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Homemade Grilled Pizza: Recipes and Tips!

Planning the ultimate summertime barbecue party? Don’t forget the grilled pizza! Everyone loves pizza. Pizza with a nice crispy, chewy, smoky flavored crust wins even more rave reviews at barbecues than the usual burgers—we guarantee it! What is a Pizza […] 

15 Tips For A Perfect Backyard Burger

Credit: vvvracer Honestly, is there anything more profoundly American than a burger grilled to perfection in your backyard? We think not. But contrary to popular belief, crafting a “perfect” burger takes more finesse than simply slapping two buns and a […] 

12 Foolproof Tips for Mixing Cocktails

Credit: Dinner Series There is nothing worse than a poorly made cocktail… but thanks to these ten tips you’ll never suffer through another one again. 1.  Use premium liquors. It cannot be overstated how important premium liquor is for a […] 

Top 4 Beer Drinking Cities in America

Credit: Bernt Rostad “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -Benjamin Franklin Beer. Creator of civilizations. Destroyer of Sundays. This “liquid gold” brings men together like a campfire… except it tastes delicious, doesn’t leave […] 

The 5 Greatest Drunks in History: A Cautionary Tale

Think you can handle your booze? Think again. The five drunkards listed below could out-drink, outperform and out-produce you any day of the week. Alcohol consumption is’t their hobby or social activity, it’s an everyday fix. So without further ado, here […]