine is just what they need to make it through their shit. Keep them feeling proud and caffeinated with a custom coffee tumbler that is not just portable but insulated too. These personalized firefighter gifts will keep their coffee hot even if they have to go answer a call. By the time they get back their coffee will still be steamy and ready!

Engraved Whiskey Glasses are a Unique Firefighter Gift

Custom Firefighter Gifts are Whiskey Glasses

Looking for a unique firefighter gift? These custom engraved whiskey glasses are a handsome new set of drinkware for your fireman’s home bar. These glasses are personalized with your firefighter’s name and precinct number inside a traditional fire & rescue emblem. Firefighters that enjoy sharing whiskey with their friends after a long day at the station would especially love these glasses as a gift. Even firefighters who don’t drink will love these handsome glasses that can be used for any beverage and make an attractive addition to their glassware. Pair these beautiful glasses with a bottle of scotch and you’ve got a really great gift to give the firefighter in your life.

Cool Sign for The Home or Station

Thin Red Line Firefighter Axe Sign

Firefighters are bold and brave men and women who risk their lives every day. They rely on their trusty axes to help them rescue people and animals from various dangerous situations. You’ve probably seen the popular police design of the Thin Blue Line and its firefighter counterpart, The Thin Red Line. This cool sign is a unique twist on the latter with the axe in place of the line. This awesome and patriotic piece of decor is one of the most perfect gifts for firefighters whether they’re retiring, transferring, or being promoted. You can even customize the two lines of text below the axe to make a one-of-a-kind tribute to the incredible firefighter in your life that he or she will proudly display forever.

Personalized Decanter Set of Firefighter Gifts

Decanter Set of Gifts for Firefighters

Reward them for their latest heroic feat or congratulate them on that big promotion with this luxurious firefighter decanter gift set. This is the ideal way for them to celebrate something huge in life with their friends, family, or fellow firefighters. Engraved with the unmistakable fireman’s logo, few gifts for a fireman can be quite as useful and touching as this decanter set!

Proud Personalized Firefighter Gift

Personalized Firefighter Gifts Bar Sign

All firefighters should be so proud of themselves and the hard work they put in while serving their community. A great way for them to show off that pride is with this awesome firefighter sign! Everyone who sees it will know that they’re in the presence of a hero, and the firefighter in your life will swell with pride. This sign will look absolutely incredible hanging in their home bar, man cave, or anywhere else in their home!


A New Tool for Work

Custom Made Hatchet

Firefighters use axes frequently in their rescues whether it’s getting through a burning building to a trapped child or freeing a family from a storm cellar after a fallen tree has blocked the door. Axes are certainly a useful tool in their profession, but what about a hatchet? Miniature in size, these handy little axes can be great backups if their full-sized axes break or for smaller rescue operations. Plus, you can have the beautiful blade engraved with just about anything you want! He or she will love that you gave them a personalized hatchet that will help them at their job. Talk about awesome personalized firefighter gifts, right!

Cool Firefighter Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Stein Gift for Firefighters

A personalized item is always a great idea for gift-giving occasions. This personalized mug is a cool gift for firefighters who love a classic mug of beer after a hot day on the job. Engraved with a Maltese Cross and customized with your firefighter’s name and a year, this beer mug is a great personal gift for firefighters everywhere. This is another gift that is ideal for firefighter birthdays, promotions, appreciation, and retirement. 


For the Firefighter Who Loves Grilling

Custom Bamboo BBQ Tools for Firefighters

Firefighters love grilling as much as anyone, and they are especially deserving of these awesome personalized bamboo grilling tools! They will certainly appreciate the upgrade to their old BBQ tools, and they’ll be impressed by how lightweight and heat-resistant these unique tools are. Their favorite part, however, might be the convenient carrying case so that they can bring their trusty new tools with them to work or the lake with their family on the weekends. Thanks to your unique gifts for firefighters, they can grill plenty of burgers and brats for the whole fire station and their family with ease!

Patriotic Firefighter Gifts

Personalized Cornhole Set of Gifts for Firefighters

Every firefighter in the US is an American hero that deserves recognition, and one of the best ways to do that is with these fun gifts for firefighters! They will love playing a classic game of cornhole with their friends, family, and coworkers the next time they host a party at their house. Or, they could keep the game set at the fire station so that everyone can join the fun on their breaks or after their shift is over.

The Coolest Personalized Firefighter Gifts

Ammo Can Whiskey Gifts for Firefighters

Every firefighter deserves a gift as awesome and cool as they are, and you won’t find personalized firefighter gifts more impressive than this ammo can gift set! From the badass ammo can to the personalized whiskey glasses, each piece in this set is absolutely awesome and your firefighter will certainly feel like a legend as they enjoy a glass of whiskey and a stogie using their new gifts. They can even use the ammo can to keep their work gear, keepsakes, or tools in at the fire station!

Above Average Gifts for Firefighters

Whiskey Decanter Box Set of Gifts for Firefighters

Firemen and firewomen deserve to be recognized for their dangerous and brave profession. Show the firefighter in your life just how proud you are of them with this amazing decanter set! Definitely one of the best gifts for firefighters you can give for any occasion, this decanter set is fully personalized and is built to last. In fact, it can be passed down to their loved ones someday because it’s an amazing testament to the firefighter’s tough job and their service to the community. When they’re not using the set to share drinks with their fellow firefighters after a long day, this set will be proudly on display in their home.

Cool Personalized Firefighter Gifts

Engraved Beer Gifts for Firefighters

There’s nothing like coming home from fighting fires to a cold glass of beer! This fantastic set of personalized firefighter gifts is great for cooling down with their favorite brew. The large, hefty mug holds plenty of beer and is perfect for gulping down ales and lagers. In fact, once they try their favorite beer in this mug, they’ll never want to drink it any other way from now on! Best of all, the personalized wooden gift box can store the mug in between uses for safekeeping, or it can store all of their mementos and keepsakes!

Personalized Decanter

Custom Liquor Decanter

A whiskey decanter is not just a gorgeous way for a firefighter to display liquor, but it also keeps his liquor fresher than a regular bottle. Personalized decanters are great promotion or retirement gifts, and this custom decanter is one of the best personalized firefighter gifts. Engraved with a Maltese Cross along with a name and year or precinct number of your choosing, the new lieutenant or captain will love this handsome promotion gift to display on their desk or at home. Retired firefighters will enjoy this attractive decanter to proudly show off their finest scotch or cognac while also displaying their honorable time as a fireman.

Ultimate Gift for Firefighters

Personalized Whiskey Gifts for Firefighters with Hatchet

You want to honor the firefighter in your life with a special gift whether he or she is retiring after many years serving the community or is being promoted for being an incredible firefighter. Congratulations, your shopping is over because you’ve found the best personalized firefighter gift! This amazing gift set has it all: an engraved hatchet, beautifully personalized rocks glasses, and a box set of whiskey stones with additional accessories. He or she will love coming home to enjoy a nice glass of scotch on the rocks with you after a long day at work. The hatchet is great for using at work, trimming trees in the yard, or to show the kids how to build a fire on a camping trip. Everything about this set makes it one of the best gifts for any firefighter in your life no matter the occasion or just because.

Essential Beer Lover Gift Set

Engraved Beer Growler and Matching Pint Glasses

Stressing about what to get the fireman in your life? Think about the things he likes. Does he enjoy drinking beer? Does he brew his own beer? What about craft beer? If you answered “yes” to any of those, you can relax now. This three piece beer gift set is one of the most perfect gifts for firefighters who love beer whether they have a favorite local brewery or brew their own beer. The cool amber glass beer growler is great for bringing home plenty of a seasonal brew to enjoy or to store a batch of his own creation. The two pint glasses are ideal for the two of you share a couple of cold ones together while he tells you all about his day at work where he rescued a kitten from a power line pole or an entire family from a house fire in the middle of the night.

Thin Red Line Sign

Custom Thin Red Line American Flag Wooden Sign

Firefighters are brave, patriotic, and hard-working men and women. When shopping for the perfect gift for the firefighter in your life, you should try to find something that pays tribute to these important qualities. Their job is tough, after all, and you want to show your appreciation. One of the best gifts for firefighters is this Thin Red Line sign. Custom made with two lines of text, this awesome sign is a must-have for any firefighter’s home. He or she will proudly display this patriotic sign for all to see as soon as it gets unwrapped!

The Most Impressive Decanter for a Firefighter’s Home

Personalized Firefighter Gifts Globe Decanter

Firefighters are some of the bravest people on the planet. Remind the firefighter in your life how proud you are of their consistent bravery with this globe decanter! They’ll be so impressed with the novelty of this special decanter, especially when they notice the crystal firefighter emblem on the inside. They’ll love filling this stunning decanter with their favorite spirit and displaying it in their home!