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Shot Glasses

Perfect for all social occasions, our funny shot glasses are a great way to get the night going. Coming in variety of styles, we have the perfect set for you!
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Shot Glasses

Jager Bomb Shot Glasses, Set of 2 (Personalized)

SaleJager Bomb Shot Glasses, Set of 2 (Personalized)
Original Price: $29.95 
SALE: $24.50
4.7 rating (17)

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

SaleShot Glass Roulette Drinking Game
Original Price: $20.95 
SALE: $18.95
4.5 rating (15)

Cool Shots Mason Jar Shot Glasses, Set of 4

SaleCool Shots Mason Jar Shot Glasses, Set of 4
Original Price: $12.95 
SALE: $11.50
4.8 rating (6)

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Set of 4

SaleHimalayan Salt Shot Glasses Set of 4
Original Price: $29.95 
SALE: $27.95
4.8 rating (4)

Skulls of Doom Shot Glasses, Set of 4

SaleSkulls of Doom Shot Glasses, Set of 4
Original Price: $15.95 
SALE: $12.95
4.7 rating (3)

Checkmate! Shot Glass Chess

SaleCheckmate! Shot Glass Chess
Original Price: $23.95 
SALE: $18.95

Boozestick Shotgun Shot Glass Set

SaleBoozestick Shotgun Shot Glass Set
Original Price: $17.95 
SALE: $15.95
4.5 rating (2)

Skull of Doom Shot Glass

SaleSkull of Doom Shot Glass
Original Price: $10.95 
SALE: $9.95
4.7 rating (11)

Freezable Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

SaleFreezable Stainless Steel Shot Glasses
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $17.50

Cowboy Up Shot Glasses Set, Amber

SaleCowboy Up Shot Glasses Set, Amber
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $16.95

Stone-Cold Shot Glass & Granite Chiller Set

SaleStone-Cold Shot Glass & Granite Chiller Set
Original Price: $49.95 

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Funny Shot Glasses

There is a technique and ritual to taking shots: watching the shot poured, being presented with the shot, picking up the full shot glass, gathering your wits (and sometimes courage), and throwing it back. No matter what a college kid tells you, make no mistake -- red plastic cups are not for straight liquor; having appropriate shot glasses are necessary for the best shot drinking experience.

Why Use Shot Glasses and Not Cups?
Using whimsical or funny shot glasses for your drinks is a great way to enhance your drinking experience visually. While they come in a variety of styles and designs, almost every type allows the drinker to see the body and color of their drink. For the home bar, they are necessary glassware. With personalized shot glasses, the home bar owner can proudly display them for guests. As they can be customized, a set can also make a great gift for the home bar owner! The size of the glass is also a great reason to use them. Using cocktail glasses or plastic party cups can lead to over pouring, thus wasting liquor. Most shot glasses hold 2 ounces of liquid, cutting down on overpour and delivering just the right amount of liquor to the drinker. Coming in a variety of funny designs, shot glasses are a great way to show your personality to other party-goers and guests. Ranging from laboratory-style to shotgun shell to sports inspired styles, our selection of unique shot glasses will not only deliver a punch, but will also encourage laughs and conversation.

Shot Glasses Make Fun Gifts
A shot glass set makes a great gift for many occasions. For the new homeowners who host social gatherings, a shot glass set are appreciated as a housewarming gift. Have a wedding coming up? Many grooms turn to personalized shot glasses as groomsmen gift ideas to mark the happy day. They also make a great present for a 21st birthday!