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Vegetarian Grilling Techniques

Here’s a summertime grilling secret for you: vegetarians and vegans love grilling out just as much as meat lovers! The number of people choosing to lead a vegetarian lifestyle is increasing year after year. As a vegetarian myself, I’d like […] 

5 Mancations To Do Before You Die

Men need time to themselves. That’s why man caves – from garages to add-ons to backyards – have always been a necessary component to any happy home. But at some point, it’s not enough. Enter the mancation (or “bro trip” […] 

Choosing the Perfect Beer for Your Tastes

The number of beers you can find in grocery stores is almost endless. From Bud Light, Pabst to microbrews—the bottles stretch out in every direction. So, how do you know which one to choose? Whether you’re just starting out in […] 

Homemade Grilled Pizza: Recipes and Tips!

Planning the ultimate summertime barbecue party? Don’t forget the grilled pizza! Everyone loves pizza. Pizza with a nice crispy, chewy, smoky flavored crust wins even more rave reviews at barbecues than the usual burgers—we guarantee it! What is a Pizza […] 

Some Friendly Competition…Tabletop Style

Everyone loves a little friendly competition. Tabletop games add hours of fun and competition to any barbeque. Some of our favorite childhood games can be customized for adults, while children can have fun with the games in their more traditional […] 

Tips and Tricks for a Fabulous Waterfront Cookout

A barbecue is one of the best summertime traditions for many Americans. There is nothing more American than burgers and hot dogs on the grill on a hot summertime afternoon. Having a barbecue on the waterfront is like a mini […] 

Must-Have Outdoor Games for Your Next Barbecue

The smell of a bbq attracts friends and neighbors from several blocks away. Spring and summer provide the perfect weather for grilling and outdoor games. We’ve comprised a list of great outdoor games for your next backyard bbq. No matter […] 

The Enjoyment of Smooth Shots

You may be wondering why on earth someone would use the words “enjoyment” and “smooth” in the same sentence with “shot” when referring to whiskey or liquor. The simple truth of the matter is – shots don’t have to take […] 

Making the Most of Happy Hour

Everyone needs to unwind now and then, and sometimes knocking back a few cold ones does the trick perfectly. After a hard day’s work, pointing tired feet in the direction of the neighborhood bar or restaurant can be a good […] 

Beer Basics 101

Not everyone who enjoys beer truly understands what it takes to make their beloved brew. Some beer lovers may not care where it comes from or how it is made, but if you’re here, you’d probably like some inside information […]