2007 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz

The Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz from Mollydooker starts out with a dark crimson color and a velvety, heavy pour. A quick nose brings out vibrant notes of black cherry, plum and blue berry. After some time, spices and some earth begin to present.

In the mouth, this wine exhibits some tannic qualities, though not too overpoweringly so, and features a fleshy, full bodied mouth feel. At first taste, Blue Eyed Boy matches its bouquet closely, with a dark fruit foundation. Tends to be a bit too hot in the first glass, with some chocolate and toffee to balance the wine out once it has had a chance to open up.

While a decent shiraz experience, this bottle’s $50 price tag leaves something to be desired.

76/100 – Homewetbar