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Desperado Tequila Shot Bandolier
Desperado Tequila Shot Bandolier

Desperado Tequila Shot Bandolier

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Desperado Tequila Shot Bandolier Details:

Strap on your bandolier, holster the tequila, and get ready to party like a desperado! You'll soon have the amigos begging for mercy as you pour 'em up and shoot 'em down. Our tequila bandolier guarantees the fiesta stays outfitted with plenty of “ammunition”...until it's time to ride into the sunset. So go ahead, find your inner outlaw and become the life of the party! Our brown leatherette tequila bandolier has built-in shot glass holders, includes six 1˝ oz “ammo” shot glasses, and a liquor holster. Measures 34” x 4”, one size fits all. Tequila not included.

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Desperado Tequila Shot Bandolier 4.5 Rating  (based on 2 reviews)

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