10 Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for your Secret Santa? Here are 10 hilarious gift ideas all under $40.

1. Boozie Bear Flask

It’s a flask…but it looks like a gummie bear! No more boring trips to the zoo. Now you can take along an adult beverage to liven things up! $9.95 Find it here

2. Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask

This flask holds a whopping 128 ounces. That’s one full gallon! $29.95 Can be engraved for an extra-special touch. (+$12.95) Find it here

3. Emergency Meal Transplant Insulated Lunch Tote

Is it that your water sloshing around in there or is it a human heart? $24.95 Find it here

4. Secret Binocular Flask

Sneak liquor into the big game with this hidden flask! Holds 16 oz. $16.95 Find it here

5. Mysack, It Takes Ball to Golf,

Ball Holder

Hilarious for any golf lover. Includes 2 free golf balls. $15.95 Find it here

6. Winestein Wine Glass

A manly man’s wine glass. $19.95 Find it here

7. The Right Medicine Coffee Mug

A sophisticated coffee mug recommended by any doctor. $9.95 Find it here

8. Hammer Time Ice Cube Tray

Make tiny ice molds that look like hammers! Makes drinking anything fun! Check out more ice molds in other shapes here. $11.95 Find it here

9. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

For the grilling master, this apron features a bottle opener, 3 huge pockets, 4 sauce/condiment pockets, salt & pepper pockets, and a 6 beer ammo bandoleer to make sure he stays loaded at all times. $29.95 Find it here

10. Golf Club Kooler Klub

For those days when you can’t seem to get under par. $39.95 Find it here