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A Patriot’s Guide to The Best 4th of July Ever

It’s that time again… … time to raise your flags, slap some meat on the grill and celebrate our independence in style. But – like graduations, weddings and funerals – there are traditions to be observed. And what American holiday […] 

Home Beer Brewing

You are a beer aficionado. You’ve sampled all the local brews and have your favorites down pat. You know which beers to stock for dinner, and which for the big game. You’re always looking for the best new thing. Why […] 

History of the Tiki

Most often when we hear the word “Tiki” we think of carved wooden statues with piercing eyes and a menacing scowl. Some statues wear expressions of great joy or spiritual balance, while others may look more troubled or sad. Such […] 

How to Choose the Perfect Cigar For You

Cigars – along with martinis, brown liquor and BBQs – are a staple of manhood. Whether you’re moving out on your own, joining the military, getting married or having a baby, a cigar is the ultimate way to celebrate. But […] 

Not the Same Old Cheeseburger – Think Mini!

The cheeseburger just got a makeover! The new look is one that puts less strain on your belt and your budget. Mini burgers and sliders are becoming the next fad in the food world. These teeny burgers are full of […] 

Buying and Maintaining Your Grill

Planning the perfect barbecue season is all about the choices you make. New homeowners and people just getting started often have questions like: What kind of grill should I buy? Should I use charcoal or gas? Do I want something […] 


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