21 Wildly Creative Groomsmen Gifts

21 Wildly Creative Groomsmen Gifts

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

Give the Most Creative Groomsmen Gifts to Your Groomsmen with These Epic Ideas:

Your wedding is quickly approaching. You’ve requested the time off work, booked your honeymoon, and made sure you’re on the good side of the bride’s father. You think you’ve got all the boxes checked, but someone reminds you that you need to get gifts for your groomsmen. You wonder will any old thing to do? Does it need to be wildly creative groomsmen gifts? How many groomsmen are too many groomsmen? Do you need personalized groomsmen gifts? Thankfully, we’re here to make all of those questions painless for you. Except for that last one. You’ll need to talk to the fiancée about that one.

1. The Ultimate Groomsman Gift

Creative Groomsmen Gifts Beer Ammo Can Set

Whether you give this incredible beer ammo can set to your best man, each of your groomsmen, or even the father of the bride, anyone who receives such an awesome gift will be speechless! From the custom glasses to the badass bottle opener made from an actual bullet, everything in this gift set is downright awesome. Your groomsmen will never forget a gift like this one whether they’re having a brewski with you using their pint glasses or on a hunting trip with the guys and using their ammo can!

2. Practical and Creative Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Grilling Tool Set Creative Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Looking for unique groomsmen gifts they’ll actually use? These custom grilling tools are the perfect gifts for everyone in the wedding party! These essential grilling tools are sure to see a lot of use from backyard BBQs with the whole family to cookouts with their friends. Plus, your groomsmen can even take these tools with them to the park, your house, or on a road trip so that they’re always prepared to grill up tasty ribs and burgers for everyone wherever they go.

3. An Axe Crafted for Groomsmen

Personalized Hatchets are Unique Groomsmen Gifts

If you’re getting married on a scenic farm a personalized axe is certainly an unforgettable groomsmen gift idea. No one is going to argue that. But what if your wedding has a more suburban or urban local? That doesn’t matter. Imagine how cool your groomsmen will feel pulling a hatchet from their tailored suits. It would feel like an opening to a Quentin Tarantino movie if he decided to make a romantic-comedy.

4. Legendary Creative Groomsmen Gifts

Custom Whiskey Box Set Creative Groomsmen Gifts

Is this whiskey box set one of the coolest gifts for groomsmen or what? By far one of the most creative ideas for groomsmen gifts, this incredible set will make your best man or any of your groomsmen feel like legends. They’ll love that you got them something so awesome that they can use at the reception to toast to your wedding day in style and as their new favorite glass from now on. Plus, they’ll look awesome for your wedding pictures!


5. Batman Tie – For the Comic Book Loving Groomsmen

Batman Ties for Groomsmen

A Batman tie is one of those awesome, creative ideas for groomsmen gifts. Ask any guy. They all want to be Batman. Well, except for your responsible friend Richard. He wants to be Superman. While he’s making sure everyone makes it to the wedding on time, you and the rest of your groomsmen can look super-sharp with these pinstriped Batman ties even if the wedding takes place in Gotham City.

6. Classy Engraved Whiskey Gift Box Set

Classy Engraved Whiskey Gift Box Set

Some groomsmen prefer the finer things in life. If you’re wanting a unique groomsmen gift that will upgrade your groomsmen life this whiskey gift set is perfect. Two whiskey glasses, 9 whiskey stones, tongs, and a custom box will make your groomsmen even more grateful for your lifelong friendship as they’ve tasted whiskey like they never have before. Your groomsmen will appreciate that you got them a really groomsmen gift box to show your appreciation for being your friend and for sharing in the most important day of your life.

7. Personalized Wooden Bottle Openers

Personalized Wooden Bottle Openers Creative Groomsmen Gifts

Okay, at one point or another you and your groomsmen have gotten desperate enough to try and open a beer without a bottle opener that you tried smashing it against a hard surface. You quickly found that wasn’t an effective substitute for a bottle opener. Luckily, these personalized bottle openers are so spiffy that your groomsmen won’t ever want to be without them. They’ll never again know the pain of non-twist caps.

8. All the Vices Ammo Can – One-of-a-Kind Creative Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

All the Vices Ammo Can – One-of-a-Kind Creative Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Your groomsmen will never expect you’re about to ask them to be a part of your wedding party when you show up with a genuine, US military ammo can. They’ll be even more shocked when they open it and see all the accessories they’ll need to enjoy their favorite things in life. Pair it with a cigar of a bottle of liquor so you can toast to your pending nuptials.

9. Cool Custom Groomsmen Sign

Cool Custom Groomsmen Sign

Not all creative groomsmen gifts are the same. These custom signs are the perfect way for you and your fellow groomsmen to enjoy your night out of celebrating! With cigars in hand all night on your bachelor party, these signs will become one of the coolest ways to remember a great night with the boys! These unique gifts are customized for each guy in your party, making them a fantastic gift for them to admire in their home even after you are married!

10. Unique Engraved Whiskey Cigar Glass Holder

Unique Engraved Whiskey Cigar Glass Holder

We’re sure you lingered on the picture above for a minute. Yes, that is a whiskey glass designed to perfectly hold a cigar all in one hand. The guys in your wedding party will marvel at these and use them the first chance they get, forever upgrading how they enjoy cigars and booze. Pair it with some cigars as an excuse to show them how exactly to use the glass.

11. Be Your Own Brewery – For the Crafty Groomsmen

Be Your Own Brewery - For the Crafty Groomsmen

Brooklyn Brew Shop crafts a wide variety of DIY brew kits. Their wildly popular Punk IPA is destined to be a hit with your groomsmen. They’ll feel a special kind of enjoyment you get from brewing your own beer. They might even share a glass with you on your special day.

12. Maverick Groomsmen Gift Box

Creative Groomsmen Gifts Box Sets

These gift boxes have everything needed to be considered creative ideas groomsmen gifts. What other gift comes with an engraved rocks glass, a bowtie, and a custom card asking them to be your groomsmen? They’ll be sure to put this box on display in their home while the rocks glass becomes their go-to glass for booze.

13. Badass Groomsmen Gift Set

Creative Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Your groomsmen have their tuxes so that they look awesome, but you can make sure that they feel awesome on your wedding day with a badass gift like this bullet whiskey stone set! With their own custom whiskey glass in hand and a couple of the bullets in their drink to keep it chilled, they’ll feel like the coolest guys in the room at your reception. Even after the wedding they’ll enjoy using their awesome whiskey stone sets for casual drinks, especially every time you come over to hang out!


14. Awesome Shotgun Shell Engravable Flask

Awesome Shotgun Shell Engravable Flask

For creative groomsmen gifts that live up to the billing, this shotgun shell flask is top notch. Engrave each one with the name of your groomsmen, pair it with their favorite liquor, and then explain to them that, yes, it really is an awesome flask. They’ll take it with them wherever they go. There’s no way they’ll be able to turn down the offer to be your groomsmen.

15. Drake Cigar Crate – For the Cigar Aficionado Groomsmen

Drake Cigar Crate - For the Cigar Aficionado Groomsmen

Similar to number 12 on our list, these innovative groomsmen gifts are tailored to the cigar aficionados in your wedding party. Ask them with a stogie waiting in hand and watch them light up as they say yes. With everything included, they’ll no longer have struggle to properly smoke cigars. Of course, don’t forget to remind him that the included bowtie means your wedding is a black-tie occasion.

16. Complete Whiskey Decanter Set – A Classic Groomsmen Gift

Complete Whiskey Decanter Set – A Classic Groomsmen Gift

The bold Stillhouse design coupled with a premium whiskey decanter sets make an awesome creative idea for groomsmen gifts. Aside from no longer being ashamed to share his liquor with guests, you groomsmen can use the wooden box to store ties, watches, or even mementos from your wedding.

17. The Only Glass They’ll Ever Need

Personalized Whiskey Glass with Chilling Spheres

Looking for creative gift ideas for groomsmen that are also something your bros will actually like? You can’t go wrong with a personalized whiskey glass that comes with a pair of chilling stones! They will love having a unique keepsake to remember your awesome wedding as well as a nice rocks glass to enjoy cocktails or their favorite whiskey in. Once they try out the chilling stones, they’ll never want to resort to using ice again because they chill the whole drink and don’t even water it down!

18. Ultimate Bacon Combo Pack – For Meat Loving Groomsmen

Ultimate Bacon Combo Pack Creative Groomsmen Gifts

All guys love bacon and Bacon Freak has put together a combo pack of 12 different varieties of bacon. This is easily an awesome groomsmen gift that will leave you with a standing ovation from your groomsmen. They’ll love having bacon with every breakfast, on every burger, and, when they decide to eat healthy, crumbling it on top of every salad. Pro tip: cook your bacon in the oven for the finest of tasting experiences.

19. Beeropoly Drinking Game – For Groomsmen That Love to Drink & Have Fun

Beeropoly Drinking Game - For Groomsmen That Love to Drink and Have Fun

Completely unbiased opinion, but this Beeropoly game is amazing. It combines all the best things about drinking games into one awesome and easy to play board game. For creative groomsmen gifts, it’s hard to top this one. Your groomsmen will love bringing friends together to play this awesome game. It’s even perfect for playing on the night of your bachelor party.

20. Whiskey Gift Sets for All of Your Groomsmen

Set of Five Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Sets

Make the shopping easier on yourself by getting matching creative groomsmen gifts for all of your bros! This set of five custom whiskey gift sets ensures that each of your bros gets a nice gift that is unique and thoughtful just for them. Your groomsmen will look great all holding their custom glasses in photos, and they’ll certainly appreciate the fact that their whiskey tastes better than ever thanks to the whiskey stone sets! Plus, these whiskey sets serve as a fun reminder of your awesome wedding that they will treasure for years to come.

21. Robust Custom European Beer Stein

Robust Custom European Beer Stein

Let your groomsmen hoist their favorite beers wildly into the air with this European beer stein. They harken back to a day where men gathered at seemingly endless tables feasting and drinking to their heart’s content. Let your groomsmen experience part of that lifestyle. Beer never looked as good as does in these beer steins. Maybe your groomsmen will even provide a feast.


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