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Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters

No one likes water rings. Made from a variety of materials including wood, leather, stone, tile and more, our drink coasters keep spills off your furniture and look classy doing it. Also be sure to check out our personalized coasters, they make a wonderful custom gift.
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Drink Coasters

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Tired of unsightly rings from drinks on your furniture and bar area? Then protect your home’s surfaces with our selection of drink coasters! Cold drinks produce condensation, which leads to those unwanted rings on your home bar and surfaces. And as much as you might love them, your friends and family members may not think twice about setting those frosty beer mugs or glasses of ice tea down on your countertop. A set of personalized coasters from HomeWetbar.com is the perfect way to prevent these nuisances.

Styles of Drink Coasters
Featuring a wide range of styles and themes, our coasters are a great addition to any room. For the personalized touch to your home or bar, we offer a variety of custom coasters. Pre-printed cardboard English pub coasters add some variety and adventure to any room. Cardboard beer coasters are lightweight and tend to absorb the condensation from glasses, saving your counters and surfaces. Because of this, however, they are not as durable as wood or stone coasters. However, they can also help prevent drink spillage.

For wood or stone drink coasters, a non-slip cork base is often used to keep your drink from sliding along surfaces. Wood coasters are a great option as they are durable. They can absorb some moisture, but not as much as cardboard ones. Some of our wood coasters can even be personalized for a custom touch to any room.

Stone drink coasters can be personalized and are an attractive addition to any countertop. They are also long lasting, absorbing little to no condensation. Because of this, drink condensation pools on the surface of the stone coaster, so it is easy to wipe off after use.

Functional and decorative, good a set of drink coasters will go a long way to protecting the furniture of your home from water damages. Think of them as an investment in protecting your furniture that will keep your surfaces looking new for years to come.