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College Graduation

Celebrate college graduation with a gift that will get your college grad ready for the adult life. Browse our selection of unique cufflinks, executive desk accessories, personalized beer glasses, or personalized wallets and checkbook covers.
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College Graduation

Impact Chrome Shave Set with Soap Dish
SaleImpact Chrome Shave Set with Soap Dish
Original Price: $69.95 

Trifecta Black Shaving Kit
SaleTrifecta Black Shaving Kit
Original Price: $69.95 
SALE: $49.95

Refined Gent Shaving Set, Black
SaleRefined Gent Shaving Set, Black
Original Price: $55.95 
SALE: $47.95

Double-Compartment Personalized Business Card Case
SaleDouble-Compartment Personalized Business Card Case
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $19.95
5 rating (1)

Trifecta Chrome Shaving Kit
SaleTrifecta Chrome Shaving Kit
Original Price: $69.95 
SALE: $64.50

Refined Gent Shaving Kit, Dark Grey
SaleRefined Gent Shaving Kit, Dark Grey
Original Price: $59.95 
SALE: $45.95

Carraway Engraved Cufflinks
SaleCarraway Engraved Cufflinks
Original Price: $34.95 

Barcelona Stylus Pen Combo
SaleBarcelona Stylus Pen Combo
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $14.95

Stanton Chrome Executive Gift Set
SaleStanton Chrome Executive Gift Set
Original Price: $39.95 
SALE: $19.95

L-Shaped Bifold Wallet, Black Leather
SaleL-Shaped Bifold Wallet, Black Leather
Original Price: $36.95 

Down to Business  Bifold Wallet, Black
SaleDown to Business Bifold Wallet, Black
Original Price: $32.95 
SALE: $12.95

Rock My Way Leather Bookbag (Black)
SaleRock My Way Leather Bookbag (Black)
Original Price: $134.95 

Rock My Way Speaker Messenger Bag (Black)
SaleRock My Way Speaker Messenger Bag (Black)
Original Price: $124.95 

Van Alden Leather Card Case
SaleVan Alden Leather Card Case
Original Price: $45.95 
SALE: $15.00

Personalized Gunmetal Card Holder
SalePersonalized Gunmetal Card Holder
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $16.95
5 rating (1)

Personalized Silver Desk Top Clock
SalePersonalized Silver Desk Top Clock
Original Price: $34.95 
SALE: $21.95

Personalized Silver Picture Frame
SalePersonalized Silver Picture Frame
Original Price: $34.95 

Cherry iPhone 4/4S Hidden Pocket Case
SaleCherry iPhone 4/4S Hidden Pocket Case
Original Price: $21.95 
SALE: $5.95

Cloud Based Lost & Found Keychain Tag
SaleCloud Based Lost & Found Keychain Tag
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $4.80

Uptown Travel Toiletry Bag
SaleUptown Travel Toiletry Bag
Original Price: $39.95 

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Unique College Graduation Gifts

There are many milestones in the life of a student, but it’s important to commemorate the completion of their degree with quality college graduation gifts. At the time of college graduation, many students have spent the vast majority of their lives bettering themselves with challenging classes and worthwhile studies, so graduation marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. Whether this is their first time to walk across the stage, or putting the cap on their education with a doctorate degree, grads love the recognition that comes from unique, personalized tokens of your love.

College nostalgia is important to the working professional. It brings back memories of the glory days. That’s why college graduation gifts are so important. Whether it be something for the office, or decor to keep at home, these keepsakes will serve as important daily reminder of those years of hard work and dedication. Personalized gifts with the recipients name and graduation year function a lot like trophies, offering a more functional purpose than a diploma in a frame. Pieces engraved with their initials or monogram are also a great choice, especially useful for decorating a new office, or taking in their suitcase as they travel to a new city to start a new life.

Different industries also call for different kinds of college graduation gifts. A newly minted MBA might enjoy a handsome set of whiskey glasses, useful for networking or late night brainstorming sessions. For graduates who will travel for work, such as salesmen or consultants, a hip flask is just what the doctor ordered. Speaking of doctors, medical professionals would appreciate a set of monogrammed cuff links as a college graduation gift, to give them that extra-special touch on formal occasions. These unique personalized gifts will give your recent graduate an added bit of incentive to go out and seize the day!