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White Elephant Gifts

Be the star of the party with our funny white elephant gifts! From the semi-tame to the EXTRA-wild we've got tons of creative white elephant gift ideas sure to make everyone at your gift exchange laugh!
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White Elephant Gifts

Party Ice Luge

Party Ice Luge
4.1 rating (14)

Gold Pimp Cup

SaleGold Pimp Cup
Original Price: $23.95 
5 rating (2)

Secret Boozy Lotion Hidden Flasks, Set of 3

SaleSecret Boozy Lotion Hidden Flasks, Set of 3
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $9.50
5 rating (4)

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

SaleShot Glass Roulette Drinking Game
Original Price: $20.95 
SALE: $18.95
4.5 rating (16)

Skulls of Doom Shot Glasses, Set of 4

SaleSkulls of Doom Shot Glasses, Set of 4
Original Price: $15.95 
SALE: $12.95
4.7 rating (3)

Hair of the Dog Personalized Pint Glass

SaleHair of the Dog Personalized Pint Glass
Original Price: $18.95 
SALE: $17.76
5 rating (2)

Giant Extra Large Margarita Glass

SaleGiant Extra Large Margarita Glass
Original Price: $17.95 
SALE: $14.95
4.8 rating (8)

Checkmate! Shot Glass Chess

SaleCheckmate! Shot Glass Chess
Original Price: $23.95 
SALE: $18.95

Secret Binocular Flask

SaleSecret Binocular Flask
Original Price: $16.95 
SALE: $13.95
4.6 rating (25)

Boozestick Shotgun Shot Glass Set

SaleBoozestick Shotgun Shot Glass Set
Original Price: $17.95 
SALE: $15.95
4.5 rating (2)

Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses

SaleCool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $8.95
4.5 rating (14)

Doctors Orders Pint Beer Glasses

SaleDoctors Orders Pint Beer Glasses
Original Price: $12.95 
SALE: $11.95
5 rating (1)

Diamond Plate Ceramic Coffee Cup

SaleDiamond Plate Ceramic Coffee Cup
Original Price: $14.95 
SALE: $13.95
5 rating (2)

Flirtatious Zebra Print Garter Flask

SaleFlirtatious Zebra Print Garter Flask
Original Price: $18.95 

Bottle Tops Shot Glass Set

SaleBottle Tops Shot Glass Set
Original Price: $14.95 
SALE: $12.50
5 rating (1)

Skull of Doom Shot Glass

SaleSkull of Doom Shot Glass
Original Price: $10.95 
SALE: $9.95
4.7 rating (11)

Frozen Teeth Ice Cube Tray

SaleFrozen Teeth Ice Cube Tray
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $5.50
4.5 rating (4)

The Right Medicine Ceramic Coffee Cup

SaleThe Right Medicine Ceramic Coffee Cup
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $8.50
4.8 rating (6)

Woodland Pinecone Outdoor Party Lights

SaleWoodland Pinecone Outdoor Party Lights
Original Price: $15.95 
SALE: $8.95
4 rating (1)

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White Elephant Gifts & Ideas

Unlike more conservative parties, white elephant gift exchanges are all about having fun, and finding the best, most outrageous gift possible. A white elephant party, along with its cousins the Dirty Santa party and the Yankee Swap, are occasions that bring people together for a very special kind of gift exchange, full of amateur strategizing, playful rivalries, and a ton of laughs.

History states that white elephant gifts were originally grandiose, however burdensome gifts given to an adversary or enemy. The first white elephant gift is purported to have been from the King of Siam, who gave albino elephants to people that upset him, in hopes that the maintenance expenses your be too great for them to handle. Even though you probably won't be taking an endangered animal species to your white elephant party, you can still make a huge splash.

Great white elephant gift ideas are usually funny, and should be useful in the home or office. Some people use Dirty Santa parties and the like to unload, or re-gift, items that they received and have no use for. Others look at white elephant parties as an opportunity to shop for something absolutely outrageous, that they would never need to buy otherwise. Whether you aim for over the top, or under the radar, white elephant gifts are a great reason to meet up with friends and laugh the night away.