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Gifts Under $25

Cheap Gifts Under $25

Give the perfect gift for an affordable price when you shop our selection of gifts under $25. Cheap gifts don't have to be poor quality, as you can see we have tons of cool gift ideas for men and women that are easy on the pocket book.
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Gifts Under $25

White Ice Whiskey Stones Set of 9

SaleWhite Ice Whiskey Stones Set of 9
Original Price: $14.95 
SALE: $12.95

Black Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Catcher

SaleBlack Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Catcher
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $8.95

Watermelon To Glass Keg Tap

SaleWatermelon To Glass Keg Tap
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $15.95

Dawn Of The Caffeinated Zombie Coffee Mug

SaleDawn Of The Caffeinated Zombie Coffee Mug
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $5.95

Nikolay Copper 13.5 oz Moscow Mule Mug

SaleNikolay Copper 13.5 oz Moscow Mule Mug
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $18.95

33 Cigars Tasting Notebook

Sale33 Cigars Tasting Notebook
Original Price: $6.95 
SALE: $2.95

Oktoberfest Large Beer Mug, 16.75 Oz

SaleOktoberfest Large Beer Mug, 16.75 Oz
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $16.95

Handmade Stone Whiskey Snifter

SaleHandmade Stone Whiskey Snifter
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $14.95

Regal Crested Roller Rock Glass

SaleRegal Crested Roller Rock Glass
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $21.95
4.3 rating (3)

Grill Perfection Outdoor Grilling Grid

SaleGrill Perfection Outdoor Grilling Grid
Original Price: $20.95 

Spice Inside Grill Skewers

SaleSpice Inside Grill Skewers
Original Price: $16.95 
SALE: $14.95

Glow in the Dark Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

SaleGlow in the Dark Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
Original Price: $14.95 
SALE: $11.95

Mustache You Flannel Hip Flask

SaleMustache You Flannel Hip Flask
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $12.95

Seashell Candy Dish

SaleSeashell Candy Dish
Original Price: $29.95 

Steampunk Heart Wine Bottle Candelabra

SaleSteampunk Heart Wine Bottle Candelabra
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $7.95
4 rating (2)

Zebra Couture Corkscrew

SaleZebra Couture Corkscrew
Original Price: $15.95 

Rewritable Chalkboard Sign

SaleRewritable Chalkboard Sign
Original Price: $39.95 

APPealing Glass Cutting Board

SaleAPPealing Glass Cutting Board
Original Price: $34.95 
SALE: $9.95

Personalized Platinum Card Bottle Opener

SalePersonalized Platinum Card Bottle Opener
Original Price: $19.95 
4 rating (1)

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Cheap Gifts Under $25

Finding a nice gift for a cheap price can be hard to do. The key idea is to find cheap gifts that don't break the bank, and appear more expensive than they look. Thankfully that is one of the areas we specialize in. Additionally, since we personalize our products we sell in-house, we can even offer a limited number of gifts engraved under $25. When choosing an inexpensive gift, here are some ideas and general guidelines to follow:

A) Look for items that give you big bang for you buck, by this we mean glass, plastic, and occasionally even wood items that are more novel in nature. Since these items are most unusual they have a higher perceived value with a lower cost.

B) Consider engraved items when your budget allows. A relatively cheap $25 gift like a personalized beer mug will appear like a $35 or $40 to the recipient after we engrave their name on the glass, it's an excellent value!

C) Finally, an equally important but often overlooked way to make cheap gifts look nice is to package then nicely once you receive it. A great job of gift wrapping can go a long way towards making a $25 gift look like a million bucks.