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Great Holiday Cocktails and Easy Mixed Drinks

Holiday parties are often considered the social event of the year. They can end the year with a bang or be the beginning of a year of ridicule for being the laughing stock of the office party. Either way, alcohol […] 

Spicing Up Your Thanksgiving

The holidays are fast approaching. Halloween is around the corner, and Thanksgiving is close on its heels. If you’re planning to host family or friends for a Thanksgiving feast, it’s never to early to start thinking about ways to spice […] 

Top 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for 2011

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and in honor of every one’s favorite celebration of friendship and thanks I’ve compiled a list of the “Top 10 Loosely Related Gifts” from is one of the leading providers […] 

You’re Screwed! 9 Unusual Ways to Open Wine Bottles Without a Corkscrew

It takes the average person less than ten seconds to open a bottle of wine. With a corkscrew, that is. But what if you find yourself stranded on a desert island (or worse, someone’s house who doesn’t drink) with a […] 

Trick or Treat! Planning Your Spooky Halloween Party and Drinks

Halloween isn’t a holiday only for children or adults. People of all ages love dressing up as their favorite type of monster or ghoul and surrounding themselves with family and friends for some fun. Creepy music, scary decorations, gross-looking foods […] 

Oktoberfest Celebration!

Fans of Oktoberfest enjoy three things: beer, beer and… more beer! OK they also enjoy music, dancing and the company of great friends. Friendship, laughter and good times have always been found during the 18-day festival. In fact, nearly six […] 

The World Wide History of Wine

Wine is as old as civilization, agriculture, and fine cuisine. In fact, it is nearly as old as humanity itself. Wine is fascinating especially when you look at how many brands have been created since that first bottle. The History […] 

Wine for Beginners

If you have a real passion for wine, then you can be considered a wine enthusiast. But to be a real enthusiast, you need to have the relevant knowledge about wine when it comes to storage, serving and tasting practices. […] 

Hosting the Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties in the past have been expensive, black tie events reserved for the rich and famous. Couples would purchase an expensive gown and tuxedo and have a glamorous night with others in their social circle. During this era, cocktail […] 

Decorating Your Wet Bar

One of the most quickly growing areas people are including in home floor plans is the wet bar. A wet bar is a place designated to mixing and serving alcoholic drinks. Whether you plan to enjoy relaxing evenings at home […]