17 Wonderful 20th Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

17 Wonderful 20th Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Few couples can take pride in being married for two decades. It’s your twentieth anniversary and you want to give your husband an incredible gift after everything you two have built together. Finding the perfect anniversary gift ideas for husband doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need to find something that will elevate the little things in life that your husband cherishes. The traditional gift of china is extremely dated, but we’ve found a ton of great modern 20th anniversary gifts for husband that he’s guaranteed to love.

All the Cigar Essentials Set

Cigar Essentials Box Set

Want a completely unique gift to give your husband this anniversary? He’ll feel like a kid on Christmas when he sees what’s inside this cigar lovers gift set. It has all the essential tools and even a stylish box to store everything in, but the star of the show is the whiskey-cigar glass. In just one hand, your husband can enjoy his whiskey and puff on a quality cigar in the same glass. The only problem with this gift is you’ll be wondering how to top it for the next major milestone.

Unbeatable 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Personalized Whiskey Presentation Set 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

One word will come to your husband’s mind when he unwraps this incredible decanter set on your anniversary: “Wow!” He will be so excited to set up this impressive presentation set in his office, home bar, or on the coffee table in the living room so that it’s the center of attention. He will certainly enjoy using it every evening for his post-dinner drink, but he’ll also love using it to serve drinks to visitors who are bound to be impressed by such a classy set! In terms of anniversary gift ideas for husband, this complete decanter set is the best gift you can possibly get!

Complete Beer Lovers Gift Set

Beer Gift Set for 20th Anniversary

If you’ve been together for twenty years you know your husband enjoys a beer now and then, but it’s time for him to stop sipping them straight from the can. Get one of those 20th anniversary gifts for husband that makes his beer drinking festive. This expertly crafted pint glass harkens back to all the great moments you two shared in bars, speakeasies, and with a cold one in hand. This awesome set has everything he needs to keep building great memories with everyone he’s close to. This is a great anniversary gift to show you still care about his hobbies and interests.

Custom Ammo Can – A Unique Anniversary Gift Idea

Custom Ammo Can with Whiskey & Cigar Accessories

Looking for exceptional 20th anniversary gifts for husband that has everything? Buck the traditional anniversary gift with this .50 caliber ammo can was used by the United States military and contains everything your guys need to enjoy his vices. It’s one of those anniversary gift ideas for husband that he’ll still be talking about for the next twenty years. There’s even room for you to add a couple cigars so he can enjoy everything inside immediately.

The Ultimate 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband Who Loves Beer

Engraved Beer Glass Tasting Set 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Your husband is all about trying new things, especially new kinds of beer! For your 20th anniversary, give him the tools he needs to ensure that he can try new craft beers the right way with this complete beer glass tasting set! From IPAs to pilsners, this set has the four most popular types of beer glasses that are designed to deliver the perfect taste, foam, and aromas for their type of brew. Now he can experience each new type of beer to the fullest thanks to your incredible anniversary gift ideas for husband!

Surprise Him with a New Experience

Smoke Box System 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

After two decades of marriage, you know exactly how your husband likes his drink of choice. Surprise him with this awesome gadget for your anniversary so that he can experience his go-to drink with a whole new flavor! The smoke box system infuses any type of drink with a fresh, smoky flavor that will make him feel like he’s tasting an entirely new drink. He will love trying out different flavors and liquors to see which ones go best together, and thanks to you he might just find a new favorite drink of choice! This nifty gadget is by far one of the most unique 20th anniversary gifts for husband, and yours is certain to enjoy it for the next twenty years.

Legendary Gift for a Legendary Anniversary

Decanter & Sculpted Glasses for an Anniversary Gift

Even after twenty years of marriage, your husband is still a legend in your eyes. Show him how much his legend has grown with these distinct whiskey glasses and legendary decanter. These glasses are bold and comfortable just like your husband. He’ll love that he finally has a cool way to enjoy his favorite liquors and he’ll love that you still feel the same way about him even after so many years. He will enjoy these legendary 20th anniversary gifts for husband forever, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an even cooler gift for him for your next anniversary!




Take A Trip for your 20th Anniversary

All-Inclusive Vacation this Anniversary

Your 20th is a really big deal. What better way to celebrate than with a vacation with the person you love? Your husband will not be able to believe that you surprised him with a trip to the Caribbean. It’s even better that the resort is all-inclusive, so you both can just enjoy your time there without having to worry about anything else. This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for husband because it’s a celebration of the two decades you’ve spent caring for another.

All Day Every Day Cigar Fan

Cigar Glass and Holder

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but for your husband, it’s cigars all the way. There are few things he loves more than relaxing with his favorite stogie. You want to buy him a gift that will help him to fully enjoy his cigar-smoking experiences. This handsome cigar case is the perfect way to transport them anywhere he pleases. This case also has a cigar cutter in the pocket, so he’ll always be prepared. The cigar glass is a rocks whiskey glass with an indentation in the side that’s perfect for cigars to fit snugly in. That way, your man can enjoy a glass of whiskey and a stogie at the same time, all with only one hand. Everything about this simple but practical set makes it one of the best anniversary gift ideas for husband.

Romantic 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Etched Globe Decanter Set with Glasses 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Is there anything more romantic than a beautifully etched decanter set that says, “Come sail away with me,” with its delicate glass-blown ship and beautiful rocks glasses? Your husband will happily fill up the unique globe decanter and pour the two of you a couple of drinks as you relax together on the couch and reminisce the past twenty years together. In fact, this decanter set might inspire him to plan your next vacation together! Even when you’re not using the set for enjoying drinks together, these stunning 20th anniversary gifts for husband look spectacular on display anywhere in your home.




Vintage Bar Sign

Classic Bar Sign

Your husband has almost perfected his home bar, and he’s extremely proud of it. Add a finishing touch that he’ll love: this awesome bar sign. It’s crafted from authentic American birch wood, so it’s sturdy and manly, the ideal sign for your husband’s space. This circular sign is extremely attractive and cool, with personalization that will make your husband feel really proud of his home bar. It helps create the inviting, friendly, and laid-back atmosphere that he’s been trying to cultivate in his bar. This unique sign is one of the coolest and most unique 20th anniversary gifts for husband!

One-of-a-Kind Vinyl Record

Custom Vinyl Record

Looking for a gift your husband will never expect? Get him a personalized vinyl record this anniversary. He may have original printings, test records, and flexi-discs, but he’ll never have anything as special as a vinyl record made custom just for him. You can record or add whatever audio you’d like to both sides of the record. You even get to customize the sleeve and label. The toughest choice for your husband will be whether to frame this gift or have it on constant rotation.

Finest Glassware in All the Land

Carson Decanter Whiskey Set

Fine glassware are your husband’s favorite collectible items, and he’s grown that collection a lot over the past 20 years. Make this 20th anniversary fantastic by buying him some special glassware pieces for his collection. The items that comprise this boxed decanter set will greatly impress him. The four glasses have awesome bubbles in the bases that reflect light and prevent condensation from getting all over your husband’s hands. The stately decanter has sharp, squared edges – a man’s decanter if there ever was one. The handsome maple wood box these items come in is beautiful, and your husband will be extremely grateful for this awesome set.

Chilled White Wine for Life

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set

Few things are better than a nice glass of chilled wine, and you and your husband love enjoying a glass or two together all the time. This wine glasses set is the best set to give him for your 20th anniversary because it has all you two need to enjoy your Riesling together. These two double walled stainless steel glasses will keep your wine chilled, and you’ll both feel so sophisticated drinking out of them. The corkscrew will ensure that your man can always pop open his bottles of wine. All this comes in a handsome wooden box that he can use to store items inside. He’ll love this amazing wine set and sharing glasses with you.

His Royal Highness

Glencairn Box Set

Your husband is a whiskey aficionado, and he is a big fan of using unique glassware. These Glencairn glasses make up a fantastic whiskey gift set that he will absolutely love. These glasses are very classy and unique, with the shape designed specifically to enhance the aromas and flavors of whiskey. These glasses come with a small engraved pewter crest on the sides along with personalization, so your husband will feel extremely proud to drink from such an amazing, personal set. He’ll feel like an absolute King, and his glasses will be the envy of all his friends.

The Latest in Wireless Headphones

Apple Airpods

Need an anniversary gift for a tech lover? Apple Airpods have been all the rage the moment they were released. They are fantastic 20th anniversary gifts for husband if he’s looking for a simple and convenient way to get some of the best wireless sounds out there. He can use his Airpods to listen to music while he mows the lawn, watch a video on the computer, or even get directions from his GPS. This is the go-to anniversary gift for any tech junky this year.

Elegant Watch

Hamilton Watch

One of the things that made you fall for your husband was his appreciation of fine style. He always knew how to dress for whatever occasion you both were attending. He put a lot of care into what seemed like a natural ability. Make it a little easier for him with this Hamilton watch that works with any outfit. Hamilton makes premium watches that will stand the test of time, just like your marriage.




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