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Shaving Kits

Shaving Kits for Men

A well groomed man is a sight to see! It seems the subtle art of a good old fashioned shave has gone out of style these days. Take back the stubble with our personalized shaving kits for men, a classic gift idea that he's sure to appreciate.
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Shaving Kits

Refined Gent Shaving Set, Black

SaleRefined Gent Shaving Set, Black
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Itís something millions of men will do at least once a week out of necessity. Old fashioned shaving is something men have done for a few centuries, but where did it all start? Some trace its origins back to the 4th century BC during the time of Alexander the Great, who advocated shaving because it made men look tidier.
The electric razor was invented in 1928, with them becoming more widespread in 1937. Today, modern razors have at least two blades, with some having four or even five! Itís not always a fun experience, but if we do shave, we want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Mens shaving kits are ideal for getting the job done and keeping your face as smooth as possible. They usually come with a soap bowl, badger brush to apply shaving foam evenly while naturally exfoliating the skin, and of course, a classic razor! Even though itís something we donít think about too much when doing, thereís no reason why we canít make a big deal out of it.

Our engraved shaving kits would make the perfect gift for any man, whether itís your father, brother, best pal or even grandpa. Our shaving kits come in many different styles. Classic stainless steel shaving kits are an all around favorite, or travel sets are ideal for the busy man, or our ceramic shaving sets are stunning if you prefer the more old fashioned style. No matter which of our kits you choose, these personalized shaving kits will look great perched on his bathroom cabinet.