11 IPA Beer Glasses to Give Your Guests Bar Envy

Top IPA Glass Countdown 

When it comes to finding the perfect IPA glass there are a lot of options to sort through. When you are drinking a good India Pale Ale you will want to capture all of the tasting notes with each sip that you take. IPA beers tend to have more hops than other styles. This makes the IPA taste uniquely tart and gives it a pungent aroma. Finding an IPA beer glass 20 years ago would have been difficult, if not impossible. Wondering what glass is best for IPA? Do IPA glasses work? Luckily, you live in the Golden Age of craft beer glassware and the best, custom beer glasses for you and your IPA is just a scroll away.

Spiegeleau IPA Beer Glasses

Monogrammed Spiegelau IPA Glass

Pros: One of the first glasses designed specifically for IPAs, this Spiegelau IPA glass will always hold your beer’s aroma, temperature, and head masterfully. This is considered to be the best IPA glass around, so you can see why we made it #1.

Cons: Ultra-thin glass makes this product more fragile than most. It’s more at home in a bachelor’s bar than at the dinner table.

Reviews Say: “While the standard pint glass is good enough for most, a glass designed to promote a specific beer’s complex flavor profile is something to appreciate.” – Andrew

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Hefty IPA Glass Mug

Custom IPA Glass Mug

Pros: What glass is best for IPA? You can never go wrong with a beer mug because its large capacity allows you to enjoy plenty of your favorite beer, but the thick glass also helps keep the beer colder for longer than it would in a regular pint or IPA beer glass. The wide rim also produces a thicker head of foam and makes it easy to gulp down your beer instead of taking small sips.

Cons: Mugs are great for all kinds of beer, but they’re not specifically designed to enhance the flavors like some other IPA glasses.

Reviews Say: “I purchased these for my husband as a birthday gift, and he loved them! Fantastic quality for a great price!” – Katie

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Monogrammed Beer Snifter

Engraved Beer Snifter

Pros: This beer snifter has a unique shape that enhances hoppy IPA aromas by directing the aroma towards your nose and the stem prevents beer warming. Also great for darker beers which need to be kept cold. Personalized with a monogram of your choice.

Cons: This was considered the best IPA glass until the newer styles of IPA glasses we ranked #1 and #2 below came about.

Reviews Say: “I bought this monogrammed beer [glass] for my fiancé, and he loved it. Personalizing it made it more special. It’s his “go to” glass now.” – Maria

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Not Your Average IPA Glass

Gunmetal IPA Glass Mug with Pewter Crest

Pros: The stainless steel helps keep your IPA cold naturally so that you can enjoy a refreshing sip every time. Plus, the medieval style is a nod to the classic tankards and steins used in Germany for centuries. Unlike the regular beer mug, this one has a gently tapered shape that guides the hops to your nose as you drink so that you can get the full, flavorful experience.

Cons: While a great addition to your home bar, this unique mug isn’t a standard IPA glass but it can definitely be used for all types of beer as well as IPAs.

Reviews Say: “Bought these for a Christmas gift. I had them shipped to my house first so I could see them. Beautiful craftsmanship and the personalized touch was perfect! My friends loved them!” – B

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Double-Walled IPA Glass

Double Walled IPA Beer Glass

Pros: Double-walled so it will keep your IPA cold, much longer than a regular beer glass. Made of stainless steel it’s also unbreakable.

Cons: Great as a general beer or pilsner glass and drinking glass but not specifically shaped for IPAs.

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Unique Beer Glass Unlike Any Other

Personalized Teku Beer Glass

Pros: The unusual shape of this tulip IPA glass both enhances the flavors and guides the aromas to the rim, giving you an expanded flavor palate and a noseful of even the subtlest of ingredients. Thanks to the tall stem, your hand won’t warm up your beer as you drink.

Cons: All of your friends will want to know where you got such a cool glass so you’ll want to bookmark the link to send it to them. At least they won’t be exactly the same as yours because of the personalization.

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Handblown Fujiyama Glass by Keita Suzuki

Mt. Fuji Beer Glass

Pros: Not necessarily a proper IPA glass, but it is incredibly effective at preserving beer’s head.

Cons: Direct contact with palm causes beer to heat quicker which is not ideal for IPA beers.

Reviews Say: “The head on your beer will mimic the peaks of Mt. Fuji when you fill this glass up.” – Mike

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The Ultimate IPA Glass

Custom Beer Mug for IPA Beer

Pros: You get the largest and coolest looking beer mug on the market! It even holds a whole liter of beer, so you’ll never have to worry about getting up for a refill ever again!

Cons: Your friends are going to be incredibly jealous of your new colossal beer mug each time you go to enjoy your favorite IPA.

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Legendary Pale Ale IPA Glass

Custom IPA Glass

Pros: The Spiegelau IPA glass is a very versatile glass great for beers such as IPAs, lagers, stouts, really any beer or any beverage. Enhances aroma and taste. Personalized with a custom name.

Cons: Doesn’t specifically enhance the temperature of IPA style beer.

Reviews Say: “He loved it! Was surprised by it which was awesome because he doesn’t surprise easy.” – Michele

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 Aspiring Beer Connoisseur 7 Piece Glass Set

Beer Tasting Set

Pros: Every type of beer glass including a tulip-shaped glass for IPAs, stout, pilsner, etc. For those of you looking for an IPA glass set, this is perfect.

Cons: Number of glasses may be overkill, hard to store. Also, this is a nice tulip shaped IPA glass, but there are better IPA glasses.

Reviews Say: “My boyfriend loved it!” – Alli

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Insulated Steel IPA Glass

Double Walled Stainless Steel Personalized IPA Glass

Pros: Uniquely versatile IPA glass with vintage IPA style artwork, comes personalized.

Cons: Great for drinking with the guys and friends and can be used for any beverage besides IPA and other beer.

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Living in the Golden Age of craft beer glassware, you have plenty of options in choosing the best IPA glass for your bar. India Pale Ales have a unique flavor that these glasses would be perfect for enhancing!