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Home Bar Accessories

Complete your home bar with help from the experts at Home Wet Bar! We have the largest selection of unique bar tools and items around including cocktail shakers, bar tools, drink coasters, ice buckets, and almost any other bar accessories you can imagine.

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Home Bar Accessories & Supplies
The icing on the cake, the right bar accessories make the experience of entertaining guests that much better (and easier). Take your entertaining up a notch with the perfect home bar accessories. When stocking your home bar you should always remember the basics that make your bar function smoothly. Decide what types of drinks you will be serving and find the bar supplies you need to make them at home. Whether your preference is straight up or on the rocks we’ve got what you need to get started.

Drinks On the Rocks
Making the perfect cocktail on the rocks is a fairly simple process when you have the right bar supplies to get the job done. For starters, serve your spirits straight up or on the rocks with a charming liquor decanter. Add some sophistication to your liquor collection with bar accessories like decanter tags which label your decanters so you can show off your collection from afar and know which spirit to select for the occasion. Chill your drink in a more innovative way with whiskey stones which cool your drink to perfection without watering down your drink. Whether you call them whiskey stones or whisky stones, grab a set and let the debate begin over a perfectly chilled glass of spirits.

Mixed Drinks
Mixed drinks can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic, either way the best bar accessories will make your bartending experience easy and enjoyable. The most common ingredient in a mixed cocktail is ice, an ice bucket always saves you the hassle of going to the fridge every time you need some. Don't forget your ice scoop because you never want to handle ice with your hands. Our ice scoops are durable bar supplies that come in stainless steel & other sturdy materials that won’t chip during use. A cocktail isn’t complete without garnish like olives, cherries, and lemon. Our garnish trays and martini sticks make it easy to decorate and garnish your cocktails. Another vital bar supply that never gets old are cocktail napkins. We offer a variety of colorful napkins that come with humorous quotes to keep the mood light while serving cocktails and appetizers. They look great and work as a conversation piece that will have your guest laughing and enjoying themselves.

When outfitting your home bar, accessories like these take you from mere novice to envied professional. With our wide selection of bar supplies you can equip your home bar for the ultimate cocktail party or for a fun night in with close friends. We have everything from cocktail recipe books, portable breathalyzers, to common bar tools which are great gifts for host or can be a great finishing touch to your home bar. So if it’s stones or rocks, shaken or stirred, outfit your home with these bar accessories and satisfy your friends on both sides of these classic cocktail debates!