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Spend $60+ to Win Our Monster Prize Pack!

Beer Tap Handles

Always wanted a bar you can call your own? Then why not set up your own watering hole at home! With our huge range of custom beer tap handles you can even personalize your kegerator with your own name for a custom look!
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Beer Tap Handles

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Custom Beer Tap Handles

Pouring a perfect beer isnít the easiest thing in the world, but with a keg and a bar tap handle, this will come easily to you while entertaining guests. We have custom beer tap handles for sale in many shapes and forms, but what sets them apart from average handles?

Some beer tap handles are just that Ė handles. They donít have a fancy look to them, and made of plastic. Those are boring to say the least, the next step up is what is commonly called a pub tap handle, tall and slender these beer tap handles you typically see at sporting events custom made with the brewers logo in them. Then there are the more custom tap handles that take on odd shapes or have the breweries name carved into them.

Typically, beer tap handles are made from wood, but in many bars, they come with a badge revealing the name of whatís in the keg or cask below. Using one of these badges, you can put anything you like on there. Our custom beer tap handles come in many shapes and sizes, you just tell us what you want on them, and we'll engrave it for you. From old old-timey feeling ovals, to more traditional bar taps, to chalkboard tap handles that allow you to change the message whenever you like, we've got them all!