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Moscow Mule Mugs

A treasured classic, copper mugs are renowned worldwide for the subtle sophistication they bring to cocktail hour and are excellent drinking glasses for a variety of mixed drinks. Carrying one of the largest in-stock selections of moscow mule mugs for sale anywhere, we have a mug to fit any cocktail.
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Moscow Mule Mugs

Classic Monogram Moscow Mule Mug, 20 oz

SaleClassic Monogram Moscow Mule Mug, 20 oz
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Moscow Mule Mug, 20 oz

SaleMoscow Mule Mug, 20 oz
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Moscow Mule Mugs: 47+ Styles

The history of this famous drink is somewhat hazy, but we do know for sure that serving this drink in copper mugs lends authenticity to your presentation. Originally invented sometime in the the 1940s by John Martin of Smirnoff vodka and Jack Morgan of the famed Cock'n Bull pub; the story goes Jack was looking for a way to sell his ginger beer and John was looking for a way to sell his Vodka. Then, in a chance meeting at the Cock n' Bull pub, they hatched the idea for a joint effort to market their products together. A tasty drink, it did well and increased both of their sales. However, the cocktail really exploded sometime later in the 1950s when the copper mugs we added to the mix, and the popular cocktail we know and love today became a smash hit! In fact, the drink and the glasses it was served in became so widely popular, Woody Allen even posed in some 1960s smirnoff ads with the vodka and copper mugs!

Flash forward to 2013 and 2014 when the Moscow Mule mugs caught fire again in trendy bars and restaurants across the U.S.A. leading to a resurgence in popularity for the copper moscow mule mugs commonly associated with the drink. As a matter of fact, the mule mugs have become so popular, you will may times even be asked for your ID when being served in a copper mug. Why you may ask? Because many customers have been known to steal these highly prized mugs when the waitress wasn't looking! Leading to a crackdown on leading out the mugs.

Thus these traditional copper mugs have always been hard to find, but thanks to a resurgence in popularity we are able to offer you the largest selection of moscow mule mugs for sale anywhere in the US. Bring back the classic enjoyment of this legendary drink with the vessel that was made for this type of beverage, the copper Moscow mule mug.

Why Copper Mugs Are Better
Thrill your guests with these authentic Moscow mule mugs as one of the most refreshing drinks in history passes their lips. The spicy nature of the ginger beer makes the cocktail suitable for colder weather, while the lime and ice make it perfect for a refresher after a long day keeping up with the yard work. The cool temperature of the drink is crucial when serving which is why the copper material of the mug helps insulate the cold drink while the nickel lining keeps the taste neutral. The handle of the mug makes it attractive and ideal for keeping your hands warm while holding this ice cold drink. Our charming collection of Moscow mule mugs come in many attractive styles that will look great displayed in your kitchen. Complete your set with a hammered copper pitcher or copper ice bucket and amaze your guest with your stylish drinkware set.

Traditional Recipe
Fill your mugs with ice, squeeze in the juice of half a lime, add 2 ounces of good vodka, and fill the rest with ginger beer (not ginger ale!). Finish off with a garnish of mint and a lime wedge.