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Don’t Forget These 9 Must-Have Tailgating Basics

School’s back in session, which means it’s time to get back to the basics. And what’s more basic than tailgating at a football game in the fall? We say nothing. Tailgating takes place all across the country for sports fans […] 

5 Steps Pro Chefs Use to Grill The Perfect Steak

Grilling a perfect steak – the kind your neighbors wish they could – is all about basics. As you’ll soon see, “less is more” really applies to your summer grill. This post examines five simple steps professional chefs use to […] 

History of the Tiki

Most often when we hear the word “Tiki” we think of carved wooden statues with piercing eyes and a menacing scowl. Some statues wear expressions of great joy or spiritual balance, while others may look more troubled or sad. Such […] 

Not the Same Old Cheeseburger – Think Mini!

The cheeseburger just got a makeover! The new look is one that puts less strain on your belt and your budget. Mini burgers and sliders are becoming the next fad in the food world. These teeny burgers are full of […] 

Buying and Maintaining Your Grill

Planning the perfect barbecue season is all about the choices you make. New homeowners and people just getting started often have questions like: What kind of grill should I buy? Should I use charcoal or gas? Do I want something […] 

The Sophisticated Garden Party

When the weather changes from cool and crisp to sunny and warm there’s no better way to savor it than to host a sophisticated garden party. A garden party is a fun and unique way to enjoy time with friends […] 

Have a Splash of a Day!

Pool parties are one of the most fun party types. It doesn’t even need to be sweltering hot and sunny for you to organize a fun pool side party with family and friends. It just serves as the best reason […] 

Tiki Theme Party Decorations

The spirit of the South Pacific could easily be in your home. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or New Years, with a few essential party supplies and decorations, you can easily create the perfect Tiki theme for a party. Tiki […] 

Gas or Charcoal Grilling? The Grate Debate.

When it comes to grilling, there’s a “grate” debate: Gas or charcoal? The sides are pretty evenly divided, and in the end, only you can make the decision on what’s best for your taste buds, your lifestyle and your budget. […] 

Vegetarian Grilling Techniques

Here’s a summertime grilling secret for you: vegetarians and vegans love grilling out just as much as meat lovers! The number of people choosing to lead a vegetarian lifestyle is increasing year after year. As a vegetarian myself, I’d like […]