16 Reasons Vodka is the New WD-40

We love to find new, unusual uses for ordinary things. WD-40 is the perfect example of an item that can be in homes everywhere, and used to solve hundreds of everyday conundrums, from squeaky doors to getting chewing gum out of your hair. But stand aside, WD-40! There’s a new kid in town: vodka. We’ve all heard the old wives’ tales about alcohol curing everything from toothaches to bad breath, but this cocktail powerhouse is the champion. Vodka is good for more than just martinis and jello shots. Whether it’s getting stains out of clothes, or keeping bugs away, these household tips and tricks will give you 16 new reasons why vodka must be available at all times.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning Windows with Vodka

Store bought glass cleaners leave can leave behind an ammonia smell, on your windows and your hands. Vodka doesn’t! Fill an empty spray bottle half full with vodka, and fill the rest with water. This diluted vodka/water spray is used in many of the cleaning tips and tricks, so feel free to use a big bottle. Spray your windows just as you would with other glass cleaners, and wipe dry. You’ll have perfectly clear windows without the chemical smell.

Clothes Freshener

Instead of smelling like cherries and feathers from store bought fabric fresheners, use your vodka spray. As a clothes freshener, the vodka kills bacteria that gets into fabric, and stops odors between washes. Be sure and do a spot test of delicate or hand-dyed fabrics before spraying the entire garment.

Removing Rust

By Rafael Velasco (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Vodka is essential in a Screwdriver, and it’s all you need removing rust from old screws, as well. Just soak rusty nails or screws in straight vodka for at least an hour, then wipe clean with a towel. It also works with nuts, bolts, and washers.

Chrome Cleaner

Few things are as eye-catching as a chrome finish, but it’s important to keep your chrome polished and beautiful. Our trusty vodka spray is the perfect chrome cleaner for giving fixtures and fenders that classic sparkle. Use an extra-soft cotton cloth to get maximum shine.

Cleaning Mold

Mold can be a problem anywhere moisture gets trapped, and the alcohol in vodka is the perfect weapon. Use the go-to diluted vodka spray, or mix a new, slightly stronger batch, and spray over the moldy area. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then wipe clean. This vodka treatment can be repeated for problem areas, and works just as well for cleaning mold on soft surfaces, like carpet or upholstery, as it does on tile.

Poison Ivy Treatment

On your next camping trip, don’t forget to back the vodka. In addition to all of our other helpful household tips, vodka is one of the best ways to reduce the itch of poison ivy. Use the diluted spray version, or slightly dab straight vodka over the affected area with a soft cloth. The coolness created as the vodka evaporate will bring relief in no time.

Natural Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent with Vodka

To keep insects away, spray undiluted vodka onto your skin before you go outside. This is a great, more natural alternative to store bought insect repellent, but it might leave you smelling like happy hour. For some, smelling like booze is a badge of honor, but this might not be right for all situations. If you add a little dried lavender to your vodka a few hours before applying, you’ll end up with a softer smelling natural insect repellant.

Removing Ink Stains

Soaking certain stains in vodka before throwing them into the wash is an excellent pre-treatment. It will loosen the stains grip from the fibers of the fabric, and is especially effective with ink and grass stains. If you’re grilling or tailgating and get a grass stain, splash a little vodka on right away, then soak it again when you get home.

Cleaning Cloudy Glass

On those occasions that you do decide to drink or serve vodka, it’s important to have clean, sparkling glassware. Just spritz vodka from a spray bottle onto your glassware, then wipe down with a soft towel, cleaning cloudy glass and fingerprints away, leaving nothing but a shiny finish.

Reusable Cold Packs

Eyemask with Vodka

After a long day of work or play, muscles can be sore. A shot of ice cold vodka is always helpful, but you’ll be surprised to learn it can be used externally as well! In a heavy-duty quart size freezer bag, make a 50/50 mix of vodka and water, and freeze for several hours. You’ll end up with a slushy, mushy, reusable cold pack, perfect for soothing sore muscles. Store bought single shots work really well, too.

Stop Foot Odor

Foot odors can affect anyone anyone with an active lifestyle, and vodka is the solution. Fill a shallow tub halfway with room temperature vodka and warm water. This solution is the perfect bath to stop food odor by killing bacteria, as well as pull out dirt and grime from the soles of your feet. Unless you’re a high-roller, go for bottom-shelf vodka on this one. Save your top shelf bottle for that refreshing cocktail you enjoy while you sit and relax.

Release Bandages

A good bandage will keep a strong hold to your skin, protecting the cut or scrape underneath. Use vodka on a cotton ball to loosen the adhesive for painless bandage removal. Don’t worry if you get a little vodka on your cuts. It’s an antiseptic, too.

Clean Eyeglasses

Our trusty vodka-water spray is also great for cleaning your glasses or sunglasses. This is one time where vodka helps you avoid blurry vision.

Cleaning Razor Blades

After shaving, razors can be plugged with skin cells, body oils, soap, and bacteria. Soak razors in vodka for about ten minutes after each use, then rinse with water. This will help clean the blades, and keep them sharp longer, and making replacements less frequent.

Relieve Heat from Super Spicy Peppers

Relieve Heat from Super Spicy Peppers

Spicy food is great, but sometimes you take that bite and it’s just too much to handle. Typically, a drink of water offers some relief, but a shot of vodka is even better. The vodka will reduce the hot sensation left behind by the pepper, offering faster recovery than with water or milk. Try swishing it around like mouthwash, or drinking a nice, slow shot, allowing the vodka to cover the inside of your mouth completely.

Removing Sticker Residue

Price sticker residue is an epidemic. You get home with a fun new purchase, ready to put it to good use, only to stand at the kitchen sink with the back side of a butter knife removing sticker residue. Not anymore! Pull out our trusty vodka spray, and soak the sticky residue for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a towel. For more delicate items, try soaking the tip of a towel with vodka, and gently rubbing the glue away. If the glue is really stuck, take a quick shot of vodka to help with your patience. Either way, it’s a win.