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Geek-Out: Host a Geeky Party to Celebrate National Comic Book Day

Halloween will be here before you know it, but you can start celebrating even earlier, because National Comic Book Day is on September 25. What better way to try out a costume and practice your decorating skills than throw a […] 

Host a White-Out Labor Day Party with These 4 Tips

With the first day of school comes the realization that summer is officially over. But before the leaves change colors and you pull out your sweatshirts and jeans, celebrate by hosting a Labor Day party. Just follow the 4 Ds—dress, […] 

How to Stock Your Bar: Part 1 – Bar Tool Basics

Every great host has a few great bar items in their home that we like to call the basics. First we’ll go over the various tools that you might find in a home bar and what they do. Then at […] 

Fabulous Holiday Drinks and Appetizers

The holidays are fast approaching, which means lots of shopping, celebrating, and entertaining. There are tons of recipes out there for fabulous holiday drinks and appetizers, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that we think will really impress […] 

Spicing Up Your Thanksgiving

The holidays are fast approaching. Halloween is around the corner, and Thanksgiving is close on its heels. If you’re planning to host family or friends for a Thanksgiving feast, it’s never to early to start thinking about ways to spice […] 

Trick or Treat! Planning Your Spooky Halloween Party and Drinks

Halloween isn’t a holiday only for children or adults. People of all ages love dressing up as their favorite type of monster or ghoul and surrounding themselves with family and friends for some fun. Creepy music, scary decorations, gross-looking foods […] 

Hosting the Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties in the past have been expensive, black tie events reserved for the rich and famous. Couples would purchase an expensive gown and tuxedo and have a glamorous night with others in their social circle. During this era, cocktail […] 

Margaritas, Daiquiris and Other Frozen Drinks

Summer has arrived! The sun is starting to shine and heat waves are just around the corner; it’s the perfect time of year to start sampling frozen drinks! Since, summers are full of barbeques, parties, reunions and weddings, now is […] 

Casual Summer Dinner Party Fun

A casual summer dinner party is all part and parcel of having fun in summer. Many people take this time to show their creative skills by organizing a summer theme party or two. We’d like to share some theme party […]