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Bar Tools

Bar Tools & Home Bar Sets

You've heard the clothes make the man, but did you know the right tools make the bartender? Our home bar sets feature a variety of bar tools including jiggers, cocktail shakers, tongs, corkscrews, etc. that are durable, portable, and sophisticated so you can be the ultimate mixologist for the night.
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Bar Tools

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Have you ever thought, ďI could be a bartender?Ē With the right assortment of bar tools you can! Tools like cocktail shakers, strainers, and jiggers are essential parts of all great home bar sets, so why are you skimping on them? Making the perfect cocktail can be a hard task if you donít have the right tools for the job. You can mix the perfect martini, master the margarita or conquer the cosmopolitan with bar sets from our huge collection of home bar tools.

Bar Tools for the Professional

No matter if you are bartending at a popular bar or in the comfort of your own home, professional bar sets make quickly mixing multiple drinks at the same time easy to do. The average home bar tool such as the bottle opener wonít work for the professional bartender. You need more durable bar tools like a wall mounted bottle opener and cap catcher for easy removal of those beer bottle caps. Drink pourers are also another great tool, they make it easy to pour those shots and cocktails on demand on those busy nights behind the bar. Another vital tool only for a professional mixologist is the speed rack, which is used to effortlessly access the most important tool of any bar, the liquor. You simply slip your bottles in it for easy access while you're making cocktails. A common cocktail shaker wonít get the job done for a professional bartender, the boston shaker allows for you to shake, mix, and muddle almost any cocktail easily.

Home Bar Sets & Tools

Completing your home bar may be easier than you think. After all of the big stuff is out of the way like selecting furniture and picking out the perfect big screen TV you are left with the small, but vital essentials that will make your bar complete. Choose from home bar sets filled with the essential bar tools needed to create the perfect cocktail for the evening in the comfort of your own home. The beer bottle opener is a must, we offer them in many different styles that make removing no twist caps from your spirits quick and easy. The shaker is another that shouldn't be forgotten, shake up your mixed drinks with a sleek and stylish cocktail shaker and impress your guest with your mixology skills. Keep your drinks cool with a charming ice bucket and scoop, an essential that never gets old.

Don't have a ton of time too pick out your tools or need a quick gift? No worries, most bartender tools donít have to be bought individually. We have starter bar tool sets which include everything youíll need to complete your home bar like the bar spoon, strainer, fruit knife, jigger, and more. We also have a few different mixologist cocktail sets for the novice who might need a jump-start on experimenting with cocktails.

Armed with one of our bar sets, your drinks will be properly measured, perfectly shaken and free of contaminating seeds and ice cubes. Get a set of these starter bar tools and you will be well on your way to becoming the bartender you always knew you could be.