No Sweat Guide to the Las Vegas Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is a rite of passage for all men headed into  matrimony. A way of saying goodbye to the single life, but also a chance to celebrate the pending nuptials with close buddies. Although a good stag party can happen anywhere, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a Las Vegas bachelor party. Bright lights, inescapable music, and seedy glamour all contribute to an atmosphere that enhances a night (or weekend) of faux debauchery. So whether you are a best man searching for bachelor party ideas, or a newly engaged couple planning an epic Stag & Doe Night, here’s a few pointers when it comes to awesome bachelor parties in Vegas.

Book an awesome suite.

Awesome Las Vegas Suite

Nobody wants to travel hundreds of miles, get to Vegas, and sit around some guy’s living room that you found on Air B&B. Booking a great suite is absolutely essential for party success. Hotel suites in Las Vegas are like celebrity penthouse apartments for for a fraction of the price, and have an assortment of amenities perfect for any group. Hot tubs, wet bars, breakfast service, and ginormous-screen TVs are just the beginning. Many suites have huge windows that overlook the Las Vegas strip, and a view of the Sin City lights beneath the dark desert sky will get your heart pumping with enough adrenaline to go all night. Get a suite large enough to sleep everyone in your group without anyone assigned to the couch. You’ve gotta have a crash pad!

Start drinking immediately.

High Roller Martini Glasses

As soon as you unlock the door to your hotel room, start drinking, if you haven’t already. If you’ve booked a good suite, there will be an ice bucket with champagne waiting for you, but if not, come prepared with booze of your own. Don’t get carried away with Fireball shots before you’ve even unpacked your sunscreen, but having a toast to the groom upon arrival will get things started on the right foot. If you’re planning to crack open the minibar anyway, we recommend shaking up a Sidecar cocktail, paying homage to classic Las Vegas nightlife.

Find a great party pool.

author: Adam Kliczek, (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

photo: Adam Kliczek

Your hotel is likely home to several pools. Some are full of family fun with water slides and pool noodles. Skip these. As soon as you’re unpacked, slip on your swimsuit, some SPF 45, and find an adults-only party pool, which will include a swim-up bar and no posted rules regarding four letter words. This is a rudimentary element of the Las Vegas bachelor party. Now that you’re in Vegas, it’s important to get a little sun, settle into the climate, and get some relaxation before heading out for an all nighter. Nobody wants to be the first one to go down.

Get reservations at the best restaurants.

Las Vegas Restaurants

Nutrition and sustenance are key, and if you want to get a taste of the best food Las Vegas has to offer, you’re going to need to make a reservation before you get there. Sure, the buffets are great, and there’s no shame in shuffling over to one of the hotel restaurants for the blue plate special, but Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, with menus created by top American chefs. Making your dinner reservation is probably the first thing you want to do, right after booking your hotel suite. No take home boxes, guys, just clean your plate.

Two words: indoor skydiving.

indoor skydiving

Not everyone is a daredevil. Some of your friends will freak out when you say “skydiving.” Indoor skydiving, however, is a one-of-a-kind experience not offered in most cities. Indoor skydiving is less risky than jumping out of an actual plane or helicopter, but the exhilaration is just as intense. If one of your buddies wants to sit this one out, it’s okay. Tell him to stay up in the suite and enjoy a glass of rosé.

Relax on the golf course.

Las Vegas Golf Course

Not everyone can play golf, but anyone can enjoy Las Vegas golf courses. Cruising around the hot desert, narrowly avoiding cacti and huge lizards is the closest you’ll ever come to being Indiana Jones, not excluding the indoor skydiving. There are so many beautiful courses that you can almost draw straws as to which one will be the best. This is another area where it’s good to plan ahead, but you can usually squeeze in a short round, even last minute.

Go gambling, of course.

Las Vegas Slots

This one almost goes without saying, but for those of you who will create a spreadsheet, with a column for each day and a row for each waking hour, we didn’t want you to forget. Spend at least a little time out on the casino floor. You’ll snag some free drinks, and likely run into a ton of other people having a really great time. If you had bachelor party shirts made, continue not wearing them. It was a terrible idea anyway. Between slots, cards, roulette, and all of the other games, there’s a table for everyone in your group. And who knows? If someone hits the jackpot, maybe you can stay an extra day or two. Or at least compel him to buy a few rounds later on.

Hit the clubs.

up in the club

This is the part that everyone will remember. A group of buddies going out, bar hopping, dancing, and having the time of their life is where true friendships are permanently sealed. Go online and make a mental list of all the clubs you want to check out. You’ll find lots of suggestions on the best bachelor party locations. Be flexible, though, because you never know where the night will lead you. One best practice, though: Find a couple of clubs that are walking distance from your hotel, and go there last. Inevitably, you’ll have a couple of buddies that are ready for bed before the rest of your posse, so being close enough for them to get back safely removes any worry or late night planning for the rest of the group. It might be the city that never sleeps, but for humans, that doesn’t turn out as well.

5 Mancations To Do Before You Die



Men need time to themselves. That’s why man caves – from garages to add-ons to backyards – have always been a necessary component to any happy home.

But at some point, it’s not enough.

Enter the mancation (or “bro trip” if you prefer). The mancation gives us a chance to explore the world with our tribe of beer-swilling, loudmouth friends.

Stressed out? Tired of your routine? Then it’s time for a break.

Here are seven mancations you must do before you die:

#1. Memphis, TN

Beale Street Elation
photo credit: ElvinWong

Blues and BBQ abound in Memphis. This small city boasts a bit time party on Beale Street and is perfect for a night of beer drinking, barbeque eating and some of the best blues music found anywhere.

Keep in mind Beale Street gets rough after midnight (lots of beggars and drunks don’t mix) so you’re better off catching an early show and moving the party elsewhere.

Need food? Memphis BBQ is different from other parts of country (it’s “wet” with a  sweet sauce) and famous for pork ribs and beef brisket. The Commissary is considered the best BBQ in town.

Another Southern mancation is…

#2.New Orleans, LA

Bourbon Street
photo credit: prayitno

A town with many names – from “The Big Easy” to “The City That Care Forgot” – New Orleans is the place get as classy (or trashy) as you want.

Like Memphis, it’s a haven for good music (in this case jazz) and great food. In fact, New Orleans may be the best place in America for food… a delicious collection of Cajun, Creole, Spanish, French and Caribbean flavors with fresh seafood.

So what to eat? You’ve got many choices: head over to the Acme Oyster House for freshly shucked or fried oysters.

A higher-end option (which is oh-so-worth-it) is Tommy’s, which serves some of New Orleans best food in an elegant setting. It’s a great place to start, before heading to the debauchery of Bourbon St.

Ah, Bourbon Street. A delightful collection of huge drinks, strip clubs and hole-in-the-wall bars. It’s a lot of fun for a night or two, but can wear even the craziest bachelor party down after a few nights. Head out to the Warehouse District and hang out with locals instead.

#3. Austin, TX

A-town Scape
photo credit: StandUPP

Austin is the capital of two things. First, it’s the capital of Texas – odd considering it’s nothing like the rest of Texas – and secondly, it’s the Live Music Capital of the World.

The second title is reason enough to come here.

If New Orleans has the best food in America, Austin surely has the best music. Head out to 6th Street for nearly a dozen blocks of cheap booze and killer bands, ranging from blues to rock to folk.

Most people stick to East Sixth St., which is a mistake. West Sixth may not be as crazy, but the music is just as good (and there are far less problems at night).

The Warehouse District – just a few blocks off Sixth – is a more laid-back area. Don’t miss the Ginger Man, Austin’s best bar with dozens of brews on tap (and even more bottled). It’s a great place to round out the night with a pint or two.

#4. Portland, OR

Deschutes Brewery and Public House
photo credit: Sonnett

Oregon has more microbreweries than anywhere else in the country, and Portland is its epicenter. Here you can spend several days hanging out in brewpubs, discussing the relative merits of an IPA versus barleywines.

One place you should not miss is Kennedy School. It’s a former elementary school turned bar/movie theater/live music venue. Where else can you sit in detention and drink whiskey?

Better still, former classrooms have been converted to overnight rooms, which makes a great place to sleep off a day of “school”.

#5. Las Vegas

photo credit: hirondellecanada

The City of Sin doesn’t disappoint. A wonderfully hedonistic collection of glitz, glamour and gambling, Las Vegas can keep your tribe occupied for weeks.

Even if you’re not into gambling, simply walking along the Strip – with a giant cocktail in hand – is a barrel of laughs. Where else can you see a middle aged couple with yard beers negotiating the cost of a used car with an Elvis impersonator?

There are also a wide variety of Vegas shows worth checking out.

So there you have it: five killer mancations you must do before you die. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!


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