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Beer Tap Handles

Beer Tap Handles

Always wanted a bar you can call your own? Then why not set up your own watering hole at home! Not only are they cool, our custom beer tap handles are handmade for the ultimate authentic look. Available in variety of cool styles and shapes, your kegerator, and more importantly, your bar, is going to be the center of attention!
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Beer Tap Handles

Beer Thirty Walnut Wood Tap Handle

SaleBeer Thirty Walnut Wood Tap Handle
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Pouring a perfect beer isnít the easiest thing in the world, but with a little practice using your new tap handles on your kegerator, this will soon come second nature to you while entertaining guests. The key is to use a dry glass (wet glasses and dirty glasses cause foam) tilt it at an angle, and then slowly tilt the glass upward to finish the pour in one smooth motion. Sound easy? It is! With over 40 different styles of beer tap handles for sale, one of these handles is sure to fit your bar!

What makes a good tap handle?
Some beer tap handles are just that Ė handles. They donít have a fancy look to them, and are made of plastic. Those are boring to say the least, the next step up is what is commonly called a pub style handles. I'm sure you've seen them before, tall and slender with gentle curves, these are the beer tap handles you typically see at sporting events customized with the brewers logo in them.

The step above that is a semi-custom tap handle. That is either one of our pub style handles you see which can be customized with your name or bar, or one of the prefab tap handles the breweries tend to use. Typically made from a mold, these are the ones you see from time to time at your local watering holes. The breweries mass produce them in unique shapes and sizes typically with the brewery's name on them, and then distribute these beer tap handles to their bar clients for free as a way show support for selling their brand of beer.

Then there are the truly custom beer tap handles like we sell. You see these types of tap handles in more traditional bars that have the classic look to them, and in the higher end traditional bars and gastropubs. When most people say they want a custom tap handle, these are the types of handles they are talking about. Made from solid maple or oak, our beer tap handles are either made by a hand run wood lathe or made completely by hand (depending on the type) and then laser engraved with your name and brew or bar name for a truly custom feel. You can look far and wide, but you won't find any others out there that match the craftsmanship of these custom pieces. They are the only way to go if you love keg beer as much as we do!