19 Brew-ti-ful Gifts for Coffee Lovers

19 Brew-ti-ful Gifts for Coffee Lovers

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Coffee isn’t what it once was. Sure, it’s still considered the nectar of life by many people. But it’s no longer just poured into a cup and mixed with a packet of sugar. It’s poured over ice, served as cold brew, or topped with a delectable frothy foam. Its flavor is enriched with countless notes. Coffee lovers have known this for far too long. That’s why they deserve the kind of gifts that they will use every single day. We have collected the best items that will inspire any coffee lover. It doesn’t matter if they prefer a Black and White Mocha Crème Frappuccino with almond milk or a pot of regular coffee with a sweetener. There’s something for everyone.

Classic Ceramic Coffee Mug

Personalized Black Coffee Mug

What gifts for coffee lovers that will instantly be a smash hit? Get them a sleek, black ceramic mug engraved with their name and initial. Everyone has their go-to mug. If they get one with their own name, they’ll never have anyone reaching for this prized possession in their home or office. It’s even microwave and dishwasher safe, so it will last for countless years.

Coffee Lovers Custom Gift Set

Coffee Carafe & 2 Coffee Mugs

Sometimes you just need to enjoy your java no matter where you’re going to be. This stainless-steel carafe set is one of those perfect coffee gifts for anyone that loves to go camping, fishing, or spend any time outside. If that sounds like your dad, brother, or any coffee lover you know then they’ll go crazy for this set. They’ll be able to keep their coffee hot for hours and have the perfect mugs by their side whenever they dip into the carafe. They won’t have to be stuck with gruel coffee in their travels.

Adventurous Manly Coffee Set

Tactical Knife with an Engraved Flask & Black Tumbler

Drinking coffee is paramount to having a good time outdoors. The most rugged individuals need their roast to get through the day. And sometimes they need to make their coffee a little Irish. This awesome set has everything a rugged coffee drinker needs. It doesn’t matter if they’re out in the woods or by the lake, they’ll be to enjoy their joe anyway they like. They can even certify their woodsy nature with the tactical knife. This is a gift like no other out there for coffee addicts.

Engraved Blue Tumbler

Blue Coffee Tumbler

Looking for coffee gifts for a wedding? This blue tumbler is ideal for a wedding party or as a matching set for the bride and groom. Taking your beverage with you is always a plus. Adding in a customized name, title, and date of the ceremony makes this gift even better. The dynamic blue color ensures this gift won’t blend into the background on the shelf. Plus, it will always remind the owner of the good time they had on that day.

Hot & Cold Brew Home System

Ninja Coffee Bar

Keurig cups are a thing of the past. This Ninja brew system is something every serious coffee drinker needs in their home. It can make traditional coffee, cold brew, or even specialty drinks like chai lattes and cappuccinos. It can even brew in multiple sizes, so you can have the right amount of coffee for mugs, carafes, or travel thermoses. It’s perfect to pair with any of the ones on this list.

Coffee Gift for Hardworking Police Officers

Personalized Coffee Tumbler for Cops

Everyone knows that police officers need coffee to get through their day. That’s what makes this insulated tumbler one of those amazing gifts for coffee lovers that spend their days and nights making their community safer. The officer in your life will love that they’ll now be able to take their coffee with them on patrol so they ensure they’re alert the entire time.


Monogrammed Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler

Stainless Steel Mug for Coffee Lovers

If you know someone that is one of those coffee drinkers that will never be satisfied unless they have coffee always within reach. This stainless-steel coffee travel mug is great for keeping coffee warm. However, if they’re into cold brew coffee, this handy mug will ensure it stays ice cold for hours on end. Capable of holding 30 ounces, the coffee fiend in your life won’t even have to worry about going for constant refills.

Firefighters Coffee Gift Set

Custom Firefighter Coffee Carafe and Mugs for Coffee Lovers

A pot of coffee is almost guaranteed to be ready at almost any firehouse in the country. This clever set has firefighters in mind. Now they can bring their favorite coffee and share it with the other guys at the station. They even get two personalized mugs. One can stay at the station and one can stay at home. When you never know when the call’s going to come in, always having coffee on hand is a necessity.

Personalized Coffee Subscription Service

Driftaway Coffee Subscription Service

Subscription services are all the rage. Of course, there would be one that makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers. What separates Driftaway from the rest of the pack is their customers get to build a flavor profile and give feedback on each coffee shipped to them so they can find the perfect blend for them each month. Their coffee is also always fresh. Once they grind the beans, it’s shipped within 6 hours. It’s a service for coffee lovers run by coffee lovers.

Sleek Black Travel Mug

Custom Coffee Travel Mug

If you know someone whose day doesn’t start until the caffeine kicks, then this is a coffee gift that will drastically improve their quality of life. Or, at least, make sure they can stay awake whenever they need to. This tumbler also fits in most cup holders, so they can take this gift with them anywhere. It comes engraved with their name, adding that extra touch of personalization can show much you care.


Timeless Monogrammed Coffee Mug

White Monogrammed Mug Coffee Gift Idea

Few things beat the clean-cut look of a white, ceramic coffee mug. This is a gift for coffee lovers that will become the centerpiece in their coffee mug collection. With a striking black interior and engraving, the minimalist design has a classic appeal. It’s even dishwasher safe, so this mug will come out good as new through countless cups of coffee. This is a thoughtful gift that anyone would love to get on any occasion.

Coffee Gifts for Everyone

Engraved Coffee Tumblers, Set of 5

Shopping for a group of people that need coffee gifts? This set of 5 insulated tumblers is right up your alley. Each one can be personalized for every person you’re shopping for. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for coworkers, weddings, or a retreat. Each tumbler can be tailored to your need. Plus, everyone loves the ability to have their coffee of choice on hand at all times. You can even throw in a bag of coffee or a Starbucks gift card to make it an extra special gift.

Pair Your Coffee with Chocolate

Beanbox 8 Coffee & Chocolate Pairings

Food and drink pairings are practically an art form. Coffee is no different. Beanbox has put together 8 different coffees that pair best with 8 different chocolates. With this gift, your husband, wife, or whoever you’re shopping for can treat themselves to their favorite drink while indulging in the perfect chocolate bar for that particular coffee.

Insulated Coffee Carafe

Stainless Steel Carafe for Coffee Lovers

Sharing a cup of coffee over breakfast is one of life’s simple pleasures. This coffee carafe can turn that simple pleasure into a reality. Insulated to keep the coffee warm, a full carafe can fill anywhere from 5-8 coffee mugs in a single seating. No one at a large table is left out and smaller groups can refill their mug guilt-free. This carafe is even portable, so they can take it wherever it may be needed.

Outdoor Travel Coffee Tumbler

Engraved Coffee Cup with Lid

Coffee lovers are an insatiable type. Picnics, backyard BBQs, pool parties are all destined to have beer, cocktails, water, and even juice for the kids. But rarely will they have coffee available. This is one of those coffee gifts that will elevate a person’s life. They can take their cold brew or hot coffee and keep at the ideal temperature for hours. They’ll be glad to finally have their superior beverage at every gathering.

Funny Coffee Mug for the Classy Individual

Classy Personalized Coffee Mug

Know a coffee junky that has a sense of humor? Consider this classy coffee mug engraved with their name, so they can let the entire world know how much a gentleman or lady they really are. This is a gift for coffee lovers that like to laugh when they enjoy their java. It’s even microwave safe, so they can enjoy watching the message rotate again and again as they heat up their drink. It’s also a mug no one would ever dare to steal.

Legendary Coffee Gift for Legendary Coffee Drinkers

Engraved Coffee Growler and Mug

Even legends know they need coffee in their lives. If you know a coffee lover that built his legend with java beans, then this is exactly what they’re missing in their life. An engraved coffee mug and matching portable carafe is a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays. They will love plopping down either item in this set as curious eyes read the inscription. They’ll take their next sip with a grin that only a legend can claim.

Wake up to Bedside Coffee

Barisieur Bedside Coffee Maker

Everyone likes waking up with a fresh pot of coffee. Now, you can make that dream a reality at your bedside with this incredible coffee maker alarm clock. You can set it to start brewing before your alarm goes off so you literally wake up to the smell of coffee. It even has a reservoir to keep your milk or creamer chilled throughout the evening so you don’t have to drink your coffee black. This gift is a true indulgence for any coffee lover.

Stylish Custom Coffee Mug

Black Coffee Mug with Custom Names and Initial

If you know someone that’s just diving into the coffee experience then they’re going to need a personalized mug. It’s an unwritten rule. Get one of those coffee gifts that gets them started on their caffeinated journey. They’ll love trying all sorts of different varieties in a mug that was made just for them.


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