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1st Anniversary Gifts

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

If thereís a defining characteristic in first anniversary gifts for him, itís combining fun & romance into one. Let your one year anniversary gift speak to your love by shopping for keepsakes that provide quality form and function. Choose from hundreds of gifts for entertaining at home.
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1st Anniversary Gifts

Home Theater Marquee Personalized Sign

SaleHome Theater Marquee Personalized Sign
Original Price: $89.95 
SALE: $69.95

Wine Cork Map of Your Home State

SaleWine Cork Map of Your Home State
Original Price: $44.95 
SALE: $39.95

Historic Neighborhood Pub Personalized Sign

NewHistoric Neighborhood Pub Personalized Sign
Original Price: $89.95 
SALE: $69.95

Personalized Brewery Bar Sign

SalePersonalized Brewery Bar Sign
Original Price: $69.95 
SALE: $49.95
4.8 rating (8)

Sunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign (Signature Series)

SaleSunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $89.95 
SALE: $59.95
5 rating (1)

Blackout Personalized Keychain Flask

SaleBlackout Personalized Keychain Flask
Original Price: $16.95 
SALE: $10.95

Personalized Football Cutting Board

SalePersonalized Football Cutting Board
Original Price: $49.95 
SALE: $29.95
5 rating (2)

Chekhov Moscow Mule Copper Mug, 16 oz

SaleChekhov Moscow Mule Copper Mug, 16 oz
Original Price: $27.95 
SALE: $19.95
4.5 rating (2)

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One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

When one year of matrimony has come and gone, itís time to celebrate with memorable one year anniversary gifts for him. On the day this very personal holiday arrives, you want to be prepared with something unique that he will love and cherish. When a relationship starts, and you are still getting to know one another, shopping for special gifts is a trickier process. As your relationship grows, you learn more and more about one another, and finding something great becomes easier. By the time your first anniversary rolls around, you connection has reached a level when your know him better than ever before, opening opportunities to find items with deeper meaning, and highly personal qualities.

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts
Paper is the material associated with traditional first anniversary gifts. In days gone by, this might include a love note, stationary, or a small painting. You can still honor this tradition today by searching for things that have paper elements, such as books that relate to his favorite hobbies, or desktop accessories he can use at the office. You can also find lots of high-design paper items, designed to be used only a few times, but with more style than single-use disposable accessories. More modern traditions suggest that on your 1st anniversary, clocks are the go-to gift, to symbolize the amount of time youíve now dedicated to each other. This could be anything from an engraved pocket watch to a fun neon clock that he can hang in the man cave. Being traditional doesnít mean it has to be boring.

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend
If you are in a long term relationship, but have not decided to take the plunge, you still want to find one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend. For many couples who are dating, that one year date is a big one. Some surveys show that couples who maintain a relationship for one year are more likely to stay together several more. Take this opportunity to commemorate the event with something fun, and a gift that you can enjoy together. You might even be sharing a residence by the end of your 1st year, so a set of beautiful glassware might be just what you need for your home. Consider planning a short weekend away leading up to the anniversary date, and then give him a gift he can use while travelling. Your boyfriend will want to impress you on this special day, so be prepared for something spectacular from him as well.