15 Amazing Groomsmen Gift Sets

15 Amazing Groomsmen Gift Sets

Before invites go out to all of those friends and family members, a little organizing must be done, and where would the groom be without his best buddies? May they be brothers by blood or by bond, these are the guys who have been there for the groom since day one. It’s time to give them something nice in return, and hopefully have them standing at the altar as well. But what makes an amazing groomsmen gift box set? Do you go with matching groomsmen gift sets for everyone, or do you do something different for everyone, including the best man? The whole gang deserves something amazing, it’s just that most people don’t know where to begin. Luckily for you, there’s an easy way of doing this, and it all starts with this list of the most amazing groomsmen gift sets we could find.

1. Customized Gift Box Sets for Groomsmen

Custom Engraved Box Gift Set for Groomsmen

We start our tour of best gift sets for groomsmen and various other members of the groom’s party with a focus on the all-in-one approach. With its personalized invitation card, sleek black flask, engraved whiskey glass, dapper bowtie, and rustic wooden box, boxed gift sets like these cover all of your bases in one fell swoop. We found that these handsomely boxed groomsmen gift sets offer a variety of different card options, so there’s room to customize your invitation, and we really like that there is an option to engrave the hip flask.

2. Decanters and Whiskey Sets – Amazing Gift Sets for Groomsmen or Your Best Man

Decanter and Whiskey Glass Gift Box Sets for Men

After a long day at work there is something reassuring about coming home to a well-stocked bar and the world’s best whiskey glass. Give the wet bar loving men in your wedding party something they will be proud to show-off, with customized glassware gift box sets that come filled with personalized decanters and whiskey glasses. While there are a slew of ways in which members of the groom’s party can have their presents engraved, it is important to find a groomsmen gift box set where things like the decanter and the accompanying whiskey glasses are made from premium materials.

3. Tactical Hatchets and Jam-Packed Bullet Boxes

Engraved Ammo Box Groomsmen Gift Sets

Some guys deserve more than just the ordinary, run-of-the-mill boxed gift set, and due to their undeniable love for being outside, require something that mirrors this infatuation. Enter the ultimate boxed gift set for men who love drinking and the great outdoors: A recycled military-issue ammunition box that has been filled with the best groomsmen tools on the planet. These particular groomsmen gift sets let you engrave the names of those best friends or family members on both the pint glass and the hip flask, as well as across the side of the repurposed government bullet box.

4. Engraved Glass Beer Mug Boxed Groomsmen Gift Sets – for Men Who Love Malts and Hops

Funny Glass Beer Mug Box Groomsmen Gift Sets

Not every best man or groomsmen is into drinking straight liquor. Some guys prefer a local craft beer instead. Gift the men in the wedding party with personalized groomsmen gift sets like the combo kit seen here, and then raise one up to the bride and groom! We find that groomsmen gift sets that include not one, but two engraved mugs tend to be more popular, and that men often will prefer a personalized wooden boxed set for beer lovers that includes a bottle opener.

5. Travel Humidors, Hidden Flasks, and Funnel Combo Kits

Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Hip Flask Gift Idea for Him

Perhaps one of the most recognized wedding traditions is when all the guys get together for cigars and strong drink. Make an impression on the wedding procession by surprising everyone on the groom’s side of the aisle with hidden flasks that double as cigar tubes. Each of these custom hip flasks feature an engraved name and the year of the wedding, holds up to 1.5-ounces of alcohol, and securely stows one cigar with a size 47 ring gauge or smaller. It’s easy to turn presents like these into bona fide groomsmen gift sets by simply adding a cigar and a flask funnel for spill-free liquor refills.




6. Grill Tool Travel Kits – Groomsmen Gift Sets for Guys Who Respect the Flame

Grilling Tool Gift Box Sets for Men

There’s always that one guy at the party who takes grilling entirely too seriously. Celebrate his passion for the open flame by presenting your best man or guys in the groomsmen brigade with a personalized grilling tool sets with their names etched on them! Although giving an engraved wooden box for transporting grill accessories to and from the BBQ pit is nice, utensils that are made from high-strength stainless steel with real wood handles will likely make the biggest impression. So do your research and don’t forget to include a card!

7. Wooden Wine Box Tool Sets – for the Refined Drinker in the Wedding Party

Wine Box Tool Gift Set for Guys

For gentlemen who appreciate fine wine and traveling in style, there is this: The Swiss army knife of custom wine gift boxes. Each of these groomsmen gift sets comes filled with every tool required in order to enjoy the best reds, whites, and rosés on the market. Make no mistake, this groomsmen gift box set is made for guys who prefer high-end items, what with its padded satin lining for safe wine storage, and the integrated bottle stopper, corkscrew, foil cutter, and aerator in the box lid. Include a fermented bottle of the best pressed grapes to make this set feel complete.

8. Engraved Shot Glasses and Whiskey Stones – Boxed Gift Sets for Groomsmen Who Prefer Smooth Sipping

Whiskey Stones and Shot Glass Groomsmen Box Gift Set

Not all glasses are created equal , and neither are the ways in which we chill the liquid we pour into them. Give the father of the bride, ushers, groomsmen, and best man boxed gift sets packed with natural whiskey stones and etched 6-ounce shot glasses, and you’ll be helping keep things cool when the bachelor party heats up. Note how the hinged lids on these engraved groomsmen gift sets come with a pivoting latch, and how the box even includes a pair of tongs for serving-up those ice-cold whiskey stones. Add some stone coasters to the mix and they’ll have a groomsmen gift box set where the rocks going into the glass match the slate they’re sitting on!

9. Whiskey Glasses and Serving Sets – Groomsmen Gift Sets Built for Men Who Love to Entertain

Groomsmen Gift Set Serving Tray for Whiskey Lovers

Entertaining guests often means offering drinks and a bite of something scrumptious. Give your best man or any other guy in the wedding party the ability to deliver the goods via a serving tray gift set built for whiskey glasses! Made from ultra high-end materials like acrylic glass, real wood, carbon steel, and brilliant 22-karat gold, each of these groomsmen gift sets is a functional piece of art in itself. As a buyer, you should be looking for gift sets that can be engraved with the initials or name of the groomsmen or best man, as it will only make their present that much more grand.

10. Custom Steel Growlers and Insulated Pint Glasses – The Future of Beer Drinking is Here

Engraved Stainless Steel Growler Gift Set for Guys

Is one of the guys in the wedding procession always the one who comes late to the party, and only brings beer? You may not be able to help your bro out with his punctuality issues, but at least you can give him the chance to impress by handing him a one-off engraved stainless steel beer growler gift set! Search for swing-top growler groomsmen gift sets like the one seen here, which are engineered to keep light out while keeping beer cold, and can be custom engraved to taste, with matching metal pint glasses serving as a grand finale.




11. Personalized Glass Beer Mugs for Everyone on the Groom’s Side

Etched Glass Beer Mug Gift Idea for Groomsmen

Sometimes it isn’t possible to get the father of the groom, the best man, and all of the groomsmen together for a beer. Make up for lost time by giving everyone in the wedding party custom glass beer mugs that have been personalized with their names, titles, and wedding details. Gifts like these tend to have price breaks when bought in multiples of two or more, so stock-up and get one for all the guys on the groom’s side of the aisle and don’t forget to have extras made for the ushers.

12. Whiskey Stone Sets – Cool Drink Options for Men Who Like Their Whiskey Pure

Engraved Whiskey Stone Gift Box Set for Him

This whiskey rocks groomsmen gift box set is ideal for the man in the wedding who prefers drinking single malt at home with a good book than going out and tearing-up the town. Look for personalized gift sets for whiskey drinkers that feature a classically styled initial and the name of the person being gifted on them in order to turn a simple item like whiskey stones into something truly special.

13. Engraved Gift Box Sets – Creative Alternatives for Men Who Like Hip Flasks

Groomsmen Gift Box Set for Liquor Lovers

In the case of a large wedding party, where no expense should be spared, groomsmen gift sets brimming with bow ties and customized items serve as a great asset. Not only do boxed sets like these deliver a personalized invitation card to their doorstep, but they come packed with all sorts of useful items. Opting for groomsmen gift box sets that come fully loaded with personalized glassware and flasks is a great place to start, just don’t forget to engrave everything and toss your own add-ons into the mix before handing it to them.

14. Personalized Gold Rimmed Glass Gift Sets Always Win the Hearts of Men

Gold Rimmed Whiskey Glass and Shaker Box Set for Him

Unique liquor glasses aren’t just a conversation starter, they’re an extension of the person holding the beverage. Help the groom’s closest friends make a statement, with a groomsmen gift box set featuring an old fashioned shaker and a personalized rocks glass with both name and initial engravings. Dapper-looking and complete once whiskey stones are tossed into the mix, these amazing cocktail shaker and glass groomsmen gift sets pictured here fits the bill quite nicely.

15. Unique Liquor Decanter Gift Sets – Upscale Wedding Presents for Men Who Have Everything

Globe Liquor Decanter Gift Set for Men

Our final choice for most amazing groomsmen gift sets of all time comes to us in the form of a liquor decanter that looks right at home on a desk, wet bar, or atop a kitchen counter top. Formed from the finest glass, this globe-shaped decanter and glass gift set is a must for the lads in the wedding party who need a centerpiece of some sort on the bar back home. Our favorite features on this option include the detail put into the rotating globe decanter itself and the ship inside, and how this decanter set includes a matching pair of 8-ounce globe glasses, as well as a stainless steel funnel for easy refilling.




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