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Combination Bottle Lock
Combination Bottle Lock

Combination Bottle Lock

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Discontinued and no longer available. Please see recommended gift suggestions to the right and below.

Combination Bottle Lock Details:

If your family and friends are anything like ours, hiding your booze just isn't enough. You've gotta put a bottle lock on it, or your Jack and Coke just may end up a Coke on the rocks once company has cleared out. Keep your brother and cousin Ray Ray on a B.Y.O.Bottle basis with this bottle safe. Our handy dandy bottle lock fits most wine and liquor bottles and is made of stainless steel. Set the combination on this bottle stopper and it stays sealed till you open it. Combination bottle lock measures 2x2x1. Comes with instructions and arrives gift boxed.

Features of our Combination Bottle Lock:
  • The only way to keep your bottles safe from intruders
  • Bottle lock fits most wine and liquor bottles
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Combination bottle lock measures 2x2x1

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