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10 spectacular alternative bridesmaids favors

The bridesmaids at any wedding can help the big day go flawlessly. From helping the bride prepare in the morning, to partying into the early hours of the next day, bridesmaids are angels in disguise when it comes to making […] 

Intro to Brining: Smoke Like a Pro

The Great Brine Debate- does brining actually help the flavor and juiciness of your smoked meats? Everyone’s had some chicken, turkey, or ribs that have needed an extra helping of gravy or barbecue sauce, but is not brining really to […] 

Champagne: How It’s Made

The New Year is just around the corner, so we at Homewetbar thought it would be great to spend a bit of time on how everyone’s go-to New Years drink is made. Cheers! Hand-harvested grape bunches arrive to the press […] 

2007 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz

The Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz from Mollydooker starts out with a dark crimson color and a velvety, heavy pour. A quick nose brings out vibrant notes of black cherry, plum and blue berry. After some time, spices and some earth […] 

How to Make Wine At Home

Equipment You can find everything you need for wine making these days with a wide variety of wine equipment offered at hardware stores and home brewing retailers. Much of the necessary equipment is dealt with below, but firstly let’s look […] 

White Wine Developed with Health Benefits Close to Red Wines

We all know red wines do all sorts of great things for your health, leaving us us white wine drinkers left out when it comes to an easy excuse to support our drinking habits. Well, rest easy white winos- some […] 

New Legislation May Tell You What’s In Your Wine

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, is in that bottle of wine? Winemakers love to present their wines as a product of mystical earthen alchemy consisting of soils, climate, and winery artisanry. Wine labels are more about marketing to your […]