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Man Laws and Woman Rules Game

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Man Laws and Woman Rules Game Details:

Watch out it's the battle of the sexes! Throughout our lives women are taught unwritten feminine statutes that they follow throughout life, likewise men follow certain unwritten bi-laws of male conduct. Our man laws & women rules game explores these unwritten laws and identifies who actually follows the rules and who thinks they are just plain ridiculous! Simple to play, just correctly predict your fellow player's opinions about these unwritten man laws and woman rules to accumulate the most points and proclaim yourself the king of man laws or queen of woman rules! A light hearted and fun adult party game for 2 or more people that makes a great ice breaker -- it's guaranteed to have you finding out interesting things about your friends and family you never knew, and laughing out loud in no time! For ages 18 and up.

150 Man Laws & Case Cards, 150 Woman Rules & Case Cards, 54 Voting Cards, 6 Game Boards, scorepads, and pencil.

Sample Questions:
Woman Rule: A woman is required to strongly protest any toilet seat left in a vertical position.

Man Law: No man shall use the adjacent urinal to another man in a public restroom unless there is no other available.

Woman Rule (Case #0173): Your new boyfriend said he would call you, but after three days he has not. Since the Woman Rule states. "All men lie" do you...
a) Write him off as a jerk.
b) Hold out hope because he's a busy man.
c) Call him. After all, it's the new century!

Man Law (Case #1492): Your best friend begins to cry while telling you about his girlfriend dumping him. Since the Man Law state, "A man shall not cry," do you...
a) Tell him to act like a man and snap out of it.
b) Make sure no one is watching while you give him a hug.
c) Leave him to his misery, then later act like it never happened.

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